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Whoa... yeah I still exist here ... kind of!
I've been tagged by :icontigryph: to post 8 facts about.. dun dun dun... Mihn!
The Bard again by Exarrdian


  1. Post these rules.
  2. Post 8 facts about your character.
  3. Tag 8 other characters.
  4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

    1. Mihn is idealistic and goes to great extends to be supportive. Not because he is ignorant or lives in a fantasy, no, it's because he trusts a broken spirit weights more than a broken body. Sometimes he'd cheer others even when he knows the cause is lost. He is likely the last one to give up.

    2. Yes it's Mihn, not Minh. When I created him I intentionally misspelled the name just to look different even if it's pronounced the same way. Whenever a new character is about to pop in my head they tend to stay in my head for a few days until I randomly encounter a name fitting for them. With Mihn, I only knew the first letter is M but that was about it. I was considering Mirai but it sounded too rough for someone gentle and kind like him. I was reading into FF2 at the time and saw the name Minwu, I liked how soft it sounded. So, it became Mihn! 

    3. He is asexual in case you shipped him. In his story he is a nightingale turned human and as such he has very child-like mannerism. He is friendly and easy to warm up to about anyone which likely can give mixed signals! Unfortunately if he had to pick a partner it would be when he is back to his original bird self and it would his bird companion - Pei Pei.

    4. Rice cakes, he loves those. He is not a picky eater but boy, he knows how to enjoy rice cakes. Peach tea is another favorite. He enjoys simple food, nothing spicey. He rather avoids eating meat.

    5. Easy to read, what is this concealed emotions you speak of? He is angry at you? It's spelled on his face. He wants to cheer you on? He will smile as if he is your biggest fan. You feel down? He will play you a song! You upset him? He will cast a look of betrayal as if you ate his candy, or worse. Rare are the times he feels truly agitated and when he feels he is giving in to negativity, he runs away as not to bother others. He shouts, he stops, he cries (a lot) but that's when he is only with himself. He is also short. Like... very short. 155-160cm? Poor short stack.

    6. Bells and feathers! He is guilty of this. He simply loves the jingle of bells. You can see him doing child-like giggles whenever he hears such. Feathers, necklaces, bracelets, anything shiny he adores and would attach to his attire. That's why you may see earrings attached to his sash or necklace tied on his wrist. He finds odd places for these! He also collects gems, glass beads, anything glossy despite it's high or low value.

    7. He can't sleep in rooms. That's one way to get unhappy innkeepers. This poor bard simply can't sleep in closed places. The best he can do is sleep draped over the window frame. Otherwise he would rather sleep on roof tops, tree tops, hill tops etc. 

    8. But can he sing/play muscis? Yes, he can, I mean he is a bard for a reason and and he plays his axe guitar lute very very well. But as he plays gentle songs to soothe the soul, just like that he enjoys heavy metal. You heard that right. He is the kinda guy to play such music if it means to stir the spirits of the warriors and ensure a victory. In fact one of his war songs in my head is Rebellion by Gravediggers. An odd mix but as I said, he is a character of raw emotions. When the war calls, a war song is played and a bloody axe guitar is swung. 


Less and less activity here.

Sat Mar 28, 2015, 1:08 AM
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Hello to all who watch me and still check this place! ^_^;
As you've noticed I've been less and less active here, ahem, likely posting new art once in 3-5 months if not less. I'm so sorry for all new watchers I get. If you have tumblr or instagram, please follow me there instead.

  • tumblrif you have art blog I will gladly follow back!
  • instagramlikewise! If you are using it for art, I will gladly follow back and keep in touch!
  • facebook  I mostly post what I've already posted on instagram or tumblr but it's easier to reply and keep conversations going!

