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September 3, 2012
Dragon commission by `PearlEden
Featured by princepal
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Dragon commission

Here's finished a tattoo commission for :iconthaila19: of modern-style chinese dragon which I've designed :)
(btw scanner eats orange :/, originaly dragon has on head nice orange-red tribals)

BTW: random: frikin' yeah! I got super smash bros brawl :w00t: (it released on 07.07 o_o). Sorry, I'm slow with replying on comments much 'cos im at my cousin's house (Im on vacations). We are going to play ssbb^^ (21% in 3h -_-)

PS: Thanks so much for DD feature :D
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clearwaterblues's avatar
Goodness! That is bright and amazing and dangerous!
PinkoPrint's avatar
Very cool and colorful!
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Very nice, Parade head.
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Absolutely brilliant!
RibbonObsession's avatar
I like the colors you chose
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Parislover369's avatar
Whoa awesome picture!!
phosbios's avatar
Awesome work...:) (Smile) 
Myrcury-Art's avatar
Not a style I usually go for when it comes to tattoo design but oh my gosh this caught my eye in a big way! Had to come see it up close. Its seriously freakin' amazing dude, fantastic color usage and all those DETAILS! Love it. :heart: congrats on the DD, and for having it as one of the example pics in the submission box thing (which is where I saw it. :))
Xasthurr's avatar
Damn, that is going to be one sick tattoo!
pearldragon145's avatar
Just a heads up, reported by BeastofOblivion who is also a victim of this thief, there is a website known as imagekind that has a user who is selling your work as prints of different sizes on that website.  Here is the…  and he goes by the name "Buu Dang". 
Seki-Moshu's avatar
As awful as this is, I can't help but laugh at the theif, he wasn't even smart enough to change the file names of the artists.  I mean I suppose it could be a way of giving credit but he obviously didn't ask.  Gotta love how disgusting some humans are now  -_-.
pearldragon145's avatar
Ikr?  Like "Hey, you, artist!  You made this?  That's awesome, I'm just going to take it and make money off of it!  No need to tell you or anything, I'm gonna make it big with these awesome artworks!  And I never had to spend even a minute working on them!"  -_-'
Seki-Moshu's avatar
Three words.  People.  Are.  Retarded.
AussieJimfan's avatar
This would be an amazing tattoo!!!
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lavendarskylight's avatar

WOW that is so beautiful...


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