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Start Menu for Rainmeter v1.5.7

By Exper1mental

Build Information

Release: v1.5.7
Download: Click the download button to your right.
Development Status: Discontinued :(

I simply do not have to time to continue work on this project at any reasonable rate. If anyone else would like to pick up where I left off they are welcome to as long as they give credit where credit is due (not just to me but to all those whose works I used).

System Requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 with Rainmeter 3.0.2 or later ( installed.

Note: Internet Explorer sometimes renames .rmskin files to .zip files. If this happens you will need to go to the file location and rename it back to a .rmskin before running it.

Important: Using With a Portable Installation of Rainmeter
If you want to be able to launch the Start Menu from your windows taskbar using a portable installation of Rainmeter, a little tweaking is required.
1. In the Menu and MenuSmall folders there are subfolders called Link and LinkSmall. Contained in these are the .LNK shortcut files used to launch the menu from your taskbar.
2. Right click on the .LNK shortcut, select properties, and go to the shortcut tab
3. Replace the current folder paths for the Target and Start In parameters. Be sure not to delete the !ToggleConfig bang.

If you followed the steps correctly the taskbar Start Menu shortcuts should now run without problem on a portable installation of Rainmeter. If you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Release Notes

- More bug fixes
- Added six new icon packs

- Various bug fixes including to the broken Rainmeter update checker
- Compatibility improved for portable Rainmeter installations
- Added ability to check for Rainmeter beta releases
- Added confirmation popups when pressing shutdown, log off, and restart buttons
- Performance and appearance have been optimized
- Added auto-update checker to start menus (can be disabled in settings menu)
- Added new icon pack

- Fixed a bug in the update checker incorrectly displaying a new version available.

- The overall UI has been refined and updated and should have a much more metro feel
- There are now arrows above the power buttons that allow you to view the weather and wifi status in addition to the app list.
- Settings menus have been polished and simplified
- The outdated small Classic start menu has been updated with the new features (Metro still not available)
- There is now a guide accessible from the settings menu that will step you through the process of importing old application tile settings
- You can now search directly into Windows Explorer
- You can now use Locate32 to search your computer. Locate32 creates a search database in its folder to allow for near instant searches of anything on your computer. When selected as search engine there will be a button by the search bar to refresh its database (it does not update automatically.)
And Much more!

- New Start Menu variant, the Metro Menu, which is only currently available in standard size.
- A separate settings menu has been added for the Metro Menu, including the abilities to change metro icons, the metro app background color, and the metro app icon tint.
- Several minor improvements to the Setup menu
- Improved flow of settings menus (not finished however)
- Fixed a text error in the setup section
- Moved part of the Change Log to a txt file in the ZIP folder
- File size reduced by deleting unused images

Please visit this Rainmeter forums thread for information about pre-v1.3.0 release builds (…).

Questions & Answers

What is this?
A skin for Rainmeter supported Operating Systems (excluding Win XP) to bring back the start menu and orb.

Do I have to have Rainmeter v3.0.2 or newer installed to use this?
Yes, you MUST have Rainmeter v3.0.2 or newer installed to use this Start Menu. It won't work with older versions, period.

How do I manually change one of my Apps icon, name, or path?
If you want to change that stuff manually, those variables (like the 7th app name) are in a file called

Its location should be this:
Go to %USERPROFILE% then Documents then Rainmeter then Skins then Start Menu and finially resources

How do I access the settings menu?

For the Classic start menu, click the black settings icon in the lower right-hand corner of the start menu.

For the Metro start menu, click the title called "Settings".


The credits section has grown too large and is now viewable as a popup from the Settings display of the skin.

Questions, thoughts, and feedback are welcome and encouraged. ;)


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The project is discontinued, as he said

I do not know English, but how to install Icons in Win10 ??
cem26's avatar
Launcher wont open
Exper1mental's avatar
You mean the start menu won't open? Are you using the Start orb or the shortcut .lnk files to open the start menu? It helps if I have specifics to work with.

What version of Rainmeter are you using?