As you can see I've been doing traditional art much more over the past month which I've been pretty happy with! :D
I work digitally at work so after 8 hours of drawing on a tablet I really don't feel like drawing more at home. I'm way more comfortable with a regular sketch book. I finally sit down and just draw whatever I find relaxing. I'm aware I'm likely loosing people's interest. I know majority of people, especially here, expect digital artworks from me. For the longest time I was even ashamed to check DA because I knew I had nothing new to show. ^^;

I tried uploading my traditional works but the amount of attention they got was abysmal compared to my digital works. I know they can hardly compare but it is discouraging. I've had drawn traditional works in the past which got over 150 faves and now getting above 30 in a month is a miracle. It feels with DA's changes I have no place here anymore and I don't feel comfortable shoving my works in 50 different groups just so I get +5 more faves. I feel like I'm trying to market some goods on a crowded bazaar. XD;;
Most of the people I used to follow closely have moved to tumblr and they either deactivated their DA accounts or stopped updating them.

I won't be deleting my gallery or deactivating the account tho! I still check the place. I still try to reply to comments around or participate in gift exchanges, especially around Christmas and Valentine's day ... but don't expect much activity besides that. :(

If by some chance I get sudden urge to draw digitally and make something DA worthy, I will post it here.
Thank you for your support!

2014 was something alright!

Fri Dec 26, 2014, 4:17 AM
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Updated some buttons up there! You guys can follow me on tumblr if you are curious about any rough sketches or works. I post mostly my traditional works there.

Instagram is shots of my traditional works which my scanner decides to ruin, ahem. I need to buy a new one.

FanFyria as most of you know is my ongoing web comic. FanFyria 1 was finished this year and in September I started FanFyria 2. On Fridays are updated short comics which I did two years ago for Malta's Comicon Pilot Anthology comic book.

And lastly my portfolio page which I need to update more properly some of these days. ^_^;;;;

Anyhow! Without further adieu, LONG PERSONAL JOURNAL ENTRY INCOMING!

It's that time of the year again! Time to look back, see how the year was like, share the ups and downs. ^_^

:bulletred:The Good:bulletred:
I started a full time job!
Oh, my god... a dream job! I work as graphic designer in mobile games company! :faint:
It's great! The work experience is great, working with the team is great, being challenged is great, everything is great! *knocks on wood!* Even better; the company is expanding and branching out a lot next year and going towards directions I'd love to be part of. Currently they are undertaking a great and challenging creative project and I was placed as art director and gameplay developer more or less...and oh boy... it's so intimidating yet exciting! Like ...I'm actually doing what I dreamed to do as a kid. Sure, it's not like I work for the big shots in the game industry but this is a huge mile stone for me, one I honestly never thought I'd reach and the experience I gain is great.
In fact I'm so happy and thankful for this job that I'm afraid to get too happy else something bad will happen. (but I will talk about it later!)

So... let me tell you something cause my road till now was not easy but it was worth it. I don't know for how long I will have this job, I hope for many years ahead but was worth it. So, Love your art, love your work, chase your dreams and never doubt yourself. Through my years as freelancer I kept thinking I'm not good enough. I still don't think I'm good enough. Honestly, I think my anatomy is always off, I feel like I can't shade well, I feel like there are a lot of things I struggle with while drawing. I feel like my designs are average, I feel like my backgrounds lack ...everything. I look at some of my art idols around and feel depressed. ^__^;;;
But when I started at my work place... I felt I was good enough. Good enough for what I was paid to do anyway. This in no way will stop me from trying to improve but, just saying, yes I too have artistic insecurities moments. Don't be like me. Practice, value your art, love your work, you -are- good enough!

Finished FanFyria I!
This felt surreal! I finished it! This story I started in like 2010? Wow...what a journey! XD; 
It had a lot of hiccups, a of hiatuses due to reasons but eventually it ended. I started FanFyria II this September and I love how it's turning out so far. I feel really at home while drawing it. Yeah, backgrounds are still a chore but for the most part I'm finding drawing traditional comics really my kinda thing. I hope it stays this way.

Suikoden 2 is on PSN!
A huge success for the Suikoden Revival Movement and us Suikoden fans. We fought for this and finally happened! Now our hope for Suikoden VI is not that far away! XD 
I'm proud to say I was part of this! *rises fist* Much love to my suikoden buds!
If you haven't played Suikoden 2 and don't want to pay 200+ $ for a copy on ebay (yes it's that good and that expensive), you can get it for 10$ at PSN. Grab it, play it, now!

