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Spiky Scavenger Idea

For the Planet Cat Santuary:…

This is another idea I'm exploring for future species in this project. This is a descendant of the type of cat seen at the lower half of this image:… likely 5-7 million years in the future. As this is just an early idea it might change and there will be more related species once the project reaches that time.

They are foragers, predators and scavengers depending on opportunity. The spines can either lie flat on their back or be raised, and they will raise their spines at the slightest fright. Even if the spines are not raised on time to protect against a from-behind attacker, they offer some armour when lying flat across their neck and back. Larger predators want to avoid being spiked once they've experienced it once. This allows them to feed at carcasses that a larger predator has dominated and generally take more chances. Species that run in groups don't need to cover each other's backs as much, so can focus more on the mobbing of larger solitary predators.

Although they have spines they often don't need to use them, their threat display makes them look much bulkier than they are. That combined with their bold nature can scare off larger animals.
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Cats are criminally underrated for a spec evo topic, so I support this wholeheartedly!

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I was thinking the same after it was finished!

Maybe I should do a white mane variant as a fun tribute.

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That would be fucking awesome!

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I absolutely love this concept

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Thanks, this felt like a more fun design to do.

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