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Beasts of Ragnarok Commission

Regular Sketch commission for :devLawhanWolves: of wolves of Ragnarok: fiercious Skoll, Fenrir the beast and lunar Hati with chain- symbolizing that brothers by devouring Sun and Moon will break the chains of torment which imprisioned Fenrir.

Unfortunately just found out that the laser of scanner is damaged. Scanned images have terrible irregular contrast and lightning, causing intense light beam on middle. I had to twitch image a bit to restore it's natural look the best as I could... oh well. I hope the commissioner to enjoy in person it's original drawing :>

I am still open for 35$/50$ (regular/detailed) sketch commissions! Note me if interested!
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This one is my favorite. I thought about getting it as a tattoo on my back, buuuut I dont have the money for it haha
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Excellent sketching. This is an awesome piece - love it!  If you get time please give feedback on on some of my work. 
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Awesome drawing. The fire-like quality of the wolves' fur is particularly striking, on Hati, in particular.

Now—seeing that no one else has pointed it out I am a dummy! —I must do my duty as a geek  and point out that the "chains of torment" binding Fenrir was actually a magical ribbon—Gleipnir—fashioned by the dwarves at the gods' behest. I like to imagine it as being pink.  Also, the ribbon was not broken; instead, when the wolves devoured the sun and moon, the magic sustaining the ribbon dissipated and it fell limply to the ground, leaving Fenrir free to go on his gratuitous rampage of revenge.

Geek Emote 

Of course, I will admit that your interpretation is definitely more dramatic :D (Big Grin) 
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I love wolves and werewolves this is so awesome!!!
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This is amazing! I love your Wolves of Ragnarok art. 
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Garm's not there but awesome! XD The work here is phenomenal.
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I love your art! You are simply amazing!
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Good lord I LOVE your art. I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed... :)
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Yea, great work! 
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It is awesome
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wow! Great work!
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The name Ragnarok sounds familiar, but I cant quite place it...
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yes, same here :shrug:
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like i know, Ragnarok is the "end of the world" for the ancient northern belief.
you know, for the Germani i think. It's the last battle, where the Gods fight against the giants and the world will end.
That's the thing i know about it, but i'm unsure, if it'S right o.O
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doch, das hört sich doch
ganz plausibel an ;)
und jetzt weiß ich auch, woran mich
das erinnert hat, ich hab schon vor
längerem ein Buch gelesen, in dem das
Jenseits den Namen 'Ragnaroc' hatte,
wahrscheinlich hat sich der Autor daher
Inspiration geholt ^^
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yay ^-^

Da ich das Buch ws nicht kenn, kann ich nicht wirklich meine Meinung darüber abgeben, aber ich schätz mal, dass du Recht haben wirst. Klingt ebenfalls plausibel ;)
Sovoy21's avatar
ehrlich gesagt weiß ich nicht
mal mehr, wie es heißt :/
na klar tut es das, wenn ich das sag :XD:
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