:bulletred:The Bad:bulletred:
I don't have time for personal art!
Argh, I draw digitally every day at work so once I return home I rather relax with sketching or doodling or just watch a movie and crash. It is more healthy for me but at the same time I feel like I disappoint my watchers. With how DA changed, I don't think my traditional works will be welcomed much here anymore. >_>;;
I post most of them on tumblr or instagram if you're interested.

:bulletred:The Ugly:bulletred:
You can't have such up without a major down.
In late November my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer. It's first stage and she got a surgery right away. Chemo to be started next year but...oh my god, it hit like a train out of nowhere. It's the major reason I didn't do much in December. It was just this shock and trying to let this sink in. We'll fight, we'll give all we can to fight it off. If you can spare a good thought, prayer or a wish, thank you! 

:bulletred:2015 Wishlist!
1. Health for my mother, to successfully beat cancer and be happy and healthy again.
2. Actually edit and publish FanFyria 1... T_T; editing takes forever.
3. Get more fit. I feel so chubby lately. >_>;
4. Continue an RPG project. Come on, every RPG lover needs one day to make their own RPG! It's mandatory dream!
5. Less tears, more smiles!

Thank you for watching my works, reading this journal, being you! I hope 2015 is great year for us all!
Have a hug :hug:
And a cookie! :cookie:

I don't like where DA is going.

Fri Dec 5, 2014, 10:16 AM
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Incoming thoughts on DA and my journey here. Don't feel obligated to read or reply!

I've been here for ....holy crap, 10 years!? Time sure flies. I've seen many of DA's changes and honestly, I liked a lot of them. The latest ones however make me see this site differently now. Once it was a cozy place for me. I was posting any art - good, bad, anything. I was happy to get watchers, regular commenting folks which I'd watch back and comment back to their works. It was this mutual encouragement that was making me feel really at home here. When I came here I saw various Daily Deviations which by current standards likely won't even get accepted in some of the more elitists group. But those gave me hope that one day I may get a DD too! It was just something I aspired to do so I kept pushing myself yet not go too far off from what I loved drawing. At times I felt I have no chance - I'm not drawing popular characters or artistic chicks or anything extremely thought provokative. I was and still am just drawing my characters and illustrating my stories. That will never change for me. Eventually I got a DD. Happiest day on my DA journey! Furthermore, I kept seeing friends I watched get DDs and it made me really happy. It felt like you didn't have to be godly to get a DD and that in no way did or should cheapen the DD award. These artists struggle to get noticed and getting a DD was like, suddenly people see you. Suddenly you get all the eyes on you for one day - your day.
So... through those years DA felt like place for the artists. Lately? Not so much.

With the recent changes it feels like DA tries to shove the popular artists' works down your throat with every chance given. I'm honestly sick of it. I know these artists, everyone knows these artists. I don't in any way hate them, no I do admire and follow some of them. They are awesome artists with thousands of watchers. Everyone new on DA will find them within 3 days the most. Stop shoving them down our throat, Jesus Christ almighty.... there are other artists here who could use shoulder. The new layout was made in a way to just focus the popularity on the popular folks. The lesser known artists became even lesser known. The way DDs are displayed makes just eight stand out on the today's page and the rest well tough luck for them. How is that fair?
Now spotlight on collections? Cause we didn't get enough of the popular fishes' works. Again, I'm not hating them. I simply find it unfair. They already have the spotlight, they have the attention, the watchers, the page previews. Why is DA not trying to motivate the lesser known cut? Those who are learning, who currently struggle to improve, those who look at the big shots and aspire to be like them and could use a little nudge.
Everyone complained from the change and of course nothing was done.
Somewhat that was expected.

Today I check DA only to see a green...splash, or a cactus, or a chromosome, or crossed Z...or something ... on the browser tab. I double take to make sure - yes it's the new logo. Majority of people hate it but nothing will be done. These changes are so brashly made with no asking what the community thinks or wants really discourages me. The places feels alien and cold now. I don't post as much as I used to and I often think; unless I post some polished digi work, I will disappoint my watchers. Then I suddenly realize my watchers mostly quit DA for the same reasons I feel this place is not what it used to be.

I'm typing this cause I have such mixed feelings about the site and well, that's what journals are for. No, I'm not quitting even if I so seldom post. Is it just me? Do you feel the place had changed over the years? :(

Scanner Woes!

