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I may or may not post stuff. Don't count on it.

Click on my gallery and use the folders to navigate. If you are looking at my walfas stuff and can't find more walfas, it's because this website is dumb.

I have a YouTube channel:…
Don't count on it.

Ko-fi, if you want to throw money:
Patreon, if you want to waste money:…


Life's Light
I was inspired by the World of Light trailer to draw this because you know. Wings. And cheeto lasers. Well I don't know how to draw cheeto lasers. Or clouds. I guess I could blame the bad brushes in the coffee and canvas thing. But in all seriousness, I drawing actual faces is impossible because it's too small. and also I think I could do the clouds better. Colors weave into a spire of flames. If you don't mind me I'm gonna go and dream more about Smash Ultimate.

Plz add touhou characters as spirit.

Touhou belongs to ZUN
In LIGHT of Recent Nintendo Events
I'm really hyped for world of light. The meme is dying fast so I don't have time to draw this shit so here's a walfas comic.

Plz add reimu as spirit.

Touhou belongs to ZUN
Super Smash Bros belongs to Nintendo
Already a Princess
Niko best character UwU

I played oneshot and now it has consumed my life. I've spent the past 5 days drawing Niko everyday and Niko is best character Waaaah! 

Please protec Niko

Niko Cry 
Note 9

Definitely didn’t buy a new phone just for the pun.

I copied this drawing. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery right?

Full Image

Touhou belongs to ZUN

We Were Here First
It was our home. And it was beautiful. But then some girl with a Santa hat be like “it’s free real estate” and gave asylum to an entire moon of illegal aliens. Bitch, we were here first.

Some free art and pizza thingy and of course I had to attend even though I had homework and threw this together. Always wanted to do the two dream worlds thingy. Infinity war meme thingy. I think Doremy is cannibalizing my Getsu sisters thingy. Please pay more attention to pc98 characters thingy.

I "auto corrected" the colors in clip studio paint and now it looks great instead of faded. My photoshop is broken for some reason so I've been using clip studio paint instead. I thought I would only change programs for drawing but I guess it's editing too. I think I'm not using both programs properly. Why do I even have them.

Touhou belongs to ZUN. Why do I need to state the obvious this is fair use nobody is gonna copyright strike this thing. I've been writing this on every single artwork so it feels weird to not write it so I kept writing it. It's just adds unnecessary work.
Cirno Day 2018 (9 days late)
Man DeviantArt sucks. I can't use ⑨ in the title.

I was busy with irl stuff and didn't draw this until much later and I just happened to be free today so might as well be 
⑨ days late because it kinda fits. Maybe next year I will be more punctual. Unless something comes up next year too. Chances are it can happen.

I've been playing Genso Wanderer reloaded on my Switch. The ground's color is yellow is now my favorite song in that game. The theme has been stuck in my head because I spent too much time on Kasen's trials. It was fun but screw the high IQ puzzle.

Touhou belongs to ZUN

This drawing is kinda based on this.
Schezo from Puyo Puyo but it's Meira from Touhou
Someone on r/touhou with the flair "Satan the dark prince from puyo puyo but it's 2hu" said that Mima is Satan, Marisa is Witch, and Meira is Schezo. So I made this, because I'm obsessed with Puyo Puyo Tetris and I think Meira is definitely Schezo. She has come to take the Hakurei.

I've been watching Wumbo on Youtube. To sum up the experience: AREIADO SPECIAL!!!!!!

Omae ga HOSHII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Touhou belongs to ZUN
Puyo Puyo belongs to Sega
No. 61 Volcaokuu
Based on this and this. Please support this artist. I really like their drawings.

I liked the cleverness of the fantastical items being regular stuff. Now the third leg makes sense. Don't worry about the foot, she has something else to lean on. Ok the truth is that I didn't looked at the original Yugioh card that this is based on until after I finished drawing so maybe some stuff is not correct but whatever. It's 2 am and I'm tired. I thought the 1 was a 9.

Touhou belongs to ZUN.
Just a Regular Koishi
Nothing to see here.

But seriously though. I got bored of people abusing her third eye. So here's a fuck you to all existing Koishi artworks in existence.

In case you're wondering, this idea is kinda based on :icondizzyhmuffin:'s story. The one where Koishi fell in love with Flandre and ended up opening her third eye. Link is here. Which is why her version of Gensokyo has a Koishi who can open and close her third eye at will. Link to the walfas series here. Well this might not be THAT Koishi, but maybe it is. I dunno. I just wanted to draw open eye.

Touhou belongs to Team Shanghai Alice.
I've been reading some old Muffin Miscellany on PC-98 references in Unidentified Fantastic Object:

And it got me thinking, the main problem with PC-98 isn't that the characters doesn't return. 90% of windows characters don't return. The problem is canonicity. PC-98 characters don't have a place in modern Touhou, because we aren't sure if they exist in modern Touhou. And since shoehorning old characters into new games is bad practice, it's a vicious cycle of characters cannot return because they would be jarring, and if they return they would be jarring.

This is the biggest problem PC-98 fans face. The rest of the fandom don't consider them canon or important enough to use them, and when you use them they stick out like a sore thumb. You are stuck a minority, and being a minority is not fun.

So how can we fix this? Like I said, the problem isn't characters returning, it's character canonicity. Nobody cares about the whereabouts of Rumia or Letty or Shizuha or Parsee when they don't return in a new game, because we all know they are hanging out somewhere in Gensokyo. We are not worried about their existence. PC-98s on the other hand never appears as background cameos or mentioned in passing, and fans are genuinely concerned that their favorite characters no longer exists. And when you're filled with emotions, it's easy to lash out in anger and disappointment every time Mima is missing. But we can fix this.

Since shoehorning characters into new games will ruin it, all the old characters had to do was appear in a supplementary material. Like I said, the problem wasn't character returning, it's character canonicity. A Perfect Memento in Strict Sense styled book where both PC-98s characters and windows characters and backstory characters and important never-appearing-in-a-game characters are explained would make the PC-98 canon and fix any contradictions. Cameos in mangas and books would also work. These characters don't have to explain where they've been, because they've always hanging out in Gensokyo like everyone else. You don't expect Rumia or Chen or Hina to explain where they were if they appear in a comic, and neither should you expect the same with PC-98s. And since the manga introduces new unimportant characters all the time like the ramen shop guy or the evil snake dragon or the tube fox or the fortune teller, the manga could "introduce" a PC-98 and it wouldn't be out of place. And you don't have to reintroduce every single character to make them canon. Simply introducing an old character would immediately make all of their relationships relevant too, making other unintroduced characters canon by association.

I know ZUN probably will never read this, because this is written in English. And also I'm not famous enough. But the point is that if you are a bit more creative, you don't have to force old characters back. And I guess the best way as fans to bring old characters back, is to keep using them in fan works. The more we use them, the less weird it would be to use them, and these old characters would be considered normal characters. Do the Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, and treat PC-98 as part of the family, because after all regardless of platforms all games are still part of the same series.


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Background and props in my file....
If you want them, just say so...

I'm kind of missing Gensokyo Apocalypse Youkai Mountain character props, and Gensokyo Apocalypse Shou.....

I hope they'll come back.....somehow....
I can still find their non-walfas artwork via Google.... but...
That's all there's to it.....

(I also have the HDN RED prop from them)
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I'm less annoyed by missing resources and more annoyed by whatever physical, psychological, or legal problems that lead to creative works getting nuked.
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