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Three's Company... AND a Crowd

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When three hyper-endowed adults decide to room together in what seems to be a city friendly to their sizes, they'll find out that widened doorways and hydrophobic furniture won't handle all their needs!

Tune in for the ordinary adventures of extraordinarily-sized people, this fall on "Casually Hyper!"

Artwork by: :iconoscarcelestini:

An Expansion Fan member commission for Soylent Orange. To make your own commission request and read all of our breast expansion comics, purchase a 1-month membership to Expansion Fan Comics!
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Gathering12's avatar
Nice thighs😄 Would like to see her waddle around! Also, a verrry interesting waist-to-hip ratio. Hope the ratio becomes even more extreme 😉

Wait is this a new comic? This kind of story is rather interesting to me.

TheSoylentOrange's avatar
It's not a comic yet- I've written several scripts for it, but I'm looking for an artist.  ^^;

It'd be more of a gag-a-day kind of webcomic, not like full comic book issues.

I would love to see this as a full on comic, whether it be about the show or execs getting more people to be on the show

Son-of-Rome's avatar
Mmm love the busty blonde
Thegreatgong's avatar

Where can I get the uncensored version?

TheSoylentOrange's avatar
.com's site.

(Stupid DA keeps thinking sharing the source link is "Spam", eff those guys. >.<
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
Check the gallery page at expansionfan
DerykShane's avatar
Really liking those thighs. 
praedatorius's avatar
Me too. They look nice and soft.
DerykShane's avatar
Like soft pillows. 
praedatorius's avatar
Wait, so exposed breasts are okay, and the outline of a penis isn't?
I don't write the rules, but that's pretty weird.

By the way, thanks for the art!
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
I know, right?  I can understand the futa, but the dude's package is entirely clothed. :roll:

Dumb DA...
DerykShane's avatar
Yeah, da is rather misogynistic. God forbid a man's genitalia is displayed but a woman's entire anatomy can be shown, manipulated and enhanced for the viewing pleasure of the deviants. 
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