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For The First Time
"Can I borrow your red lead pencil?"
Lydia looked up from her art and stared at the boy in front of her. "What, you don't have your own?"
The boy smiled, revealing pearl white teeth and dimples in his cheeks. "Broke it. See?" He held up his lead as evidence. "I was wondering if I could sit with you and get you to help me with my picture? I couldn't draw if my life depended on it."
Lydia frowned before pushing out the chair in front of her with a foot. He beamed, taking a seat in front of her. As Lydia glanced at his drawing, she saw that his stickman was holding some kind of stick in his hands, and there was some sort of net standing next to him. She scoffed, prompting him to look up at her.
"What? Are you laughing at my drawing?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Lacrosse? Seriously? Of everything you could've drew for the project?" Lydia smirked and shook her head. "I'm doing a masterpiece. I'm recreating the Mona Lisa with neon colors. You, on the other hand....stickmen?"
The boy shrug
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The Way Things Used To Be
"Come here, Jackson. We have to study..." Lydia said as she lid down on his bed. "Do you honestly want to fail Chemistry?"
Jackson smirked and kneeled down on top of her, his lips tracing her jaw and eventually making his way to her lips. "You smell good. Incredibly good..."
"Gee, Jackson. You sure know the way to a lady's heart..." Lydia rolled her eyes as Jackson explored her body. "Look, if you're going to go all the way, you might as well break out the rubber. You have one?"
Jackson paused, looking up at her. "No. I didn't think I-"
Lydia shoved him off of her, and he landed on the floor of his room with a thud. "Then we're done here. Where's my purse?" She fixed her hair in his mirror and sighed. "We didn't study like we were supposed to. I thought we were going to study?"
"I thought I was studying....studying you..." Jackson pushed her hair off her neck and gently kissed her soft skin.
Lydia closed her eyes and sighed. She hated when Jackson got distracted from their homework. Al
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It All Comes Back Part 10
The cafeteria was crowded by the time Jackson went in to get his lunch. His friends were at their normal table by the window, laughing and playfully punching each other. Did they have the slightest clue what they were doing? A party on the Hale property? If werewolves hadn't existed, or if Derek wasn't around, he would've been all for it, but the circumstances were different and the risks were too high. Someone could die.
"Hey, Whittemore! Come on over, birthday boy!" Danny pulled out a chair and smiled. "What happened to you after gym? You took off before I could get a chance to talk to you..."
"Nothing. I got...cold," Jackson took a bite out of his apple and shrugged. "So I heard you guys were planning a party at the Hale's tonight?"
The crowd at the table stopped talking immediately. Danny frowned and eventually, they all turned to face Filippo. "Dude, you opened your big mouth again?"
"What?! I never said a word! I swear!" Filippo crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm not talking t
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It All Comes Back Part 9
Jackson slowly sat down at the kitchen table the next morning, holding a bowl of cereal in his hands. His mother looked pleasantly surprised as he poured some juice into a glass and took a sip. She glanced at Jeff, who had just entered the kitchen fixing his tie. He stopped in his tracks as he saw his son sitting at the table eating his breakfast.
"Jackson? What are you doing?" He asked, sitting down by his own breakfast.
Jackson looked up from his bowl. "Eating. Hence the bowl of cereal and kitchen utensils. What are you doing?"
"Me? I have a meeting with the mayor again today. That Hale house is more trouble than it's worth."
"Why? You can't just tear it down?" Jackson didn't like this idea one bit. His past was in there, little did his mom and dad know. The only answers he could find were in that house.
"Nope. That Hale kid, Derek, refuses to leave it. Saw him yesterday as we went to the house. Just sitting on the porch without a care in the world. He was all smiles, for whatever re
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It All Comes Back Part 8
"Well, come on in! I promise I won't bite!" Wilson chuckled and ushered Jackson inside his house. "It's not exactly the coziest but it gets the job done. Have a seat if you want. I was just putting on a cup of coffee when I heard the howl. What did you do to piss it off?"
Jackson shoved his hands in his pockets. "Nothing. Exploring, you know? Teenage thirst for adventure?" He looked around the house nervously, half expecting for something to come around the corner and scare him.
"Sure. Teenage adventure. I gotcha..." Wilson sat across the table from Jackson and sipped his drink. "So, Jackson. You want to tell me exactly why you were at the Hale house?"
"You know the Hales? How?" Jackson sat up in his chair, ready to finally hear the truth.
"Well for one, I've been their neighbors for as long as I can remember. They were a quiet bunch, you know? Kept to themselves mostly. I remember scaring a few kids out of my yard from time to time, but they were good kids. It wasn't until back in lat
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It All Comes Back Part 7
"What. The hell. Are we. Doing here?" Stiles whispered as Jackson got out of the jeep and headed towards the house. "Are you insane?! Derek-"
"He's not here." Jackson hissed back, eyes focused on the house.
"And you know that how?" Stiles was about to make the turn that led to the Hale house, but Jackson gripped his arm, shaking his head. "What? I'm going where you wanted me to go..."
