Group's ID - September ID's DONE

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We have an idea to make our group an ID,
and the ID will make by the members monthly =D

If you want and interested to make our group ID, just comment here and tell us what month you want :meow:

SEPTEMBER - :iconeoniian:… (DONE)

OCTOBER - :iconhigure-san:

NOVEMBER - :iconleavefishyswishbones:

DECEMBER - :iconeternalwishess:

Of course the ID must have Rockman E.X.E's OC in the picture,
but you can also add canon character or other members OCs if you want

This year spot is full,
but you can make for the next year =)

:new: Submit your ID here… :new:

Fell free to participate,
If you're listed and suddenly you can't make the ID because of some reason, please comment us as soon as possible.

Thank you
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MrTwinklehead's avatar
I can go for January 2011, if ya like. Is there any specific size for the ID?
takukairi's avatar
sure you can =D

it's up to you =)
(but don't make it too small ^^;)
MrTwinklehead's avatar
Mkay, I'll just check the sizes everyone else goes for then, I have time until it's my turn. XD
Higure-san's avatar
I guess I can give this a go =) October for me, please. That's when I have a break from all my college work.
LeaveFishysWishbones's avatar
i suppose i'll go for july and use my oc as the id
takukairi's avatar
actually slots for July is already taken,
but I'll change it
And now it's yours^^
LeaveFishysWishbones's avatar
oh ok, i didn't see that ^^;
eternalwishess's avatar
I choose December! Because I'm a slow worker...=A="
eternalwishess's avatar
Um...can you give more description? lol
takukairi's avatar
we make a picture for our group ID,
and because this group is for Rockman EXE OCs, so it's better if we draw our OCs in this group, of course you can add other canon character,
you can add the other member OCs too, but you must give credit to the owner in the artist comment

for example,
if we do the picture for August, we add a writing in the picture "August ID"

Here's some example of group ID's by the other group
eternalwishess's avatar
You're going to change IDs every uhm...month? what are canon characters? ...(FAIL)
So, We can draw our own OCs in it...we can add other member's OCs too but we require their permission and we give 'em credit as in the © and just plain 'credit'. Right? [[sorry for late reply, i moved recently and only started to have internet yesterday]]
takukairi's avatar
Canon character is the character whom already in the anime/manga/game, like Enzan, Netto, Rockman, etc =)

Yes we'll change ID every month if there are many members who interested and would like to participate,
right now we still only have 2 members those want to participate (July and August)
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