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 1:33 AM
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Argh! I'm getting so frustrated with my scanner! 
I'm using Canon LiDE 110 and it does great work for black and white works but when color is involved... oh boy. My pinks turn into some kind of washed dull magenta, my blue turns into some kind of neon bright blue and skin color instantly becomes some kind of single shade pink. The contrast is always so high and my shading is hardly visible...
I mean compare this
to this
Matter of Time
and this went under so much color adjustments just to make it a little bit closer to the original. =_=;

I've tried adjusting everything in this scanner, everything! Color channels, preferences, went through every corner of it. Unless there is some kinda hidden magical calibration option I'm not aware of... I think I'm lost. >_>; I use Photoshop to import my scanner. I've always used that with my old one too. The old one was pretty good but alas it was starting to give blurry spots and edges of the scans were turning yellow.

So... fellow artists who use scanners, any tips? Any help? Is it the scanner (whelp, it was fairly cheap, I admit!) or I'm doing something wrong here? Any brand you can recommend me which scans colorful works well? Or I just stick to taking photos of my works? :?

I want to return to traditional works more but whenever I do something I'm remotely happy with, my scanner chews the quality and I don't want to show it anywhere. :cry: 

I've been tagged!

Wed Sep 24, 2014, 10:04 AM
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Tagged by: :iconknightlycoris: !

- Comment below with the name of one of my characters and I'll fill out their answers for the listed questions.
- Feel free to do this yourself
- Tag 3 peeps to do it as well or optional if you dun wanna tag anyone.

Tag just 3 people? Hell no!
*brings out the tag machine gun!*
:icondazzlingend: TAG!
:iconhedrick-cs: TAG!
:iconsanguinespectre: TAG!
:icontigryph: TAG!
:iconfabiring: TAG!
:iconl2awrling: TAG!
:iconniiro: TAG! Sorry, Karn! Now you have to do the thing!
:iconpsyalera: TAG!
Aha ha ha haaaa! 

Listing characters, let's see...!
Exarrdian (FanFyria)
Maruth (AuroraRO)
Octavian Goldwing (AuroraRO)
Ysellion Fendrel (AuroraRO) I just realized I don't have good pic of him on DA... TT
Maraveah (AuroraRO)
Edith (AuroraRO)
Mihn (Hanran)
Stade (Over Blue Horizons) He is the smug pirate if you wonder!
Mint (Over Blue Horizons) She is the pink haired one if you wonder!

Questions: (please only 3 questions per character! You can ask more later if you really want. ^^)

1: Likes?
2: Dislikes?
3: Fav color?
4: Fav animal?
5: Deadly Sin?
6: Blood Type?
7: Fav place?
8: Significant other or crush?
9: Fav food?
10: Dream location to live?
11: Pets or pets they wish for?
12: Weapon of choice?
13: Phobias?
14: Bad, Weird, Funny habits?
15: Turn ons?
16: Turn offs?
17: Best school subject?
18: Fav item?
19: Wants kids?
20: Closest Friends?
21: Childhood Dream Job?
22: First Kiss?
23: Sexual Orientation?
24: Secret kink?
25: Happiest when?
26: Short and long term goals right now?
27: Role in a movie?
28: Sexual Fantasy?
29: Fav Music genre?
30: Talents?
31: 3 wishes. Go!
32: Setting for their wedding?
33: Best way to spend vacation?
34: The perfect evening?
35: If they could undo one thing in their life?
36: One thing they would like to change about themselves if they could?
37: Daily activities?
38: Got any jewelry?
39: Most common sleeping position and bed arrangement. Lots of plushies or just one pillow etc.?
40: Their hopes for their future?

