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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

I've been travelling through desolated mountain vasts and wastelands along my travel buddy ~Arkelion for many days.
That was really meaningful journey despite of unbearable pain of hiking, surviving nature powers and exhausting our bodies.

The worst moment was when devil clouds conquered whole highlands with it's crazy thunderstorms, hail, rain and oblivion-y winds caused our hiking become extremely difficult. On the way to shrine we had to go through valley where were tons of active bears. I thought that could be my last journey and cursed that I should have sat down safely at home.

How did I start travelling? How to travel? How did I improve with my art?

Get out from comfort zone. All what you need is to make a step into unknown. You will see the rest how life works. The whole universe will aid you once you will step away from your comfortable nest.

As quote says... "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone".

Besides than that I'm crazily inspired. My inspiration is so high at the moment but I need jump to art store, buy new paper and do crazy paintings. Nothing inspires me as good as travelling and teaches me new techniques. Internet *never* really helps me to get inspired, rather it distracts me out.

I'm not going to write a wall of text how well travels influences but I'll post a link- Noah Bradley, known as one of the best landscape artists - confirms it. Read it. Get inspired!

Oh and photo is taken by cell phone. It seriously beats DSLR cameras. Seriously.
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beautiful photo, especially since it was taken on your phone. Beautiful mood in the photo too. You are right, some of my best and rewarding experiences have been when I physically exert myself. I am still learning how to fully push myself out of my comfort zone, in travelling and other things too. Some people seem to have a natural ability for it, they seem to have no fear. It comes hard to me and I don't do it often enough but I should because the reward is amazing.
I think one of my problems is that I don't know how to go about doing some of the things I would like. Another is probably that I lack confidence. But I will keep trying, perhaps I will learn.

You are very inspiring. What you do, how you push yourself and the way you write about your experiences. It is very moving. 
Thank you. Perhaps your experiences will motivate me to get off my butt!
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Beautiful photo and rather impressive that it was taken on your phone. 
I couldn't agree more with your description. Travel is one of the best things I've ever done (and currently doing). I think living and working abroad really opens your eyes, but the travelling as a whole is enlightening. Whilst travelling I now know what I need to do when I eventually get back home, and all the things I previously worried about now seem petty. I haven't updated my art on here for a long time, but I know that since travelling, like mentioned the your linked article, it has improved massively.
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i couldnt tell if it was a picture or a really good Painting. amazing shot by the way
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Haha, thanks!
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I've been wanting to do that myself, just pack up some gear & go. Had serious thoughts about doing it soon these past few days, and seeing this picture sure didn't make me want it any less. Thanks for the inspiration!
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This is so inspiring, I thought that I would always stay home, within my comfort zone, but now seeing this and reading your description, I really would love to travel. I have no experience being outdoors. I keep saying nature doesn't inspire me, but maybe that's because I haven't tried to see it's beauty. I still have to train my eye, and also, my "other eye" or my imagination, to be able to see the fantasy that takes place in reality that no one else sees.
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Fucking amazing. I want to go there
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i like that you used Greek letters but if you want to be more exact on how you write it i can tell you :D . If you read the text with the letters it sounds like this " life tie end of psour homfort zone "
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Yeah, originally the greek letters are different to pronounce than they look, but that's for that I did, use foreginer's font to make it look and read it as how it looks like in english, as "B" looks like "b" to figure out. It's just to "figure-out" text, not proper/official to read :D
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I love the title :)
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Wow, chciałabym coś takiego zobaczyć na żywo O_O
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By the way, if this was a print I'd surely buy it :)
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Found this by accident. But it hit me right in my guts.

I've been waiting for the feeling to come, that feeling, that my life has finally started.

Yet I feel it extremely hard to get out from my comfort zone. I can get out of the house, yes, but it feels hard to cross the comfortable feeling.

Maybe it's time I tried to come out from my bubble and see what the world has to offer.
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I have too found out the importance of traveling for inspiration. :) Thank you for posting this and being such an inspiration to me! <3
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I can see that I took some amazing shots from my Droid but I still need a real (pro) camera because it doesn't do well when taken towards a light source I.e. sun moon, there are so many places in my city I want to capture but can't.
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I was reading your description when I stumbled across "photo is taken by cell phone". My jaw dropped (literally), because I was so sure that I didn't even bother looking at the category at the start that it was a painting. Because, seriously, it just looks like an amazing, detailed, wonderful painting. :o
I'll try to type out a nicer comment about the truly inspiring things you said in your description next time, but right now I'm still in shock from the recent discovery.
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great mountains for hiking
nice shot
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Nice photo, but to claim an iPhone 4S is better than a DSLR is a bit naive.
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Well, I am working as photographer at sporting events and I do have DSLR cameras- it's not quality wise(technical informations), but how we want to express emotion or something more than just photo- sometimes the crappiest photography equipment with basic special techniques do a lot better than DSLR. Sometimes creativity is better to be used on primitive equipment. It becomes more raw and impressive.

Obviously, all of it is without photoshop manipulations but using raw and real techniques.
Like it's said- no the best equipment makes you the best photographer.
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I agree that the best camera is the one you have with you, but I'd never trade my DSLR in for a smartphone camera. I did have a period of time where my camera was broken and I was forced to use my iPhone. I used it to shoot lots of street photography and in fact one of my photos made it through to the finalists of EyeEm's inaugural contest and was exhibited in Berlin. However there were numerous occasions where I desperately wished I had a better camera so I could capture a sunset properly, or change the aperture and shoot shallow DoF or shoot with a slightly longer exposure to get some blur or zoom in on something or shoot a wide angle shot, etc etc - the list was long! I shoot professionally too (I'm a reporter on a regional newspaper) and I only use my iPhone for family snaps. :)
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Got any advice for a guy short on cash but wants to get into photography for a hobby/extra cash I usually use my Droid and I get pretty good stuff but like you said its not really designed for taking sunsets or the like.
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If all you can run to is your smartphone camera then you have to make the most of it and play to its strengths, unfortunately. The advantage of a camera phone is that people are much more at ease around them and that makes them perfect for things like street photography. If you go waving some badass DSLR in a strangers face they might get pissed off. If you can save up, get yourself a camera that gives you control of aperture and exposure (not necessarily a DSLR) and that goes a hell of a long way to giving you the creative control you need to take other kinds of photos. :)
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I see, is this like a $300 investment or am I out of my league here; I can see that so this DSLR is it one of those professional cameras used with a stand to adjust features, because something more portable may be what want, there are several areas in my city that just completely strike me to capture and would require me to position a camera just right to get the full shot, while on a bridge and I would want to capture it at different times of day or weather patterns.
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