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Yo dis Breezy!

I am an illustrator living in Northwest Arkansas and the creator of the webcomic Snakes and Ladders!

Back on DeviantART after a long diversion with tumblr ready to promote my comic and network with other artists. If you like what you see, feel free to check out my tumblr and patreon, or just drop me a note here! I thirst for your feedback.

Favourite Movies
Attack the Block, Fury Road, Atlantis, Pacific Rim
Favourite TV Shows
X Files, Sleepy Hollow, Empire, Futurama
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Glitch Mob, Janelle Monae, Celldweller, Nicki Minaj, Shiny Toy Guns
Favourite Books
Saga, Transmetropolitan, Neuromancer, Animorphs
Favourite Games
Tools of the Trade
My massive, planet-sized (Jupiter) brain
Other Interests
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So I lost my damn mind for, let's just say, a grip. Love how dA tryna look like ArtStation now lmao I still got a few followers on this page so I'ma try to harness it. If you're interested in my art you can follow me on twitter: sfw: https://twitter.com/xellterrestrial nsfw: https://twitter.com/ne0ncryptid I will be using this page for experimental aesthetic/anime stuff, and potentially to test the waters for things like print sales etc Stay beautiful, stay safe
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Ugh the process of submitting art on here is so annoying but I GOTTA get up in here with this new shit. How much is the core membership package where the art just posts immediately from photoshop and with the best tags and everything
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God I want to take all this Homestuck art out of my gallery. It's not that I'm anti-homestuck or anything, I just don't draw it anymore and hate that it shows up in the "more from this artist" section of my new stuff instead of my new stuff. I wish there was a way to choose what that section featured, maybe exclude certain folders or whatever. My Homestuck art still gets views and favs but it's really not what I want to showcase/feature anymore. I like having old stuff in my gallery but I wish it would just stay quietly in the background :/
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Hey there. I saw your posts on a forum thread about someone not paying for commissions and I gotta say I love how you defend artists and their work. I think it is always so important for people to realize/understand that you aren't only paying for the end result, but the entire time it takes to get there. Even just the initial 'hello so you have a commission idea?" should be considered, because at that point you are doing customer service. The person you were arguing with used lawyers as an example of those who do free work, but I disagree with them. They sounded like they were trying to say the lawyer will work for free to a certain point, but it is really not much different than if an artist does an art consultation: This is what I can do, this is an idea of how long it will take, the resources I will use, and the quality. They may talk about other things, like specifics on color usage or character design etc. It's the same as when the lawyer says stuff like "Well this law states xyz" or gives very basic stuff you could easily research. I know because i've gotten a 'free consultation' on a few occasions, and it was always the bare bones of 'well you could maybe do this, but I can't say anymore without being paid' type stuff lmao. 
grato pelo fav
Hi there! I heard you mention you have a tutorial on dreadlocks. Could you direct me to that? Thanks!
I, fricking, love, your art style and head-cannons for what the Homestuck characters look like!! Seeing them is like a breath of fresh air compared to the usual head-cannon art people make.
i suddenly have a lot of free time and i went through all eighty pages of homestuck on your tumblr (forgive me)

Your art is incredible. :) All of it.
'Scuse me, could I possibly ask how you do the thing where your art is flawless 
CONGRATULATIONS! :D We have picked your artwork titled " AVATAR OTP" as our FEATURED ART OF THE WEEK.

:clap: :winner: :w00t: