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Project Here: Memories of the Sea

And the third page I did for the cancelled graphic novel. This one had a few passages written on them but in general they show impressions that really fascinate me about our oceans.

First of all are shallow water regions and how light dances across the sand ripples. There is so few vertical space in these habitats but the beauty and life that resides there makes my heart feel warm.

Another fascinating thing for me are breaking waves and the otherworldly forms they inherit when you see them from under the surface. It's like hypnosis for me and whenever I hear a piece of music
that has the distant rumble of waves integrated in them I immediatly go into thoughtful-mode :D

And last but not least, coral reefs and sea canyons. Contrary to shallow waters these reefs are basically vertical worlds and hold massive amounts of our world's different species as well as
high significance when it comes to the health of this planet. I fear that these places will have no future in the coming decades due to acidification and the warming of sea water
and even now it's almost uncomprehensible to me that the Great Barrier Reef is pretty much certain to be a thing that existed in the past. The amounts of bleaching it received
in the last years with low chances of recovery in the next years are more than concerning. It's one of the cornerstones that affects a myriad of other ecosystems and losing the Great Barrier Reef is a major
loss in the fight against the current climate crisis. I hope the day never comes when it will become an actual memory of the sea.

And while we're at it and emotional, I'll leave this here:…
If you haven't seen the documentary, do it!

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This piece of art has such a peaceful essence... It gives a tranquil feeling. It looks awesome! Congrats! :clap:

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Mission accomplished then :)
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You're welcome! Keep up your amazing arts!

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your welcome 
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Loved your write up. Our ocean world is endlessly fascinating and beautiful. I love how you depicted the sunlight filtering through the water.

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Yes, it really is. It's a little sad that I'll never be able to paint something that comes close to the complexity and beauty of the ocean in it's whole. :D
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I love these visuals so much, I love them so much, so full of color and full of understanding of the ocean ... Will you completely cancel it or will you morph it into a different world?

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Well the Graphic Novel I thought it would be is not continued anymore. But the project itself I won't give up.
It started out as a videogame idea and since I have founded a game studio now with friends there is the possibility
it will become exactly that in the future.
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Lovely work! With such beautiful visuals its a shame that this project was never completed
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Yeah, it will be in another form though :)
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Ahh, that's good to know, its way too nice to waste :)
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Fantastic work! Have a nice day! :D
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Did you use any reference?
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Well, sure I did. I often use some kind of reference that I base imaginative work off. :)
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Beautiful work!

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