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Road to Ass Expansion

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Chel has removed an idol from it resting place and her punishment is an ever inflating backside. She looks on in surprise as her clothing strains to contain the entire circumference of her now enormous ass.

Artwork by::iconlakehylia:

An Expansion Fan member commission for doctor24. To make your own commission request and read all of our breast expansion comics, purchase a 1-month membership to Expansion Fan Comics!
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Noet enuough FEET!!!!1!

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This should be turned into a comic

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Totally! I agree.
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I LIKE BIG...B....

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Boxes... Yeah...

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Someone needs to make a version where she is smothering people.
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Truly an epically beautiful picture. Retsuko [2] 
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Not my type of booty.
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Someone blow my fucking head off
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someone with a huge booty should sit on your head
Very beautiful scary fun
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She's from the city of gold,the disney movie.She should've had that ass in the movie
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That's what happens when you get them "Booty shots"...
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🎵I like big butts that cannot lie🎵
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Damn look at that ass
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The idol's face makes me think of an ancient Troll Face.
Nightmare49's avatar
wow! I remember that movie!
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The star's are not in position for this tribute 
ShadowX-1337's avatar
Like he said.


can't do it.

Not today.
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This is what  the movie would be like irl 

zakel khan fuck your tribute not happening I'm a god suck my left ass cheek
8IsLove8IsLive's avatar
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Thats the most perverted statue i ever seen in my life
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