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M A D C A T . eX-Mod

[[[ NOTE: Updating all renders or pictures in the gallery ]]]

Thats my definition of an Mech, based on the Madcat (Timberwolf) Design from Classic Battletech. Thats one of the latest Version of my model, made with 3Dsmax.

Now a little Update. I change the redesign the mechanic of the torsal gun and addet a few details on the mech.
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Amazing. I'd love to know your workflow of how you come up with something like this. Since you said it was based off the Madcat, my thought is do you sketch it first or just open your 3D app and build feet, lefts, torso, arms, etc.  I'm relatively new to actual creating models using C4D. Again, great work. (Would love to see this chrome)
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Fantastic work! Not only does it look very modern (though not overly, like sci-fi alien like, modern) but actually much more sturdy than the original Timberwolf. Original always gave me the impression like one shot to any of the joints will insta-blow it off. Not to mention heavily oversized cockpit. Here it is fairly small, but looks like it offers good vision around (which is not a surprise since it's clearly based off today's fighter jets/choppers).
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Thanks for your comment. That's a very old one. Would be better to overhaul the design again. But I'm lucky you like that one.
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Really nice. Looks a lot better than the actual Madcat. Well done!
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oh I love the design on this it's very cool and kinda of reminds me of the mechs in fear 2.
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Reminds me of the Mad Cat Mk IV
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Its my own interpretation of the old Timberwolf.

Hmmm, I should make a Update for this.
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To me it looks like it carries a heavy array of ballistic and missile weaponary.
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dang this is awesome!
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Reference of Metal Gear Solid
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FUCK YEAH!! love mechwarriors!
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dang. love this, you should upload this to one of the mech groups, its got a great style and detail.
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dude it looks awesome
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nice! Really like the look of the rocket pods
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very nicely done, sir
Very well done, I love it! X3 Madcat is TRULY the Baddest. Cat. EVER! ^_^
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What!!! how the hell did u make a model of that what program did u use?
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If those are heat exhuast vents near the cockpit, I forsee some problems with ejection. If a mech starts expelling dangerous amounts of heat, there's going to be some thermal expansion in that area, and thus ejection becomes an issue when the pod is physcially trapped in the casing.

Otherwise though, it looks like you applied a PERFECT Retro/Progressive model to the Madcat. I'd probably have made the missile pods flatter than a protruding box, but I guess that's to fit the LRM-20's.
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Thanks for your comment! The idea was to improve the heatsinks with a slot for fresh air and you also need a APU to start the reactor and they need a compressor. You see, thats not a exhuast.
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Why is an APU required, though? Heck; what's an APU?

My main objection to a secondary requirement for starting a reactor is the need for redundancy systems should the main method for starting it fail.
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APU = Auxilary Power Unit. Aircrafts use this to start the engines.
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wow. just gives off a dominating aura.
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I hope that the one in Mechwarrior 5 looks as good as this! Fantastic work!
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Pretty friggin' amazing model! Absolutely love the details on in :)

Gonna fav it for sure!
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