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Rogue's Expanding Powers

Rouge shows the other X-Women the extent of her newly acquired shape-shifting powers courtesy of Mystique. Her breasts burst through her clothing as the pleasure increases dramatically. Her friends all watch in shock and growing arousal at Rogue's massively growing breasts.

An Expansion Fan member commission for Souless Ginger. To make your own commission request and read all of our breast expansion comics, purchase a 1-month membership to Expansion Fan Comics!
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even if i get knocked out i still touch those busty boobs they are worth it.
#656 of powers being use that will never see the light of offical works. ;p

Great work
*#616 (Marvel geeks will know why)

But seriously, have you seen what official Marvel stuff gets away with by having it just barely off-panel? Hank crawling out of Janet's vagina and saying "your turn" happened basically as soon as they realized how toothless Archie Comics was.
xAquoticXWolfx's avatar
I cnt get enough of ur art I like ur art a lot more now "Those melons"
ghost-nerdy's avatar
too bad we cannot touch her 
WhereAmINow22's avatar
Dam, hoped this was a comic ^^
DirtyDirtySam's avatar
DANG!! They got HUGE!! :iconhurrplz:
Hopefully now she will discover that she needs to recharge her powers for a day or two before she can shrink her breasts again. :)
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I love x men evolution
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Okay so this has me wondering...where are all the Mystique BE fancomics XD
expansion-fan-comics's avatar
That is an excellent question!
DarthMcLeod's avatar
She could literally say she got her boobs from her mother....
jahnah's avatar
Scarlet Witch looks wonky as all get out in this, what design motif did you use for her?  Because I don't recognize that design of her, also mmm giantess...
expansion-fan-comics's avatar
We used her costume design from the X-Men Evolution cartoon, just like everyone else presented here! :) (Smile)
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now that is a power
expansion-fan-comics's avatar
And with great power comes AMAZING cleavage! :D (Big Grin)
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They will use it for their advantage
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