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Check here… for my artist Facebook page.

Welcome to the :iconexpansioncreatorclub:. This group is designated for all artwork consisting of Expansion (Breast, Belly and Butt), TG, AP/AR, Giantess, Muscle Expansion, ect.

This place is open for everyone who wishes to join this club. There are some simple rules to follow when sharing your work here in the club.



:work: Submission
:bulletblue: Go to our Gallery.
:bulletblue: Pick a Folder you want to submit.
:bulletblue: Click only on the + symbol and choose your deviation you want to submit.
:bulletblue: Submit your artwork.
:bulletblue: Our submission has no limit. I don't care how much you can upload :mwahaha:

1. You can write a story or comic

2. Draw a single picture

3. You can use any anime or any TV show like CartoonNetwork and Disney Channel or your own OC

:star: Exception/Allowed Content :star:

BE (breast, butt, belly), AP, AR, TG, GTS, TF , FMG

→You can combine them like this:



-Any clothing that you believe is sexy.
-If you're submitting TG, you can use the shirt (s)he wears or TF the shirt into sexy clothing.

:banned: Banned/Prohibited Contents are

Any Expansion, TF, TG, AP and AR manga or doujinshin that you got from any hentai page and has copyright ownership are not accepted for upload in my club! Just upload them in your account. If you colored or in any way modified another artist's drawing or artwork, please give them credit for the original artwork. Any artwork with no notification of expansion will be removed.

:pc: Join Request
:bulletred: Just click Join Our Group or Watch at the top of our Homepage to become a Watcher or Member today! If you want to be a Contributor, let DengekiMatsuko know by sending him a note.

:tighthug: Invite Deviants
:bulletorange: Our group is still small and we're still searching for more pervert deviants in :devart:.

:email: Affiliates
:bulletgreen: We accept any affiliates (groups only) in dA.
:bulletgreen: All affiliates are done through Affiliates request.
:bulletgreen: Our affiliating is approve automatically

I would also like to make a major Shout-out to the original Founder nazhana95 (Now known as SNN95) for being such a great group Founder and for giving me, DengekiMatsuko the privilege of becoming the new Founder of this wonderful group. Good luck on your future endeavors, SNN95!

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Mature Content

Iffy's Demonic Surprise 20 (Request) by Morphy-McMorpherson

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Perfect Bikini for Waifu 16 by Morphy-McMorpherson
Perfect Bikini for Waifu 5 by Morphy-McMorpherson
Perfect Bikini for Waifu 4 by Morphy-McMorpherson

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Mis-spell-ing by sandybelldf

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TITTIES!!! by lifecreator203

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Pele-Nana expanding by Animewave-Neo
Maxed Out Moxxi by arianefan
Bigger Stuff
[Collaboration] Bikini Sento Isuzu by DengekiMatsuko
Kisekae 2 - Professor Roba by DengekiMatsuko

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grOw-stOry 15 cover by BustArtist

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Princess Dust by MelonMorph

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Miku had a BIG update (Shaded) by FEFERO-KUN
Sticks the Badger -  Aliens?!? by cronodoug

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Weather Balloon Power! by Nish13Guilmon

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Eiko make a rain of milk by Alekusu-senpai

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Expensive implants? Fuck that. Use magic. (1) by Libitho
Anko Mitarashi by TheCrazyDuck

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Konan by TheCrazyDuck

Mature Content

Aurora SFW [Commission] by Den-of-AlexA
Scales of Fate Croc TF Page 4 by TFSubmissions

Mature Content

Special TG Comic - Circus Apocalipse - Part 11/17 by TheMightFenek
Special TG Comic - Circus Apocalipse - Part 10/17 by TheMightFenek
Bowsette / Princess Koopa by TheMightFenek
Expansion Stories

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Expansion Comics

Mature Content

Ais VS Dungeon Slime Girl_8 by Animewave-Neo

Mature Content

Milftale's Weiner Stuffing Contest by HerroRoo

Mature Content

Bibbidi bobbidi boobs by Daisy-Pink71

Mature Content

WG Test Animation. by Tail-Blazer

Mature Content

Kinky Animations Pack Previews by HerroRoo
A Simple Sunset Expansion Animation by UsuarioRegular2600
Bowsette in Smash! by Swasbi
Giants and Giantesses

