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Breaking Bad - Crystal Fragile

I've had this image in mind for quite a while now but never really got around to doing it because I didn't have much time and knew it'd take me some time to do it. In the end I ended up doing photo bashing instead of painting it all, otherwise I'd probably wouldn't have ended up doing it

Hope you guys like it :)

Are you excited about the final episodes ?
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Esta tremendo Capo - Dude, def pure enough.
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love the idea and put together nicely! thums up!!
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SO GREAT!!!! WOW love the blue meth, perfect expression on Walter's face 
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I have seen a lot of these walter meth designs after seeing you a couple months ago and your is by far on another level. Every detail adds a touch the look on walter's face the quote "it all ends". Very powerful would love for this to be the dvd case.  Great Work!
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This is beyond perfect. Just.....MMMMMM so good.
Absolutely brilliant, would love a print of this!
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An amazing artwork for my favorite series. Stunning.
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Very much so, and I've only seen half of the first half of S5 :P

Great job!
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I'm on season 3 right now!!
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Absolutely great. Excellent work here, I even thought it was an offcial one ;)

Regards from Munich!

PS: I'm really looking forward to the final episodes!!!
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Can't wait but bummed its gonna be the end. Love this image, good job!
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Less excited, more sad. Great show! Still trying to figure out who going to be on the receiving end of that rifle.
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AMAZING! Do you mind if I draw this? I will give you absolute full credit as the artist who developed the initial design of course. So brilliant!
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So beautiful. I wish I was excited for the final episodes. I'm not caught up.
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Amazing. Simple yet perfect.
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looks really nice :D
you combined them really well :)
i really like where his skins are turning into a glass!!! :D
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Crystal blue persuation...
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Oh this is brilliant :). I can not wait to see what happens next in this series :D.
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Great job...I love the series =)
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Wow this is great!
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