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Hello you all wonderful people! It's been a while, hasn't it? ^_^; Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes! I didn't think I will get any from here given how "active" I've been but it was a very pleasant surprise!
I keep saying how sorry I am for being unable to keep up with DA but since I became more or less inactive on my RP server, I think it's about time I return and become active here again. Truth is, I rarely find time to draw digitally anymore. After work I really rather draw on paper instead of stare at the screen and fiddle with the tablet. The problem is, I don't feel confident in my traditional works. I feel like they aren't good enough to be posted here and that will disappoint my watchers. ^^; Yet, well... I seem to be posting once in a blue moon so may as well post things even if I they aren't on same level of quality as my digital works, maybe?  ^_^;;

I'm getting a new home, which is still totally being in process of editing, at:


As second one being where FanFyria 2 will be posted from now on starting today! So whoever from here was following it, update your bookmarks! ^_^

And, no one tagged me (yet!) but I really want to do this so!

Comment and I will:

1- Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page.
2- Tell you a color you remind me of.
3- Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4- Tell you which one of your OC's is my favorite.
5- Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6- Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7- Give you a nickname.
8- Tell you the object that is to the left of me. 
9- Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10- Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already


What are your villains up to?

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 3:01 PM
Hello ya all! I'm quite alive! Dry on ideas of what to draw which sucks but I'm alive. XD;
I've been mostly drawing traditionally lately but then found out my scanner just doesn't see the colors the same way I do, ahem! I'm little stumbled what to do... maybe just take photos and photoshop it to something worth being on DA? >_>;;

Anyhow! How are your OC villains doing? Any take over the world plans? Hm hmm? Will they be willing to give an interview again? ^_^-

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Thu May 8, 2014, 4:12 AM
Tagged by the sweety :icondazzlingend: !

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people, and put their icons on your journal.
5. Inform the person they were tagged or use mentions
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read this".
7. You have to tag 10 people. (But if you don't want to, I never make anyone do this part.)

1. You can only watch one TV show or anime for the rest of your life. Which do you pick?
Uhh *thinks* not much of a shows or anime person. Probably some kinda documentary type show.

2. What is your ideal date-night scenario?
Walk through the city in summer. I love the city lights and night life around. Maybe a lovely dinner out and star gazing. I'm cheesy romantic bean. :"<

3. What is one quality or feature you'd like to change about yourself?
My mind is constantly on overdrive. I feel like it flies in hundred directions and most often in the bad scenario routes. I really wish I could slow it down at times. It overwhelms me pretty quickly and I have almost constant headaches. 

4. Your house is on fire. You can only save one object from the house (people/pets are safe). What do you save?
My laptop. XD; Easy one. Pick and run! But I'm multitasker, I will likely pocket a figurine or something small and hand made by me.

5. Have you ever started a rumor about someone? If not, have you ever participated in spreading a rumor?
I'd say "no" unless a true rumor counts for rumor. I knew a person in a way not many knew and when asked about it I was more than happy to share the truth to anyone interested. I wasn't biased. I had proofs. >>

6. How often do you draw?
Every day! I feel anxious if I don't. It's relaxing to me. XD;

7. You are stranded on an island, you can bring four people with you. Who do you bring?
Four hot men to serve me drinks and fan me while I sunbath. *insert sassy hair flip* u_u/

8. What's your favourite book series?
Not a reader. *ashamed!* But I did read some of the Harry Potter books back in high school and they were pretty interesting to me!

9. If you were limited to one food for the rest of your life, what would you pick?
Does pizza count? XD;;

10. What's your favourite piece of art you've ever drawn? (Link or a dA thumb!)
*thinks*... I'd go with this one.
It is inevitable by Exarrdian

Questions for Others
 What do you think needs improving in your art/or writing if you write?
2. How do you motivate yourself when you hit the lows?
3. Do you have a motto you've made yourself?
4. What's your current life goal? (big or small, could be just cooking a meal!)
5. Do you have an artwork which you know it has flaws but you still adore it very much? If so share it!
6. What's your guilty pleasure? Admit it! You have such! Everyone has such. :ninja:
7. Favorite part of the day/night?
8. Name something popular which you are actually sick of hearing/seeing!
9. Obligatory, pick-your-super-powers question! What's yours?
10. And lastly...! What'd be your role in a fairy tale? Dashing hero? Misunderstood villain? Or?

:icontigryph: :iconn0hav0cyet: :iconpurplefire40: :iconhedrick-cs: :iconknightlycoris: :iconpoki-art: :iconsequentialnerd:
You don't have to do this if you're busy! Also if I didn't tag anyone but they want to do it, go ahead! ^^

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I'm alive!

