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We're all dorks here.
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No need to thank me for the faves.~

How did you find me? (I'm trying to figure out how to better market myself.) 

3 deviants said DA search
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Duo Ambrosia Groff
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

About Me

Professional Stuff

Commission Status: on backlog; Not accepting new commissions until I complete my current ones. Ask about art trades. I don't do requests. Gifts are for friends only.

Full handle is Shinigami of Excellence. Formerly Violet-the-Siberian and The-Violet-Shinitato

REPOST POLICY (Do not repost my work without permission.):…


Pixel Poyomon by Burgueblues Tokomon by Thunderbirmon Lucemon by DigimonGif

WOLF hunch by TevrosDuoAmbrose BAT by 8-BitSpider

Duo Ambrosia Grace Groff | He/They | Digimon and Gundam Wing | RPer, Artist, Kinkster, Kin

Transgender Flag by SomeStraightArtist Demisexual Flag by SomeStraightArtist F2U - Gemini Pixel by Rockzillahh F2U - Libra Pixel by Rockzillahh PIG by 8-BitSpider [F2U] Heckm/Owl by AElOU INFP-T Pixel by BlackForestCupcake Slytherin Crest by CottonCandy-pixels

Trans-Masculine Non-Binary | Demi-Sexual/Romantic | Gemini Sun | Libra Moon | Pig | Hawthorn | INFP-T | Slytherin | Snake and Dog Patronus

Kin positive. Kink Positive. Furry Positive. Problematic Fiction Positive.

Do no harm and take no shit. Consent and ability to give it is key, even with extreme/"pretend danger" kink. You have the right to free speech, and so does everyone else. Say what you want, but be willing to accept the consequences. No strong political stance; I will admit to ignorance of how most things work; but I lean toward Liberal. I don't follow any organized religion and am mostly a nihilist, not that I want to be. I do, however, sometimes pay homage to the Abrahamic God, Fenrir, Lilith, Scylla, and Sophia, and do still keep with many of the Christian traditions I was raised with.

I am mentally ill, and my wellness varies day to day. So my activity will likely be rather inconsistent.

I love RPing. Chances are, if a character is in my kin/synpath list, I RP them. I also RP most of my OCs and other fave characters. Feel free to hit me up if you wanna play. I will not RP kink or anything sexual with muns (the person behind the character) under 18.

I am otherkin, and am fine with people identifying as kin with my OCs. I am largely Psychological kin, but do have some spirituality to my beliefs. I'm fine with doubles and pretty much anyone or anything. If you're from my canon, or if you just like a character I'm kin with and wanna talk to me, feel free to message me, especially fellow Gundam Wing kin. My antagonist kin are all apologetic and seek reconciliation with anyone who is willing to talk to them.

Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)
Violet Parr (The Incredibles)
Black Shuck (cryptid; canid creature of death)
Ambrosia (unidentified black-haired male; have designed an OC around this kintype)
Lucemon (Digimon)
Treize Khushrenada (Gundam Wing)
Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle; off-canon)
Beelzemon (Digimon, non-canon; may be related to/ same entity as shuck)

Headmates -
Obelious (unidentified white-haired male; have designed an OC around this headmate)

Synpaths -
Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)
Damien Bloodmarch (Dream Daddy)
Adrien Tepes (Castlevania)

Suspected Kintypes (note many of these are a matter of "there are several similar characters this one kin could be and I dont know which one it is.") -
Kuroh Yatogami (K Project) (possible identity of Ambrosia)
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) (possible identity of Obelious)
Lie Ren (RWBY) (possibly identity of Ambrosia)
unidentified elite (most likely platina or blondie) (Ai no Kusabi) (possible identity of Obelious)
Maximillion Pegasus (YuGiOh) (possible identity of Obelious)

You don't have to agree... by Excellency-Shinigami

:bulletblack: I am a smol confused nerd. Feel free to approach me.

:bulletblue: I love Gundam Wing and Digimon very much, among other things.

:bulletpurple: I usually take forever to reply to comments. Forgive me.

:bulletpink: I try my best to be considerate and polite, even though I may sometimes come across as disinterested since I don't always emote well. However, if I ever say or do anything outright rude or inconsiderate or bigoted, please call me out on it. If this happens, I likely was ignorant to how it could be hurtful, and I do not wish to continue the behavior. So please let me know and I'll do my best to change it. Also, if a piece of mine ever needs a warning label and doesn't have one, let me know about that as well, and I will remedy the issue.

:bulletred: Seriously, I know you appreciate it! No need to thank me for faves.

:bulletwhite: My mental health fluctuates frequently. I'm sorry if I ever sound dull or bored. It's likely because I am low on spoons and don't have the energy to express emotion that well.

Also, if you don't like something that I like, that's fine. I respect other opinions. And I am always open to constructive criticism. But if you're just here to comment and say you don't like one of my fandoms or that you disagree with one of my headcanons, please just move on.

Me On Other Sites

Pixar Planet (my art thread):
Violet Parr…
Violet Parr Minefield Dancer…
Shinigami of Excellence…

Shinigami of Excellence…

Shinigami of Excellence…

Shinigami-of-Excellence (art blog)
little-mister-disappear (personal)
sapphires-little-cave (little and headspace blog)
outofworkshinigami (Gundam Wing and role play)
the-darkest-sun (Lucemon RP blog)
Many, many other sideblogs, all of which are linked from Shinigami-of-Excellence
All of them are NSFW and potentially triggering, just a warning.




