Poke-selfie n Poke-photo Commission

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You can contact me via email exceru.hensggott@gmail.com
but I prefer a note here on DA ;3

Fletchling by CreepyJellyfish  
Poke-selfie examples:

 Poke-selfie #1 by Exceru-Karina Poke-selfie #2 by Exceru-Karina Poke-selfie #3 by Exceru-Karina


Pokeball 15USD$! per Selfie! or take the offer of: 2 selfies for 25USD! 
  Only one pokemon per selfie!

Vivillon-sun by CreepyJellyfishPoke-photo example:

Poke-photo #1 by Exceru-Karina


Pokeball  15 USD$! +10 per pokemon you add (max. 6)


RULES! Togepi by CreepyJellyfish

Pokeball Revamp You only have to send me your Selfie, tell me what pokemon you want and if you have something specific instruction for example "I want the pikachu in my shoulder"

Pokeball Revamp If you are really Shy, don't worry! just tell me "don't share this commission in public, please" (or something like this XD) and I will not upload the drawing, so don't worry for that! 

Pokeball Revamp Just send me a note! and remember, you will pay me before I will start the drawing ~ and soon I will send you the sketch to know if you like it >wo 

PD: The colors of your selfie will be altered
~ Poke-digital magic (?)

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IndigoVulpine's avatar
is this still open??
Exceru-Karina's avatar
Is not, but I can do an exception C:
IndigoVulpine's avatar
ooh! awesome! ^~^ -bidding
HareTrinity's avatar
What a lovely set! :) I've not seen commissions like these before, but it's a great idea and you handle it beautifully!
Exceru-Karina's avatar
thank you soo much! <3 
Leaficun3's avatar
Hmm, I'm thinking about getting one, what paying methods do you take? Like for example, PayPal, MasterCard, etc. I'm asking because a lot of artists only take PayPal and I don't have a PayPal account, I only have a debit MasterCard ;-;
Exceru-Karina's avatar
yeah sorry, only paypal ;v; 
Poi-Frontier's avatar
I would like on too! ^^ (you think I can put it in my profile?)
Poi-Frontier's avatar
Yay!..... Might commission tomorrow. ^^ (I have work today) 
Exceru-Karina's avatar
oki doki loki >wo!!! 
Wild-Snapdragon's avatar
I would like 4 please! (I'm ok with you sharing mine, but the other three are for friends)
Exceru-Karina's avatar
omg sure! send me a note with the info and selfies please! <3 
Wild-Snapdragon's avatar
Okay! I just need to take the pictures first! I'll send the money now though of that's okay with you. :D
Exceru-Karina's avatar
oki doki loki! I will send you a note with my paypal adress C: 
RieCrow's avatar
Am I too late to be fifth?:(
Exceru-Karina's avatar
awwwn, ok I will do a exception with you nwn <3 send me a note >wo 
Fallen-Ace's avatar
Ahhhhhhh! Can I get one? ;;w;;
Exceru-Karina's avatar
sure! just send me a note >wo <3 
Patty-Chickens's avatar
I wish i could afford
Look super amazing!
Aqua-Tem's avatar
Still can't afford >w<

But I like what you're doing and I hope the people who got their commissions enjoyed~
Phaedrolous's avatar
Exceru-Karina's avatar
"United States dollar" x'D 
Phaedrolous's avatar
Nevermind, then.  I've had issues using cash payments for anything on this site, enough to commit solely to Points.
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