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Elastic Lass Meets Miranda

A preview page from The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite 4, our 100th comic produced!

Synopsis: What seemed like a simple rescue of a damsel in distress quickly gets blown out of proportion when Elastic Lass walks right into D. Lite’s latest diabolical trap. Things are about to get very big, very explosive, and very, very messy...

Tags: Inflation, water inflation, body expansion, breast expansion, clothes ripping, immobile, science, deflation, popping, force-feeding, monster girl
Pages: 15 + 1 cover
Written By: ERed
Artwork By: Wang (Sedna Studio)
Release date: April 7th, 2017
Sample pages: The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite 4
Series Link: The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite

Here is the covers and preview pages from The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite #1-3:

The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite - The Floating Fiend by expansion-fan-comics  Spherical Inflation Supervillainy by expansion-fan-comics  The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite 2 - Meet Elastic Lass by expansion-fan-comics  Expanding Elastic Lass by expansion-fan-comics 

Mature Content

The Depravity of Dr D Lite 3 - Swelling Slime Girl by expansion-fan-comics

Mature Content

Slime Girl Inflation by expansion-fan-comics

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Djjacob1954's avatar
Love her big belly, her belly gurgling and her big belly.
FatClubInc's avatar
This looks fantastic :D 
radchoco's avatar
Hot but I wish the inflation was more progressive, rather than it being a skinny babe to a jelly doughnut, I wanna see the scenes in between
dlrowdog's avatar
It's expected very much. I'm looking forward to it.
AxleGrease-75's avatar
Love how her bloats up with all the slime inside
GenerationSidekick's avatar
Man please don't kill off Elastic Lass, I care WAY more about her than I ever cared about D-Lite...
Slime-Series's avatar
I rather have D-Lite bite it then Elastic Lass with karma.
I actually like the kinder characters not the nasty ones and feel Miranda herself is panicking with fear on her actions but could have a nice hero redemption story.  Still all the characters at some point have to go thru a conflict and danger on their journey and hopefully the hero wins.
Slime-Series's avatar
Awesome artwork.
I have a high love for slimegirls and she is gorgeous and very well made and colored.  Miranda is beautiful and perfect the way she is (if she's worried where she will go in life as is well becoming a superhero sidekick then her own hero with fame growing could be a option for her as the villain will never help her).
Daxen123's avatar
Alright! On my birthday!
LuckyJack020's avatar
Tags include popping...this is gonna be interesting o.o
BalloonPrincess's avatar

Oh yeah!  The clash of a lifetime!  :)
pigsofdoom's avatar
Will she finally blow?!
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
Oooh, interesting!
vorelovrr's avatar
Awesome work!!!!!
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