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Hetalia: France Versus the 2Ps by ExclusivelyHetalia Hetalia: France Versus the 2Ps by ExclusivelyHetalia
..... Well, this is a little dark, now isn't it?

Sorry guys, I couldn't resist. I've been seeing a lot of 2P Hetalia fan art recently and I was like, hey, what's all this about? So I did some digging and there's no set story about it as of now, but it's so cool!!! Basically 2P's are like the opposites of their original countries! Of course, being me, I immediately started doodling and cooked up this little scenario in my head.

I was too lazy to look up references, so I just based the 2P's on what I remembered from my internet browsing sessions.... They're actually supposed to look noticeably different compared to their 1P's (?) but I thought the chance at mistaken identity was just too good to pass up, so they turned out looking pretty similar. Except for 2P England's eyebrows, which are smashingly well groomed.

Oh, and 2P France..... *shakes head* The fifth frame... I have fully prepared myself for all the France/rape face/2P France having aphenphosmphobia comments so bring 'em on, dudes. I know what you're all thinking.... Just let it all out.

I should have spent more time on it for sure... Cleaning it up and such. But patience is a virtue in which I so desperately lack, so here it is!


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July 3, 2012
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