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Mirror Life
He slips through chains of control to see the shame and fear of those watching his broken reflection.
Enjoying missery, hurtful words, and the blood red sea before the mighty king of his own sunken mind.
Embrased by horrors and thoughts of flesh torn and sown together, with the fabric of all he can find.
Mirrors showing him seven faces with seven signs of holy orders and demonic fanatic intentions.
Ripping bowls from place and eyes from sockets, to better understand the perfection of pure insanity.
Walking down isles of skin and sitting on pews of sin, to smile at the rememberance of kids killing kids.
Thinking hard on steel through skin, and fibers of death meshed with life, all hidden behind his eye lids.
Chanting curses and hyms to the living, rather then the dead, to grasp hold of the horns of blasphamy.
He lives the life no one understands, and understands no thing in life but his urdge to seek pain.
To see the seven signs of angelic bliss on faces of those around, and in the worl
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My Gate
The gate inside has been shut for many, many years
Holding back hatered, sorrow, and so many, many fears
The hinges are rusted they lock is busted and it still is shut
Chained and bound, reenforced and the fence is never cut
Normaly a gate is ment to keep things out
Mine is only ment to keep things in, so I won't shout
I clean the fence, but I dare not near the gate
For I fear the want to open it and face my fate
I say my fate, but I mean no grand destiny
No importance or fine acomplishments, only that I'm free
Free from people, senceless tact, and all my own emotions
Away from greed, terrorism, and droning store promotions
I don't want that path, because I know too well where it leads
A barren road, devoid of life, where you can't reap sown seeds
An angry hateful place where everyone stares with disgust
So keeping my gate inside, chained, barred, and shut is a must
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United States
Current Residence: A tin box held together by staples
Favourite genre of music: Anything but Country and Death Metal
Wallpaper of choice: Suikoden 4
Nothing really new on the art front other then I haven't drawn or written anything really good in a while. Mainly cause I'm not drawing or writing at all.. almost. Plus my scanner is broken, that's also my printer so I can't even print out documents anymore.

Been playing games and getting spirts or inspiration for stuff I want to draw while working or walking around. Maybe I been too busy with work and all.. I mean 11 and 12 hour days to take all the energy from your brain away. Can't even watch T.V. when I'm like that..
  • Listening to: The Offspring


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