"Don't park right in front of the house. It'll only give us away quicker," Jackson climbed out as Stiles parked his jeep. "You coming or not?"
"You mean get us killed quicker..." Stiles mumbled, rolling his eyes and getting out of the car. "Why are we even here? He's an freaking Alpha, Jackson. He can sniff us out in a heartbeat-"
"Did you not hear me say that he wasn't here? Now shut up and just follow me." Jackson wasn't going to tell Stiles how he knew, because he had no idea himself. His skin was covered in goosebumps and the hairs on his arms and neck were raised in fright.
The Hale house looked eeri
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It All Comes Back Part 6
'Mysterious fire claims lives at Hale house. Late Thursday night, Beacon Hills Fire Department responded to an anonymous 911 call that reported the two-story house just outside the town caught fire. As BHFD got to the scene, it was unclear if anyone was inside. The flames were doused and investigators were called in to examine the damage. Remains were found inside, but none were identifiable. The only person who seemed to escape this tragedy was the homeowner's younger brother, Peter Hale. He was rushed to the hospital later that night, as he was found wandering the woods, calling out to a 'Kyle'. He suffered several cuts and burns, 90% of his body badly burned in the fire. The Hale family is survived by the homeowner's two children, Laura and Derek Hale. The whereabouts of this 'Kyle' is unknown.'
Jackson felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. Straightening up in his seat, he continued to read on.
"I've never seen anything like it before in my life" Says Mr. Wilson, the man who
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It All Comes Back Part 5
Jackson thought about the lacrosse field. He was the only one there, scoring as many goals as he wanted. He smiled as he tossed the ball into the air and caught it in his glove, feeling more free than he ever had before in his life. There wasn't anybody telling him what kind of play to make, no players in his way, nothing. Just him, the net and the field.
"Okay, Jackson. I want you to try and remember the dream. Look to your left and go through the door," Ross whispered to him.
Jackson turned to see a green door on the field. Where it came from, he had no idea, but he did what he was told. Opening it, he was sucked into another scene. It was the basement of the Hale house. He was in the corner of the small room, watching as people gathered around with bowls of food and bottles of water. He didn't recognize any of them.
"What do you see, Jackson?" Ross asked.
"I'm in the basement of a house..." He didn't dare tell her what house, for the fear she might say something. "There's people aro
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It All Comes Back Part 4
Finstock did a double take as he saw a figure running laps outside on the field. Squinting, he recognized Jackson as he stopped for a drink and laid down in the grass for a rest. Finstock rolled his eyes, and made his way out to the lacrosse field. He knew
Jackson was a dedicated athlete, but this was getting ridiculous. It was like the kid lived on the field.
"Jackson! Why aren't you in class?" He called out, causing the boy to jump in fright. "Geez, you're jumpy. What's wrong?"
"Nothing. I just can't sit in a desk all day and just listen. I have to be doing something. Like running. Working out. Playing a sport."
Finstock crossed his arms. "Huh. Okay. Well, you have me this period anyway. How many laps was that you just did?"
"Nine, I think. But Coach, I was just going to head home-"
"Do six more and you can go to Paris, kid. I don't want to see you running anything under ten laps. Makes me wonder then if there's something wrong with you if you did," He strode away, prompting Jackson
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It All Comes Back Part 3
Jackson rubbed the styling gel through his hands and then through his hair. Once his hair was the way he wanted, he winked at his reflection and gave his hair a final once-over. Exiting the bathroom, he grabbed his leather jackset and bookbag. His keys for his Porsche were downstairs in the kitchen, and much to his disgust, he'd have to pass his parents in order to get them. He wasn't in the mood for another one of their "Are you sure you're okay?" conversations. He had enough on his mind as it was, and he didn't need more stress to add to what was already there.
"Morning, sweety. Did you sleep okay afterwards?" Linda smiled and handed him a plate of eggs and bacon, but he shook his head. "Not hungry? Or are you on that strict diet again..."
"Just not hungry. Where are my keys?" Jackson tapped the kitchen counter with a hand. "You know I don't like it when things are out of their usual place..."
"Your father has them. He's in his study room." Linda nibbled on a piece of bacon. "Jackson
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It All Comes Back Part 2
Jackson moaned in his sleep. The sheets that were around him suddenly became a trap and he couldn't move. His arms and legs were constricted as he tried to roll over, and he moaned again, but this time even louder.
The smoke was filling his lungs. He coughed, trying to get as much fresh air he could into his lungs, but he couldn't breathe. The fire was licking his skin, and he was stumbling over fallen pieces of wood and scraping his skin against stone. A man was yelling out, calling for someone, and several screams followed. All cries for help.
Jackson screamed, his teeth clamping down on his pillow to muffle the sound, but it didn't stop him from biting his tongue as the marks on the back of his neck flared with the usual pain whenever he had "the dream." His hand went immediately to the scars, burning like a fire under his touch, and he massaged them carefully. Sweat ran down over his eyes as he sat up, hand still on his neck, and he fumbled for his lamp. He bumped int
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It All Comes Back Part 1
"And who's this little cutie?" Doctor Ross smiled down at the beautiful little boy with blonde hair and big blue eyes. He blushed and hid behind his mother as they entered the room and took a seat.