If your skins folder is not in the default location (which is the case if you changed the skins folder location or use a portable version of Rainmeter) then you need to edit the .lnk shortcuts in order for them to work. To do that please refer to the System Requirements section of the description above. If that isn't your problem or it doesn't solve it you can try downloading and reinstalling the skin.

Sometimes .rmskin files get corrupted when being downloaded but that is pretty rare.

Best Regards
Riot401's avatar
Doesnt work.... the d Link and LinkSmall folders are not there...
Exper1mental's avatar
Can you provide more information about your situation? Is your skins folder not in the default location?
an thank you for the skink good work on it :P keep up the hard work  I am looking for outher skins for rainmeter  please let me know
i wish i can choose what is put on the start menu and also i dont really like how  by startbutton is invisible till i pass mouse over it. lastly, the startmenu should automatically close when not in use . other than that, good design
Exper1mental's avatar
I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean by you wish what is put on the start menu

I originally had the start menu close like you suggested but due to limitations in Rainmeter it would cause issues with some of the functionality of the skin, so I removed it.

You can change the start button visibility by opening the skin in a text editor (right-click on it and select "Edit skin"). Within that you will want to delete every line of code that starts with MouseOverAction= and MouseLeaveAction. After that look for the meters called StartOrbb and StartOrbArrow (surrounded by brackets) and under ImageTint change the zero to 255 . Save the skin in the editor, refresh the skin, and voila!
FAFA116's avatar
very nice thank you:)
IceColdBreath's avatar
Seems cool.. I haven't tried yet though, because when I downloaded my Avast anti-virus said "suspicious item" and cancelled the downloading. How can that even be? I been downloading several skins that have this end filetype name, so something in this file the anti-virus detects, even if avast got wrong about it, it's different from another skins.
Exper1mental's avatar
Sorry for the delayed response, I've been busy with school so I haven't had much spare time for my hobbies.

A RMSKIN is basically a renamed ZIP file. Its not the RMSKIN itself that Avast is finding suspicious but something in it that is. Avast might be getting false positives from one of the contained EXE files that the skin uses (for a color palette, update checker, search engine, etc.). I downloaded and scanned the RMSKIN (in addition to the original copy on my computer) with F-Secure and it comes up clean.

You might try redownloading the RMSKIN, the file might have been corrupted. If its not a corrupt file or false positive from one of the EXE files I'm not sure what would be causing it.

Hope that is helpful!
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I get the following error when trying to install. This is my first time using rainmeter so im considered newb lol.
Exper1mental's avatar
Is this consistently happening to you? Have to tried redownloading the file? It works fine for me when I test it so my best guess is that part of the skin got corrupted when downloading it.
Umpylizard's avatar
I have a question. Can you put the start orb on the task bar?
Exper1mental's avatar
Sorry for the delay, been busy with school...

Yes u can, since u already have setup the skin the easiest way is to go to your Rainmeter skins folder (which unless u have changed it to something else will be in your documents folder, which should have the directory "C:\%USERNAME%\Documents". Open the "Rainmeter" folder and look for a folder by the name of "Start Menu".

If you use the larger size menu open the folder "Menu" and then "Link". Right click on the shortcut contained in this folder and click "Pin to Taskbar".
If you use the smaller size menu open the folder "MenuSmall" and then "LinkSmall". Right click on the shortcut contained in this folder and click "Pink to Taskbar".

Hope that helps!
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Wow thank you! I don't even know why I didn't notice this.
OMAR1978's avatar
super like friend :)
CrazykillaD's avatar
I really like this I use the windows 7 version.The only problem I have is that the windows 8 orb doesn't show up when I set it up.
Exper1mental's avatar
This is due to how the setup process is currently designed. I am redoing the setup to fix this and some other stuff.

Until then, you can open the start menu, go to settings and click "Return to Start Menu Setup." Confirm and select the metro start menu in the setup window (or small hybrid menu if you use that size). Go through the steps and when done open the start menu go to settings settings, start menu format, and select classic/win7. This will allow you to use the win 8 orb with the classic styled menu.

Let me know if you have any other questions or issues! Hope that helps! ;)
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