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1. If you want to join, please CLICK ON THE "JOIN OUR GROUP"
2. The OC must be from the EXE series, not the other.
3. If you want to submit a picture to this club, only members are allowed to upload the pictures and will be subjected to the Founders approval. You can submit fanfiction too, if you want.
4. It must be your original artwork. DON'T steal art or OC without permission from the real owner.


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Gallery Folders

dotEXE C05 Battle Network memories by acediez
dotEXE CHARACTER CHART 01:N01 by acediez
Aiko Bday 2010 by HikariMiyuki
Group ID
MMBN Corruption Logo by Zero6694
OC Piano.exe by AwesomebyAccident
Kalinka Cossack (MMBN Fan Concept) by MiniStar100
MC and PinappleMan's Origin by MC-Laboratories
MC and PinappleMan.EXE 2 by MC-Laboratories
NetOp- MC by MC-Laboratories
Spectra and ReinaEXE by SapphireGemNetwork
Jun Maki , Taiga EXE , Terus EXE and Tegra EXE by JunMakiTH5
Buyter Blue by MateusCarvalho564
Let's go! Taiga! ,Tera! by JunMakiTH5
Net Operator
Lilith, The Purple Devil by MiniStar100
Jun Maki Edit design 2020 by JunMakiTH5
Raiki Ritoga OC in Rockman exe by JunMakiTH5
Daito Maki OC in Rockman exe by JunMakiTH5
REDESIGN Tenshii and Fiore by SapphireGemNetwork
Teiga EXE Ver. Re-design (My Netnavi) (NOT COPY) by JunMakiTH5
Windy.EXE (Megaman BN OC) by MiniStar100
Indie.EXE Beast Out - Sketch by MiniStar100
Battle Chip
Virus Data: Canlid by Higure-san
Virus Data: Octorb by Higure-san
Virus Data: Sabotango by Higure-san
Mixed Slice! Programme Advance! Activate! by RiderRhix
Navi Mark
OC NetNavi Icons by DreamVirusOmega
PineappleMan.EXE  Navi Mark by MC-Laboratories
MegaMan.EXE Navi Mark by Mega-X-stream
Bass.EXE Navi Mark by Mega-X-stream
MC's PET by MC-Laboratories
NetNavi Build by netro32
My PET design by CreshendoCanine
Vacuum Tube Pet unit by Plookustheplok
Cross Fusion
Raiki exe Hyper Cross Fusion by JunMakiTH5
CF RocketMan (Riley and RocketMan) by MiniStar100
CF Indie - Riley and Indie - CrossFusion Unstable by MiniStar100
Indie-Riley CROSSFUSION (reuploaded) by CureShy
Group Picture
Group Photo 1 by SapphireGemNetwork
Riley's confession?? by MiniStar100
Sibling and Family
MMBN OC: Mr. Matsumoto + Digitman.EXE by MrTwinklehead
Happy New Year!

:bulletred: Sorry for the late information, but Higure-san is opening commission. He accepts 2 kinds of commission: Rock Man related artwork and other genre artworks!
Check the journal here :…

:bulletred: Anyone remember our plan for monthly Group ID?… Should we continue it, or not?
What do you think?
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Welcome to EXE-WarriorS-OCs, a group dedicated to Rockman EXE / Megaman NT Warrior fans that have their own OC for the series!!!

If you have Rockman EXE OC,
join us and feel free to submit it!








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I new in club & I really fan of show :D
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Thank to welcome me , oh ok I never knew that :)
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And very sadly, it's dead indeed. There're no people accepting works. :/ 
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I am sorry!
All of the admins kinda away from this site for some times because of RL thing orz
You can try to submit it again, if you still want. I've edit the setting, so your submission will be automatically approved now.
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Finally, more of my people!

(BTW Are collab images accepted or no?)
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