"This is Jackson. Jackson, say hello to the nice lady," his mother smiled down at him, taking him by the arm and pulling out from out behind her.
Jackson said nothing, keeping his head down and looking at the floor.
"Hi, Jackson. You have very beautiful eyes, but I can't see them if you're looking down at the floor, now can I?"
Jackson slowly looked up the lady in white. Her hair was long and was tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes were gentle and kind, so he kept his head up and watched as she moved throughout the room.
"I'd llike to ask you a couple of questions if that's okay. You don't mind?" Dr. Ross took out an exercise and took a seat across from the Whittemores. "It's mandatory, and these questions will go on file."
Mr. Whittemore cleared his throat and nodded. "Of course. Anything."
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The Ocean Princess CH.20
Sebastian rushed through the hospital doors and glanced around frantically for Aqua and Coral. He wasn't able to tell earlier if it was Aqua or Coral who collapsed, but he knew at once that one of them was drugged.
"Excuse me. Was there a yoing woman brought in earlier? Long, dark red hair? About my height?" He asked the nurse behind the desk. "She would've came in for-"
"She's in that room over there. We get them all the time, but this one is the worst we've had. Her skin started to dry out really quickly. I've never seen anything like it in my life." The nurse led him to Coral's room. "Holler if you need anything. I'll just be out here."
Sebastian nodded a thank you and went inside. Coral was sat up on the bed, an I.V. hooked up in her hand and an oxygen mask on her face. A few glasses of water stood next to her on the table, and a Playgirl magazine lay sprawled out on her lap.
"What...the hell were you thinking? Or doing, forst of all. What the hell were you doing? You weren't suppo
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The Ocean Princess CH.19
"Oh my god, we're in VEGAS!!!" Coral cried, sticking her head out the window as they drove into the city. She let out another whoop as they drove past a group of men stnading on the sidewalk, and they whistled at her and waved, much to her delight.
"For the love of God, can you get back in the car before someone sees you?" Sebastian gripped the wheel and shook his head. "I don't have insurance on this vehicle, you know. And not to mention absolutely no money to pay for a ticket if we so happen to get one-which! I hope we don't."
"Ah, chillax, will you? Vegas is where shit happens, and whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Let's party it up while we're here!" She kicked off her heels and placed her feet on Pearson's lap, who massaged them with an idiotic grin on his face.
Aqua sighed heavily, which prompted Sebastian to take her hand and kiss it. "I don't like this, Sebastian. I have a weird feeling about this city."
"I know. I do too," Sebastian tried to smile. "But if we keep mov
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The Ocean Princess CH.18
"And that's pretty much it. I can't really think of anything else to say," Sebastian cleared his throat as Coral nodded, wiggling her toes in her flipflops.
"No, it's fine. You told me everything I wanted to know and more. Thank you, little brother-" She paused. "You don't mind if I call you that, do you? I know we just met and all, but-"
"I don't care. I heard from Pearson you're calling me 'the little runt' already, anyway. Which doesn't make much sense, considering the fact that I'm taller than you."
"Pearson told you that? What else did he tell you? Did he say that we had sex twice so far today within a four hour time period?"
Sebastian never blinked. "Why would he tell me that? That seems kind of personal, don't you think?"
Coral groaned. "Oh my god, were you raised to be this serious? Dude. Two words: Loosen. Up. I know we just had a tragedy in the family and all, but still. You need a distraction. A huge distraction-" She stopped, smirking as an idea crossed her mind. "Oh, yeah.
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The Ocean Princess CH.17
Pearson nearly choked on his drink when the door to the apartment burst open and Aqua rushed in yelling. He ran out of the kitchen, nearly knocking over a young man carrying Sebastian in his arms.
"What's going on? What happened? Is that Sebastian? Who are you?" Pearson gripped his hair as the man placed Sebastian on the floor and cleared the living room. "Is that blood? He's shot!"
"One thing at a time, Pearson. Does Coral have a first-aid kit anywhere?" The young man rummaged through the kitchen. "Coral, do you own a first-aid kit? I'm sure a woman of your type would think about having one close by..."
Coral stepped out of her room, arms crossed over her chest. "A woman of my type? And who are you again, Mr. Hot-Shot?"
"Nemo. Found one!" The man grabbed the kit and rushed back into the living room, with Coral dumbfounded in the hallway. "Pearson, you said you were a Healer before the war, right?"
"I-uh...yeah, but that was years ago. I'm out of practice!" Pearson stuttered as the man
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Hello world! The name's Kersten and in all honesty there isn't much to say about me. I love to read, write, listen to music and chill with my buds. Overall I'm a fun loving person and got a wicked sense of humor :)

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Just a reminder for people who don't have friends higher up when the Apocalypse comes: I'm pretty close with the Zombie Prime Minister of Canada. Maybe I can hook you up ;D

My lovely family:

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Personal Quote: I quote Damon Salvatore: "If I had a good side...not a way to get on it".


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