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An image I started after listening to Porter Robinsons "Unfold"… and London Grammars "Intro"…
which both gave me a wonderful feeling of freedom which I wanted to translate into an image. I just started painting and added more and more, not thinking too much
and before I could realize the incredible joy of just expressing myself made this image greater with each brush stroke. This is one of my favourite paintings I ever did.
And I finally feel like I've found my spark again.


Check out prints on my Redbubble:…
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I feel like this definitely reflected unfold, but I feel like it reflected the live edit of it even more! (In a good way!) I highly recommend listening to that version if you haven't already!

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Oh, not sure if I heard it already. I did see the live VR event a couple of months back or is there a newer version up? But yeah, I always love how he transforms his songs into something when playing them live. Fellow Feeling also has a great live mix :)

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Yea its the version of Unfold he played at Secret Sky! The one where he played Divinity with it at the end

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Ah yeah, that was so good! I even bought a Quest 2 just for this haha, I love this album so damn much!

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Seriously my album of the year so far! The only thing that might top it is the Illenium album this Friday, but we'll see!

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Yeah, it is hard to beat :D

Haven't heard Illenium before, what's that?

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He's a Future Bass and Melodic Dubstep producer. He just sold out Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. His music is very different from Porter's, but he is still in the same subgenera (EDM, Electronic) He has some really emotional music and I recommend checking him out. He's got some really feelsy stuff.

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Nice, sounds great. Will do then!

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vaya no creo llegar a ser tan buena:'3 como tu pero de verdad me encanto uwu

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I like this one as well feels like every stroke you made has a purpose the ocean looks like "the juice"

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absolutely beautiful

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WOWOWOW is there a place we can download a high res version to use as a background?

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