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.:Twilight Princess:. Sticker!

Edit: Sticker without background!

Sticker available here! =…

More stickers =…

Omg I looove midna *v* and I loved to do a drawing of Twilight with Midna's design

If you don't know her, Midna is an -awesome- character of "The legend of Zelda: Twilgiht Princess" 
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por nada senpai nwn
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I love Midna, I love Twilight Sparkle and i loveeeee this draw :D
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princess Twilight Midna :3
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This is great! Keep up the good work
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thank you so much *u* !!!!
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Welcome! Keep doing this stuff
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I love Twilight Princess, and having ponies in it makes it all the better. Now, all it needs is the ponified Link from Flutter Brutter, and it would have been perfect.
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omg I love this Link <3 Soon I will draw him again *v* 
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Nice work with the Crossover picture of MLP and LoZ. I gotta get around playing LoZ: TP someday, but probably HD version would be ok enough for me. You should try making one without the fused shadow (aka Twili Midna) and holding the Mirror of Twilight
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She's so cute I'm gonna die!

Midna + MLP = Best Combo EVER!
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So how does one horse, that should be ridden, ride wolf link?
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hhahah in a really funny way xD!
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