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Project Here: A Dream in Azure

Another page my fellows, this one's a bit more surreal and actually a spread of two pages. It's is about entering the subconscious through dreams and experience things that
lie under the surface. I had many wonderful dreams revolving around water and the ocean and I'm sure you know that feeling when you woke up from a dream that left you speechless because what you've seen was so unimaginably beautiful. Whenever I had those kind of experiences I would draw so much inspiration from them for my art, which had me thinking that there is so much untapped potential of ideas and images if you just dig deeper than surface level. Maybe one could actually use lucid dreaming as a means of exploring interesting visuals and such, who knows.

Interested in a commission? See more info here:…

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Great job !! feeling it

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Awesome! Have a nice day! :D
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This is really pretty! I love the composition and the contrast between the colors
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So gorgeous and full of life somehow even though it's seemingly in space. This is awesome

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This is a beautiful oniric art ! Really impressive 😊

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Thanks! Also for teaching me a new interesting word :D
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I hope my english isn't an eyesore ... Sorry for the errors ! 🙇

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No it's all good :)
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