Fur Affinity

I have a Duo, Treize, and Quatre over there. Ask if you'd like a link for kinks. (Cannot link because NSFW.)

Other Accounts

:iconvisessentia::iconchub-grub-nubs::iconlord-mendax: I don't use any of these and will probably delete most of them.

My Groups

:iconall-star-role-play::iconminefielddancer::iconvioletxtony: Planning on giving ASRP and VxT to someone else. If you're interested, let me know.


:blackrose::rose: ~My Darling Onions :heart: ~ :rose::blackrose:

:iconvernus-destro: - Boyfriend, feeder
:iconearthnix: - Caregiver, best friend
:iconars-daemonum: - Trash Buddy
:iconthatlaughingstar: - Art Goals™
:iconellnicholas: - Fellow Nerd
:iconiminconspicuous: - Pixar Bro
:iconincredimutt: - 20% Cooler
:iconstarswordsman: - The OG Incredibles Hoe


Mumford and Sons Stamp by RandomTons Bastille: All This Bad Blood Stamp by EnigmaticBibliophile Imagine Dragons Fan Stamp by lantry1 fall out boy stamp by queennanami Owl City Stamp by Muttie Evanescence by Animal-Angels Celldweller stamp by capitaljay PLACEBO by Diabolo-Spinner DAGames Fan - Stamp by AngelOfTheWisp Black Veil Brides Logo Stamp by idrilcarnesir 30 Seconds To Mars Stamp by Capsicles Chibi Caleb Hyles Stamp by Serverdown2671 Broken iris stamp by AkD-Productions Rishloo stamp by WeevilWitch Genesis Stamp by GrapefruitFace1

Favorite Characters
Tokomon stamp by pillbunnies +Lucemon Chaos Mode Stamp+ by Blackgatomon Duo Maxwell Stamp by depp Treize Khushrenada Stamp by SweetyTeety Violet Parr Stamp by Innerd DD Damien Stamp [ F2U ] by flapjack-stamps HMC Howl by firelight Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamps_Lilithmon by EmeraldSora Beelzemon Digmon Stamp by Captain-Chompers SNK - Levi Stamp by Nobl3kat Raven Stamp by Hiddencrying Marvel Comics X-23 Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Marvel Comics Nightcrawler Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Milliardo: Helmet Off Stamp by SweetyTeety Sephiroth by ovstamps Pegaus Fan Stamp by TheAmazingMorph Tempest Shadow Stamp by TheMoonRaven Luna -New Version- Stamp by jewlecho Stamp: Adrian Tepes by Gypsy-Rae Kuroh Yatogami Stamp by Baka-No-Rhonnie Henry Stamp by Excellency-Shinigami

Digimon stamp by Wucko Gundam Wing by Stampernaut Stamp - I love Pixar by CelebrenIthil Friendship IS Magic by Mistralla Hetalia by UsagiGami Teen Titans Fan Stamp by JRWenzel The Incredibles Stamp by futureprodigy24 Ai no Kusabi by the-sorcress

6x2 Stamp by Excellency-Shinigami Gundam Wing - Trowa and Quatre by phoenixtsukino

Other pairings-
Gundam Wing:
6x2 (Zechs and Duo)
4x3 (Quatre and Trowa, yes in that order)
13x6 (Treize and Zechs)
2x5 (Duo and Wufei)
4x3+2 (Quatre and Trowa, with Duo tagging along)(Cause Duo makes the best third wheel ever, is very good friends with Quatre, and mine has a slight crush on Trowa)
13x6x2x5 (household with Treize on top, Zechs under him, Duo under Zechs, and Wufei under Duo)(because poly households appeal to me lately and this allows for all my faves to exist in the same space)

LucemonxBeelzemon (mostly a guilty pleasure ship, I don't actively ship them in canon)
AgnimonxLucemon (Crackiest crack ship I've ever cracked. Just let me fantasize.)

Teen Titans:
Beast Boy and Terra

The Incredibles:
Viony (Violet and Tony)

Gerita (Germany and Italy)

Ai no Kusabi:


Blue Little | Stamp by PuniPlush Stuffing Stamp by Excellency-Shinigami Whump Stamp by Excellency-Shinigami BDSM stamp by kenny-devilone

Favorite Dog Breeds

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So, I recently have been made aware of something that made me very aware of what a fool I've been for the years I've had this DA.

I post my art here full-size for a reason. I do not currently have a store. And I like people being able to access my works full-sized. If an individual wants to print out something of mine to print as a poster or something, I want them to be able to do that. I like my work being shared, so long as credit is given. It's why my repost policy is so lax (ask and credit).

However, I was recently made aware of DeviantART's clause that makes it COMPLETELY OKAY for them to sell your art to people to distribute for NO ROYALTIES. This, I am not okay with. If individuals want access to my work, that's fine. But I do not want corporations profiting off my work without even giving me credit.

So from here on out, I will be posting tiny, custom-watermarked versions of all my art. I will be updating high-quality pieces for this, as well. That being said, I still want all of you to have access to my work. So I will be uploading the high quality versions to a Google Drive or similar file sharing site. I will no longer be relying on DA as a full-size host site.

First Tumblr takes shit and now this. I honestly don't know how to handle this anymore.


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