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Dragon's Wrath

Traditional piece representing fury of dragons. Some of them are from my own story/project: the earth dragon (forgot the name haha), afterlife dragon (Alţâna), King of Dragons (the center one) and ultimate dragon (Perseo, representing antimatter) summoned out with bunch of other mythic dragons.

Rendered by ballpoint pen and white acrylic ink paint on din A4 brown textured paper.

The original picture is for sale, send to me a note!
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Just pure awesomeness.  Nice job!
Tiamatus's avatar
Wonderful work!
Moltenkitty's avatar
Reminds me of that moment in How to train a dragon 2, when all the dragons team up to kill the big baddie and toothless wrecks him...
Alice-Ivory's avatar
You should make an 8-headed beast that's got dragons all over it
xrgrjhhb's avatar
Oh, wow! Amazing
AhnYewoork's avatar
esta genial el dibujo .i love dragones
desporrongador's avatar
hola amigos quiero del Aprender hacer dragones intente hacer este Pero se me perdieron Las Lineas pueden Montar un video tutorial de Como Empezar hacerlos, les agradezco si puede
AngelusVeritas's avatar
These are amazing man
Biorave's avatar
very nice collection of different dragons.
vikingsmarch's avatar
really impressive, awesome dragons
xXLaLoXx-shadoourufu's avatar
nexu22's avatar
Wow. I wish I could do that. I have a slight obsession with dragons, but I still can't portray them with that amount of detail. Awesome job!
djfj16's avatar
love dragons. :) and this fury and compassion of a dragon has been captured perfectly! great job! it look amazing! :D
VelZelko's avatar
I gotta say these are the best drawings of dragons ive ever seen, great job
Passin's avatar
Wow, such amazing pen work
BonnieLeeman's avatar
these are amazing, so detailed and they all have their own character
Rasenryu's avatar
This is amazing! I hope you make a colored version of this!
kyphoscoliosis's avatar
Dat stone/earth dragon in the bottom left...
Vaerish's avatar
That is really cool! Great pen work
rezwan070110's avatar
very nice work..!!
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