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Amvn - Critter Design

concept art of my creature species designs I've created from the scrap for upcoming projects.
Åmvn - the dragons-like critters are inspired by metal designs of things (i.e. metal old styled street lanterns) and they have stained "glass" wings (they arent made of glass... but very brillant-glossy membrane) which I'm quite pleased of my wings design.

Will write more about species later...

...I dont feel best after american Pizza Hut right now :/

All is done by traditional medium.

Virchaven-critters "Åmvn" design belongs (c) to me
Please do not use, alter or anything this artwork and creature design.
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Gorgeous Stain-glass wings
Evodolka's avatar
amazing :la:
i simply LOVE the stain glass look on the wings
Sinperium's avatar
Very cool execution.
AMEcco's avatar
Its wings remind me of antique clockwork!
WilliamTRausch's avatar
Positively stunning idea with the wing and tail membranes. Also the little flourishes at the end of the spines in its wings and such are a wonderful idea! Absolutely gorgeous~
AmbergrisElement's avatar
Those textures are amazing!
bear48's avatar
DragoonMaster-26's avatar
A Gothic glass dragon :beastyla: 
vitorMiguell's avatar
oh god, why didn't I think of that? is beaultiful!!
MrsGunsoul's avatar
These are absolutely gorgeous! ♥♥
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 The design is so amazing. You made a great job as you are been able t ocreate such great things :) .

 Keep it up!
Whoa this is awesome! O.O
feathery-blue-otaku's avatar
Haha I hate Pizza Hut, Papa Johns is a million times better X3

Love the design!!
TheSleepingGods's avatar
Oh, wow. That's gorgeous. I want to know more about this creature.
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Hi! I think you would like to know that your work has been used in a high school of a little village in the north of spain for a literature contest. We (I'm a student) had to write a story basing it in some images, and one of them was this. I've been looking for the artist of this work becouse I think that is beauiful and to let you know that I won the contest basing my work on your work.If you want you can ask me for the link where the story is posted, but it's in spanish. Thank you for your work ;)
Willow-Forest-Dragon's avatar
Love the concept. this one is cool I really like the colors against black outlines.
Chonart's avatar
Love how nicely the stained glass patterns look here:)
Le-Chameau-En-Sable's avatar
wow, love the colors, really unique looking dragon!!
Lozel-Da-Artist's avatar
This is really amazing work! I really admire your skills!
The-Silver-Griffon's avatar

Love the colour effects! What medium did you use?

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