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Sci Fi Centaur

Concept of character design.
damn, weapons are no fun to work on ;)
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I can’t draw weapons either hahah
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Cool! :D
This is the kind of characters that you could see in Shadowrun :)
Love it ^^
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Holly WOW!!! O.O
Moltenkitty's avatar
I love that despite his gun you kept a medieval feel to him :D
GoodSpiritWolf's avatar
Yes, awsome. What is the SciFi equivalent of Yeehaaaa?
RAM-brandt's avatar
*in synthetic sounding voice* Yeehaaaa!
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CrisahitnaHyscirs's avatar
In all honesty, that centaur is a MOUTH WATERER, (insert dirty talk about what I want to do with him). What is this OMG YOU'RE SO HOT sorcery? :crush: 
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OMFG. This is good. :O
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Really excellent job
Elexsin's avatar
This is soooo cool!!!
Nezumi46's avatar
That armor looked fun to work on though ^_^
RoseJoker's avatar
Damn this looks awesome !! xD
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This is so cool! I'd like to read a story with this character!
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Damn girl, this is so badass... I Love love LOOOOOVVVVEEEE the concept and the little wraps on his hind legs like the real racehorses! Haha.
I really like the patterns and tetures on his jacket as well.
The green backlighting is a nice touch as well, wow!
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I love it! And I hear you on the weapons. Quadruple the pain if you have to sculpt them.
Crysomandiaz's avatar
Very nice, but the chest should be deeper if going for anatomically kinda correcty. Unless the lungs are in the stomach.
Odahviing's avatar
This is honestly so freaking amazing. The details are phenomenal, and the pose is really well done! Anatomically its amazing, and the whole design is just unbelievably awwwesome! :D
ElementalIsis's avatar
That is pretty freaking bad ass. 
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