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New Tehtaanpaloshire-Step By step

Been a while since I didn't upload any step by step or tutorial !
I may do a full tutorial with text etc some day...Just can't find the time :(

Here's a little treat anyways.

Have a nice day !

*Click download for better view*
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I love your thought process. When you flip the canvas back and fourth, I get a glimpse of how you are thinking and creating the composition. nice work!
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So so good. Thanks for the WIP :)
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When I look at the close up they look so simple to do, but I know that I'd never be able to do stuff like that. You make it look so easy.
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Even more estraordindary to see it in progress :)
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Very nice! this is really helpful :)
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oh PLEASE finish this tutorial! i REALLY want to learn how to paint in this style.
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(I'm mostly looking for the best artwork I have yet on which to write the tutorial,I'm not quite sure yet! )
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well i'd really like to see some more sci-fi/fantasy style art in this style.
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lol what do you mean finish ? :)
With the text etc ?
I'll try to find some time, not promising anything though ! :D
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I started at the top and was like 'Wow! That's amazing!' and as a steadily worked down I kept repeating that with even better adjectives (: Great job, it's amazing!
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hehe. Thanks :)
glad it could be helpful !
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Nothing short of amazing.
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Thanks !
Was it clear enough for you to see the evolution and differences between the different steps ? :)
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:3 I'd say so. I feel that I was able to walk away with a better understanding of your art development based off of the images you provided. Keep up the good work.
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great then !
Thanks, will do ! expect more tutorials soon.
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