Mature Content

That Time of The Week Again by broku5000

Mature Content

The Green-Candy's by DrSGrowth

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Double-Sided by Dinner-Kun

Mature Content

Super Smash Boobs by broku5000
Weight Gain
[Commission] Priscilla WG Sequence (1/4) by Blewd-Naughting

Mature Content

Commission Season by Newtypemo
Expansion II

Mature Content

Magic Misplaced by Nfl8or
Bigger Stuff II
DARK WONDERLAND by Dragoon-Rekka
Expansion III


Affiliates Guidelines

:bulletorange: We of course accept any affiliates in deviantART. Please mind on what your group's purpose is. We do not want to accept group that exist for hate or something negative.
:bulletorange: Member of affiliates can submit to our Gallery.
:bulletorange: Keep up to date with our blogs. Know our rules and etc. etc. Do not ask why we do not open submissions for you. Become our members first if you want to.
:bulletorange: If you want to affiliates with us, type in our name in your affiliates request.

Happy affiliating! :heart:


:star: Greetings! :star:

All submissions require a vote before getting into the group. Only Contributors, Co-Founders and Founders can vote. Only one vote is needed for the deviation to get in the group.

If you have any questions, send a note to the Founder







If you interested in video games that are all about female muscle growth, then this is the game for you.

:iconmoxydoxy: created A Female Muscle Dating Sim/RPG where you control the new girl in town. Players can earn money, foster relationships, build muscle, and even expand their bust size!

He needs to get $5000 to reach his goal. He's currently at $2625 dollars. Please help him out.

If you want to donate, then here is the link:…

Help MoxyDoxy reach his goal.
Everyone, please make sure to check which folder you are submitting your works. It is getting quite annoying to have to find ANOTHER entry for the "Lactation" folder.

Also, I thought I'd warn everyone that the "Weight Gain" and "Expansion II" folders are both full.
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likembig Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I have submissions that have been awaiting approval for two weeks, when every other group I submit the same stories two have approved in a few days at most. I highly encourage promoting a person or two who will be dedicated to remove this backlog, because whoever is supposed to be doing it isn't.
likembig Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Aaaand they expired. I think I'm done submitting to this group, sadly.
voradorst Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this group is dead, sadly...
dantiscus Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Not much dead, perhaps too many pics or the person who accepts the stuff is picky or busy .. Else check this image from a few days ago it got in there in the "Giants and Giantesses" folder..

Mature Content

That Time of The Week Again by broku5000
unnamed47 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
This is my bet too. I see stuff getting added but all of my work started getting expired.
voradorst Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well im gone from here so It doesn't affect me anymore.
But thank you for the effort!
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Anybody still here? My most recent entry expired after waiting for a month to be reviewed...
AkibaStudio Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group still alive? I have a lot of commissions waiting for the review since several weeks ago.
GrottoKraft Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
... for some fully customizable hedonistic transformation, growth, inflation, muscle, weight-gain, and/or expansion process action set at the ultimate underground nightclub,
The WereHouse!
So far in the comic are body-shots off of beefcakes, beer pong prodigies, shotgunning vape-shifters, and over-the-bartop mad-science that’ll make you ...

Mature Content

Let's Bounce! 2-Week Update by GrottoKraft

There's still 2 days left to get your character into this insane after-party! Snag one of 2 remaining slots now to flex your sizey, shape-shifting, sci-fi muscles in "Let's Bounce!" Bids start at $30, and you'll never find a better deal for a full transformation sequence by someone with at least my level of skill!
Orange Slot - Yellow Slot

If you want to see the page mock-ups in detail, here you go: One - Two - Three - Four - Five

if you have any questions or concerns drop me a note here. You can also prod me on Discord (Krafty#5946) or tweet (@KraftyHunter). If you prefer e-mail, use Grottokraft(at)
TrevLafoe Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018
can you please add the invite icon for your group?
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