Tue Apr 29, 2014, 7:54 AM
Oh, jeez... I haven't updated here for so long. I really have no fancy digi work to show buuut I'm having a week vacation coming soon so that should give me some time to finally draw something personal. XD

My comic is doing well but sometimes I really don't have time in the weekends to do two pages like planned. Especially when I have to devote some time to my family and friends. Expecting to paint next week which will hopefully refresh the apartment and hopefully not give me any back pain. XD;

Work is doing great. My company released one of the more serious games recently and doing a little competition for who can draw most downloads. We got unique URLs so if you want to help me win a day off work and check the game here's my unique url!
I didn't work on this game, mind you! I only did the download icon. ^_^;; Thanks for checking it out if you do!
A game I mostly did the graphics for will be coming in June. I will post about it for sure. I had sooo much fun working on it!

And that's about all from me. Life is busy, my comic will end in maybe 5-6 more pages and then editing and printing. I've been doing more traditional art lately but still too shy to upload any. ^_^;;
I hope you all are doing well! Drop me a message here and tell me what's up with you all!

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I started full time job!
Oh boy... my free time is gone. GONE! But on the bright side now I work as graphic designer for a company focusing on mobile games. ^_^;
It feels different being in the branch and hopefully I will stay there for a while and get much needed experience. On the plus side, no longer I need to juggle 10 tasks, commissions, projects and such. It may sound odd but it's been pretty healing to me. I can focus on my web comic and relax with watercolors and not worry about clients, deadlines and so on during weekends.

With that said, I need to close for commissions cause I really don't have the physical option to do them anymore. The ones waiting, I'm so, so sorry for making you wait so long and thank you the patience. I will do my best to finish them before the end of the month. T_T; If I can't, I will let you know. The only time I can work on them is the weekends and that time is usually eaten with doing pages for my web comic.

I'm sorry for being slow with replying to comments and generally being less around than I used to be. q_q; Hugs to all...and hope you all are doing well!

Other things going on.
What else, what else... I've been following Twitch Plays Pokemon and the 2nd Gen is pretty boring. >_>;
I happened to catch the exact moment they challenged and defeated Blue in Gen 1 and it was spectacular experience!

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Open for Commissions, yet again!

Tue Jan 14, 2014, 6:04 AM
Hello everyone! It's that time again where Denny draws full speed! :w00t:
The prices are adjusted a little bit after a friend introduced me to a nifty price calculator. 

If interested, drop me a note! :thanks:

On a side note, been trying to work more traditionally lately. I'm yet to reach friendly level with the watercolors. :XD:


Payment method: Paypal only.

Note: Some of the examples are at least a year or two old. If you like, look at my gallery and pick a coloring style when you compose your request.

:bulletblue:1 Character full body, digitally colored + simple background - 35$
+ 15$ for every extra character
+ 10$ if the background is complicated.
No more than 3 characters in one picture!

:bulletblue:1 Character waist and up, digitally colored + simple background - 20$
+ 10$ for every extra character
+ 10$ if the background is complicated.
No more than 3 characters in one picture!

:bulletblue:Mug Shots! - 10$

:bulletblue:Illustration, scene, complicated painting, digitally colored - 50-80$
Price depends on how complicated the scene is and how many characters you want drawn there.

I`m interested in working on long term projects as long as I`m paid eventually. Contact me if you have such in mind.

I have the right to use commissioned work in portfolio unless you state otherwise. The artwork you`ll receive is yours and yours only. It won`t be used for printing or commercial purpose on my behalf.

The size you will receive will be about 2000 x 2000 unless you state a preferred size in your note.

Prices are adjusted to 10$ per hour. Any projects or work outside the mentioned will be calculated the same way.

:bulletred:Will not draw:
-Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai/Anything +18/Bondage/Suggestive themes/R rated material.
-Overly high tech backgrounds and cityscapes, just not good at them.
-I keep the right to decline a commission if I find myself unable to complete it.

