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The Wastelands

By Exileden
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I've been travelling through vast wastelands of highland for my self quest for the inspiration, self experience, finding answers and for the passion of being within nature and alpine hiking.

Shattered screen of my brand new Sony A77 camera, totally broken lens (the glass has fell off from lens) and injuried left leg by over-exhausting my physical body. As well newly discovered the fear of very high alpine heights in myself. Those were only a few effects of the travelling through.

However, obviously, nothing can really cover up that experience....
I loved that lifestyle where I had to get up at 6 am, did hiking from the dawn to dusk, then sleep. Nothing else really did matter. No internet, no worries, news or any stuff from the outer manipulative world. I've been in state of true myself among in the nature, enjoying it's simple creation and had basic needs such like to eat, sleep and pee. Of course the effort of hiking is incredibly high and very difficult.
Being back to "reality" (aka, manipulative virtual reality) really hit me. I've noticed the more I am away from the grasp of the internet, the more I feel self negativity when I come back to it. I'm not saying that internet is an evil thing, but it's more of a parasite.
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Wow, what a beautiful landscape! Where was this taken?
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great pohoto, amazing landscape
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A beautiful land.  I should like to visit there someday.  :)
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The photograph AND the caption ought to be considered eye openers. Beautiful!
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Beautiful shot, and probably an even more beautiful trip.
And I guess you're right, with the internet and stuff. Everytime I come back from a trip, reality hits me so bad that I think I need another break just to re-integrate into my "usual" environment.
And that's why I can't wait for my own trip in Winter =)

Being available to the world 24/7 may be practical sometimes, but I don't think it's healthy. We need to get far away from our daily lives now because going home or out somewhere near doesn't keep others from contacting you. And because at home the internet awaits us and we kinda can't stay away from using it.
At least that's what I think.
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Wow, it just seems so cool that you get to travel like this, ma'am.

By the way, I may agree with you about the internet thing you mentioned.
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amazing experience...but sorry for the loss of camera. Rough
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This is a stunning picture and I love it O: :3
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The digital age as everyone refers to it, is pretty much a parasite, but, you could also call it a glorified parasite, a symbiote to the ones that actually benefit from the internet and all digital media and experiences. The internet itself has its pros and cons, but more cons in my humble opinion. Information is free and vast, but nobody WORKS for it. Not sure if my meaning is really clear with that sentence but I leave it up to perspective. Having been on similar trips as you have, I rarely feel happy or comfortable coming back to it as I do when I am...unplugged. I won't start a long debate about how the internet is ultimately a long downward slope but I agree with you wholeheartedly on your opinion.

That being said, I almost caught vertigo when I saw this picture. Haha. It's beautiful, but I'm afraid of heights as well, despite doing numerous things that challenged and defied that fear. I love the mountains and hope to go hiking again soon, maybe during the winter since I've always wanted to try a trip during the snow season.
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Never have there been truer words spoken, I think when we pull ourselves away from this world where society tells us what to like, what to buy, what to feed our children, and what to hate, we can truly find ourselves, and find who we are. Going into a place such as the beautiful picture you have taken, in my own opinion, has the power to make us realize that we are so small, and such a small part of a very large, and beautiful world. Thank you for sharing this.
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wow! it's beautiful!
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Wow! It just looks so clean and real! No highways or non natural marks of mankind! I can't believe how cool it looks!
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I think any place can be beautiful, positive and inspiring, including the internet. It entirely depends on your mindset. A lot of people seek their peace and happiness in faraway places and when they get there it's never what they expected. It's not the location that makes one happy and at rest, it starts within yourself. I live in the second biggest city of our country now; I never expected to end up here and while my heart very much lies in the rural area where I was born and raised, I can still appreciate the dynamic beauty of a big city, even on a rainy day. I would never want to live here permanently, but still. If it depresses you, it's probably something you're doing to yourself (not speaking personally to you, Eden, but to people in general).
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According to your comment, yes I agree totally. :]

Still what I mean with internet, I have in my mind something different. However, that would be a long "text" about it, whilst what I wrote was just really quick add-in what I feel where I didn't expect a lot of people would be interested at posting comments about internet thing. But in general with your comment alone I agree a lot.

Yes, internet still can be a positive place as long as we take a healthy distance to it and dont take it too personally since it's only a virtual world. World of where are only words (symbols) spoken and create the virtual existence through the screen. And even, virtual us. The difference between a tree as real existence is a truth and of a tree as a word (as symbol spoken through) may be a lie or virtual presence (or subjective) of truth. The same is knowledge which we collect through the real experience and internet world (collected through the words, or books/magazines/TV/spoken words from another person aka. gossips).
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Oh I'm not saying the internet can replace the real world, certainly not. For the people who can see the beauty in many things, real places, such as the one you've been to, can be an absolutely breathtaking experience that can't be compared to anything virtual.

At the same time though, the internet, books and films can take me to places where I could never go to in real life. They allow me to learn about and meet people I would never have known otherwise. As said, every place has it's beauty and positive aspects if you know where and how to look :).
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Then yeah. :D Thank you for your thoughtful comments!
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Beautifully stunning! And that sounds pretty awesome, hiking out in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the world.
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This is really pretty! It's a beautiful shot! : D
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Looks breathtaking!! I'd love to visit such places myself, no matter the difficulty of hiking up there. :) You've gotta watch those internetz, it can be all sneaky like and get you if you aren't careful.
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