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Project Here: The Kingtree Falls

Just got back from my honeymoon today and I decided to use the rest of the day to finally finish this artwork. In the end it turned out a bit different than I planned but
always like when ideas forge their own path and the artwork decides where it wants to go. That's why I really want to do more personal work :)

Interested in a commission? See detailed info here:…

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Wow!! That's just wonderful! I can't describe how I feel exactly, but im filled with joy, excitement, and pure happiness! So beautiful❤️

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Splendid work ! This jungle looks like a little piece of paradise !
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GOSH all your stuff is SO TERRIBLY BEAUTIFUL D'8
the lighting and moods are just so gooodddd, and the colours so vibrant, just aaaaa so lovelyyy~

do you sell prints somewhere?
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Thanks so much, really appreciate it! :) I just love drawing this kind of art.
And yes! I do sell prints, look here:…
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ya very welcome! ♥

and YESSSSS, added ya shop to my folder of redbubble stuff I wanna get next time I make a big order 8D
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Whoa O.O Looks amazing!
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That's amazingly beautiful! Marvelous work! :clap:
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You're welcome! :la:
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🎶I want to be... where these people are... up where they walk... up where they run... up where they stay all day in the sun... wanderin' free... wish I could be... Part of this world 🎶

Dang it, Exit.
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Amazing!!Pikachu gasp Plz Animated Love Monkey 

That just gave me the best idea for my story!Monkey love  That is gold!Clap 
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This is beautiful.
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This is stunning!
I love the colors and the lush vibrant atmosphere.

GOD bless
John 3:16 
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