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Midnight Purgatory
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Finally submitting one of my most favourite collabors with Khaosdog!
I did the lines, she did amazing job with the background and I've rendered that dragon. It was a bloody crazy work on that one!
And the scanner has totally disappointed me. I don't need explain how, right?

This handsome fella is on sale, send to me a note if you're interested in that original large painting!

A3+ size on watercolour paper, watercolours, acrylic ink and pencils.
Image size
1274x820px 1.17 MB
Shutter Speed
1/250 second
Focal Length
52 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jan 4, 2017, 3:25:05 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Macintosh)
Sensor Size
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Riannastahl's avatar
Riannastahl|Professional Digital Artist
I love this. It reminds me of a lot of I think Chris Scalf's work. Colours are brilliant :)
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DynastyWarriorsJin's avatar
DynastyWarriorsJin|Hobbyist General Artist
It's sooo beautiful 
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RavenCorona's avatar
RavenCorona|Student General Artist
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Calitha-Lena's avatar
Calitha-Lena|Hobbyist General Artist
the coloring is amazing!!
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AlpinusTheFox's avatar
AlpinusTheFox|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The colors you used are gorgeous! I especially love the fure and all the movement and lighting, it really immerses you into the piece. ^^
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LunaWolfCP's avatar
LunaWolfCP|Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah.... What they said 
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RolandLatoreSpeed's avatar
RolandLatoreSpeed|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Vividly amazing and brilliantly elaborate! The scope you have in colors and details are just...  breathtaking  :wow:
The flames curing around the dragon and the dragon itself are absolutely incredible! Love how captivating your work is...   :D  :love:  ^^;  :clap:
It's perfect...  :hug:  :huggle:  :happybounce:
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Arcdanis's avatar
Arcdanis|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Stunning dragon! He looks so vivid with that blurry, colorful background. An amazing sight to behold :D
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inochikaze's avatar
inochikaze|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my God I am hypnotized
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Winter-wolf1's avatar
Winter-wolf1|Hobbyist General Artist
The colors are so good together and it is just plain beautiful 🌟🌟
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Noxeri's avatar
Oh, beautiful compilation of cold and warm colours! Also love the way how you drew the dragon. Amazing work! :love:
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KolaWolf's avatar
KolaWolf|Hobbyist General Artist
What a beauty!
I love the lighting on the dragon, especially but the detail is outstanding ;o;
And that lighting is outstanding, I really feel the midnight presence ;u;
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mevaa's avatar
Amazing! I love the colours and the dragon is just beautiful <3
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MJMSTUDIOS2020's avatar
Wooooooowww *Sighs the wow as if it was stunning... Amazing.
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Rianne2k8's avatar
Rianne2k8|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this! The colours are a feast for the eyes!
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foxwafflesdraws's avatar
THE LIGHTING IS BEAUTIFUL! I just love the contrast in blue and orange, the color scheme is so perfectly handled!
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kaze26's avatar
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DracoJane7's avatar
DracoJane7|Hobbyist General Artist
This Dragon is so beautiful!
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SaltAddict's avatar
SaltAddict|Hobbyist Artist
What an absolutely stunning artwork!
 I just love how there is such a stark difference in style and mediums, all overlaying each other and, surprisingly, truly suiting to the other. After being captivated by the sheer amount of detail on the dragon, I had to look closer before I noticed any watercolour at work here, and even then it still feels as if it belongs to the piece. In light of there being meticulous, fine detail coupled with loose, water-based paints - it's a very whole, and complete, work in my eyes. Never seen anything quite like it before.
 Brilliant, brilliant job you two! clap remake 1b 
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Exileden's avatar
Thank you so much! It was fun but also stressful because it required a lot of "process thinking" to acquire that effect/OR to not ruin it. Right now I wish I could have given less yellow (reflection) pain on dragon's neck.
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SaltAddict's avatar
SaltAddict|Hobbyist Artist
No worries! :)
 I can only imagine! The forethought that needs to go into a collaborative artwork like this... and I find it challenging enough planning my own works. ^^;
 Well it looks just right, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly see where you're coming from, but I think that amount of yellow makes the dragon look all the more present in its surroundings - namely, the fire. 
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MelodicChronic's avatar
MelodicChronic|Professional Traditional Artist
Fantastic work!
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SpiritStarCity's avatar
SpiritStarCity|Student General Artist
Woah! Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited 
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MaskedDragonLin's avatar
MaskedDragonLin|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is amazing! The pink of the fire makes it almost look etheral, and your use of the watercolors with the sky are great. The dragon's a gorgeous creature too, beautiful piece!
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