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Ice Dragon - Game of Thrones

Here is a mythical Ice Dragon I've designed for fun if it existed in GoT series :)

Or maybe he is a zombie-ice dragon? 
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Oh dear.. if we'd only known
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Hello! I'm writing an article about Ice Dragons (as found in the works of George R.R. Martin) for May I please use your artwork (with all credit to you) within my piece?
Tyrannuss555's avatar
I hope there is one inside the wall. There is a theory that there is one
KahviApina's avatar
Well designed character! Dragons outfit and colors gives really freezing atmosphere. Great work! :)
lilfixit's avatar
Oh gosh. If the white walkers had an ice dragon on their side the world really would be doomed...
Joannamation's avatar
I love those angular lines. :D
Snazzy colours too.
Mojomito's avatar
Very beautiful!! ovo

The ice dragon definitely exiss in Game of Thones! G.R.R. Martin wrote a short story about one, Its just called The Ice Dragon :D my copy is hardback and illustrated :D
TheVerdantHare's avatar
Gorgeous! I love the design! Very icey feeling, not only in colour but design as well :D
Enayol's avatar
This dragon is wonderful and the color combination is amazing ♥.♥
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Nice work. Love the colours.
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Hey hey! Awesome!!! 
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This is fucking amazing! :la:
DarkStormSeeker's avatar
You mean Wyvern? XD Okay, too much Warcraft
Silvolf's avatar
Beautiful work! I like the idea of a zombie-ice dragon :D
Fuulikoo's avatar
This is very amazing! I love the two-toned blue affect you used. I might have to steal it.:D (Big Grin) 
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 Simply breathtaking 
M00nDiamond's avatar
Simply wonderful!
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Amazing job! I love that metallic-blue shading that you did.
KunYKA's avatar
It is a Vis-sempai, called after his step-uncle. Poor Vis-sempai (spoilers says he will get being killed and zombified)
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