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March 5, 2018
Project Here: Hope by ExitMothership
Featured by KovoWolf
Suggested by Ero-Haru
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Project Here: Hope

EDIT: This artwork now has a song dedicated to it! A freelance composer from the UK used it as inspiration, super excited about that and it fits the feeling I tried to convey in the piece so perfectly!
Here is the song:…

Finally finished this one, it took many off/on sessions trying to get everything right and make the composition work, hopefully.
Anyway, the central creature is for my project and similar to the animal in this previous artwork:…

While searching for reference I discovered so many interesting birds and truly came to the conclusion that it is one of my most favourite animal groups.
I have saved a bunch and I plan to do more art with birds in the future. I'm glad to got to finish this one here to have something fresh for the portfolio.

Regarding project itself and what I want to make out of it: I'm currently thinking a few things over in terms of the medium.
It being a videogame is a nice thought but I'm contemplating if this is the best option for what I want to do with the story.
That's why I'm working on something on the side to see if it works out, I'll give an update when it's worth showing.

Enjoy your sunday.

EDIT: HOLY SHIT GUYS! A SECOND DAILY DEVIATION?! Are you serious right now? Thank you so much, this absolutely makes my day!

OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS! See detailed info here:…

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dpcdpc11's avatar

Composition and colors are fantastic

ExitMothership's avatar

This is So Beautiful

ExitMothership's avatar
camelotcrusade's avatar

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this happiness with us. ✨

cloudclovertemperans's avatar

can i have this as my background! :0 pleasss

ExitMothership's avatar
What kind of background?
cloudclovertemperans's avatar

also do u take challenges? xD

ExitMothership's avatar
No, I don't take challenges. Sorry.
cloudclovertemperans's avatar

Like google background

ExitMothership's avatar
What's a Google background?
cloudclovertemperans's avatar

l at the bottom of google (home) there's a settings button and then u can choose a photo to put for the background

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Ah, yeah then you can use it. Sorry , it wasn't really clear to me what you meant :)
cloudclovertemperans's avatar

Thanks! you should do more things like this! i have another few questions what app do you use and what drawing tool ?(tool as in tablet or- ec)

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I draw in Photoshop CC2018 with this tablet:…
which I have been using many years now. It's pretty reliable but I can see that the chinese market has been catching up with good, cheap tablets if you prefer that.
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The best one this year
cloudclovertemperans's avatar

omg is is my favorite out of my favorites a absolutely love this peace keep up the awesome work!

ExitMothership's avatar

absolutely gorgerous

awesomestarz's avatar
Look at all of those beautiful birds~! Such a grand spectrum of color and vibrance. And the background is stunning as usual! This is one of my favorite pieces of yours yet! Congrats on getting a Daily on this!
ExitMothership's avatar
Thanks! I always return to it with a smile, it felt really good finishing this up.
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which variety is the one in the middle?
the feathers are well detailed :nod:
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