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Step by step- Skolh

By Exileden
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Another step by step taken by Instagram. (I'm Kilaq in Instagram if anyone would want to watch me there out of boredom)

It was done by Copic markers (oh by the way, before you go with all "you are so lucky to buy/have so many colors of copics!!"- those were collected by every piece and small sets for years. Most of them are almost ran out, I wish I could afford to replace :/.) and on the last photo is white paint touch-up. Also small anatomy note from Terryl Whitlatch: "In general in four-legged animals the front paws or hoofs are a bit larger than the hind, because the forelegs bear the weight of the body (heart,lungs, skull, etc.) while the hind limbs provide momentum and power when in motion. The size ratio of the paws to the legs doesn't bother me--you have precedence in Great Danes and lions."
I was unsure how much we are able to adjust the size ratio with paws while designing quadrupled creature before I learned that note. In answer, it gives you a freedom permission of biological functionable animal to have larger front paws than the rest while creating creature design.

On first photo (photo, not finished creature drawing) outlined in blue is primary idea of that creature, below is original sketch traced on thick transparent paper. Also I had bone anatomy of that creature sheet but it got lost with piles of sheets and trash :/
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I got to get some of those!
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what are the pens you us?
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JadeLawrenceProfessional Traditional Artist
Jakiej marki znacznika myślisz, będzie pracować dla sztuki jak ten? (oprócz Copic)
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JadeLawrenceProfessional Traditional Artist
besides Copic, what kind of markers do you think would be cheaper but as awesome?
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JadeLawrenceProfessional Traditional Artist
thank you
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just.... wow o_o
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MisfortunesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have always wondered how good work was done with markers, although I still think that you are doing witchcraft on paper somehow, some of the mystery has been unmasked. So so awesome for you to post this! (Thank you from a curious novice!)
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AzureithStudent Artist
thats so cray cray! i just got a set of prismacolours for my program and i cant ever imagine doing something like this! markers are just...so unforgiving lol :P
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LATstudiosHobbyist General Artist
If you use so much copic markers over eachother, isn't the copic marker going to have dark spots on it? You know that suddenly he isn't giving a yellow colour but a orange colour or so. :P

If that makes any sense xD.
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PunkPirate-artHobbyist General Artist
wow, that is a beautiful piece!
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Artsoul1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
where did you buy the copic markers and what brand is it?
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I cannot even fathom your skills as an artist. your abality to create a create that doesn't exist but still make it seem anatomically accurate is astonding! I would love to have but a portion of your skill.
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whoa, gosh you have a lot of sure talent. Your art is marvelous, and the creature is amazing in it's self too :)
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xCollecxStudent General Artist
Kurde, jak się znajdzie tą technikę to można wymiatać. Ja szukam kredkowej, copiców raczej nie kupię, no chyba, że na sztuki. :v Widzę, że można nawet warstwy robić. Hm, powiedz, Ty większość rysunków robisz copicami?
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Oczywiscie ze mozna! :D Nawet fajniej dzialaja niz kredki. Tylko glupio ze w polsce maja copic drogie ( z 22-25pln za sztuke) i slaby wybor kolorow. Wszystkie je mam zagranica, nie tylko ze tansze ale tez swietny wybor.

A co do reszty rysunkow to nie- kazdy rysunek jest wykonany inaczej.
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xCollecxStudent General Artist
Tak samo promarkery. No, niedawno widziałam o kasecie firmy faber-castell za trzy tysiące. Nieźle.
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BadmashBlitzHobbyist Digital Artist
:3 Really awesome! I wanna try something like that now! Copic markers are so expensive tho XD luckily I have a friend with a bunch!
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2 main questions(I hope you can get to these):
-How did you use that tracing paper stuff(the primary idea of the creature), and use that to create the creature? Did you just draw it all over again, or did you trace it somehow?

-Who is Terryl Whitlatch?(If he has a book or something, I would love to read it)
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DanaXNeuroStudent Traditional Artist
When I first saw your art I assumed it was done with a tablet on a computer. And then I saw this and I quit. You win. Here's the internet. I'm going to go sit in a corner. You're amazing.
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FAIL3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This has convinced me that Copic markers are worth buying.
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That's beautiful. I usually see markers dull a drawing, but you make them really pop out.
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darkness-of-wolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
what brand are these markers?
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