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DOOM by eXcrem

Can´t waiting for Doom4 for its my first fps game from doom 1
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A better title for the piece would have been "Who's the Boss?". Yes, it is a rhetorical question.
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I played this game. This game is epic, but I wish this game had more boss battles.
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Wow, the design with the rocket launcher and 4 eyes from the Cyberdemon look just like that of the one from Doom 4.
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Hell, even the horns look alike.
I can only guess they got inspired by your design.
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lets hope they dont forget to put in the arachnotron in doom4
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Its a pity that the new Doomguy doesn't look like your Doomguy...
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UM wowza this is sick!
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DOOM 1 and 2 are my favorite games
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Awesome work!  Doom 4 will be the main reason to buy a next-gen system in my opinion.
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Fucking Awesomeee :D
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We all love doom :)
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Can't wait for Doom4 either. Sure hope it lives up to the hype.
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LOL @ the deer antlers XD
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Awesome art I'm so excited 4 Doom 4 as well. 
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waiting is what Bethesda wants us to do... even if it will kill any possibility of DooM 4 being a commercial success...
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this is freaking killer, nice work!~
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absolutely wonderful :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
I wonder you attended Quakecon? is that how cyberdemon look like? O.O
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thank you all !! <3
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This is excellent!
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