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Tangled Dragons

Some snakey dragon siblings I created- just to drop off, pick up pencil and paper and draw something on that day. All of them are dumbs :]

that's what was on today's livestream session, i hope traditional art on l'stream is clear! (btw, just out of curiousity, who was on todays livestream??)
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What do you use to do something like this? It's so smooth!
purple-hermit's avatar
Nice work, like the Celtic-knot-sorta patterns on their flanks!
This is a crazy picture. Was it drawn? Who was the person that made this??

Peter J.  |
Syroyoga16's avatar
Nice those cristals on their chest remind me of Ironman. So it they would called them Irondragon get it.
DragonFreak06's avatar
I like the one on the right... The look on his face is hilarious!
crazyguy11's avatar
this is my favorite of your pictures! I really wish i knew how to draw dragons paws/legs/arms like you! hahaha
Genitex's avatar
Lol.nice work done
Mad-Penguin-Rico's avatar
Wow, that is great :)
dedicatedfollower467's avatar
Wow, this is incredible! I love it. You've done a great job with shadow and texture in this piece, and I love the designs for these dragons! Great job!
InsanePsychoHafbreed's avatar
Purr. And that is the only thing going through my head right now.

ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
They may be dumb but your artwork is fantastic, nicely done!
infinitestudios2005's avatar
this is so cool, cool, cool!
slayingallhumans's avatar
Cool. Reminds me of the Hydra.
EquinoxMay's avatar
It CLEARLY SAID left foot yellow!
trumanlakequeen's avatar
love these dragons, the third looking bored is my fav
4evermonicris's avatar
very good, nice shading!
iliektehdragons's avatar
from left to right i shall call them Curly, Larry and Mo :3
crazyguy11's avatar
Sabinalibertad's avatar
wow I love how you shaded it amazing work!
RattieLove's avatar
I wish I hadn't missed this livestream... you have amazing way of bringing a sketch to life! :love:
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