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I find that I've been journal rambling less and less over the past years. ^^;
Whenever I'd hit a moody period I avoided DA as not to drop my drama onto my watchers and whenever I was happy about something it was either too fleeting to post a whole entry about it or I didn't want to sound like I brag. And there we go, as result very few journal entries and people probably think I'm anti-social. ^_^;;;

Well, now I'm going to ramble how 2013 was for me. Feel free to skip it! 
It's mostly for my own reminder of how the year was, what happened, why happened. I don't seek to offend anyone with it. It's just my personal journal and so I put my personal thoughts into it. That and a friend said it's a healthy thing to do. >>

:bulletred:The Bad:bulletred:
2013 was a strange mix.
My grandma's death left me very emotionally unstable for a long while. It took months to finally be able to talk about her with a smile and tell random funny moments I had with her without bursting in uncontrollable tears. I felt lonely and disappointed in myself that she passed before I could make her proud with anything I was doing. She was my greatest supporter when it came to art and storytelling. I was reminded that everyone dies, people come and go and I've always been a bit of a loner who doesn't like being attached to people despite how happy and social I may appear. It takes me long time to open to people but I don't mind it. I like my shell.

The closest ones can hurt you the most.
I experienced that twice and I've found out that I'm not a forgiving person. I consider myself nice, kind and helpful but I'm not forgiving. I thought I am, but I'm not. When something beaks, it breaks. It's like a mirror. You can glue the pieces but it will always be a distorted reflection in result. You can accept it as it is or leave it all together but don't delude yourself that the mirror is smooth and flawless like it used to be.

Social differences.
That's something I got reminded of more often this year. One can't expect people across the world to be equal but it does feel like a reality slap when your friends refuse to torrent a movie maybe once a week for fun group watch because they have netflix and you don't. When everyone brags about their 3DS, smartphones, PS4, Xbox one (did anyone really buy any?) exchange friend codes and what not and you feel a little left out... then remind yourself you don't really have time and patience for these things anyway. When people go on vacations posting 99 pictures on facebook and you check your savings thinking you can afford one and decided it is best to help fix random thing in the house instead. And don't get me started on when someone randomly tells me how I should play X game on X console which I can't afford in all meanings of the word (such as, it's not sold here to begin with). Yes, I live in Bulgaria, it is not US. I can't afford to spend money on entertainment when there are higher priorities in my family. But, yes I do like to feel like a human being who can have fun like other people do before the everyday work begins to crush me. Fuck me, right?

Stress, stress, stress.
My dad had blood pressure issues, had to stay in hospital right at the start of the year. It was very...nerve wrecking to me. Lots of insecurities around my mother's retirement, lawsuits over land and greedy relatives draining our pockets...  

:bulletred:The Good:bulletred:
There was someone to collect my pieces.
It does feel like when bad things start to happen, one after another, there's always sunshine after the storm. Just like that, I was lucky to have people to hold my hand and help me up. I'm a little weird when it comes to seeking support. I need to be desperate, crying and about to break something or myself before I IM someone and say I need to talk. Often I needed to be told that I can do it, whatever it is, I can do it. Often I needed to be reminded what a friend once told me - "Wake up every morning and tell yourself you're a badass bitch from hell and that no one can fuck with you. And then don't let anybody fuck with you." 
That's currently printed on my drawer next to my mirror so I do get to read it every morning.
Thankfully I had people to do all this for me through the year. I didn't need massive long pep talk just to hear "You can do it." and I heard it a lot.

I became more open and vocal when displeased. It was one of my new year resolutions to, for the lack of better words, Take no BS. I learned to say "No." when given supposedly good job offers which after some rethinking turns out to be not really a good offer to me. And lastly, I learned not to feel bad about saying "No." at the end of the day.
I respect my skills and health more than the "prestige" of having an actual job. 

Learned to let go.
Sometimes, some things just need to be let go. I had this mentality to cling on to things afraid that I will not see anything better but the truth is, you may be clinging to a memory and the reality is quite different. I learned to take risks and look for better things in life. I'm glad I did.

I got a laptop!
Oh boy, I was so nervous if was doing a good purchase or not but I love it. I still hook my monitor when I work but the laptop helps a great deal when I use reference or when I just want to roll in bed and watch something. I read they're not very durable but I will see. I love it. I've not been so excited about purchase for so long. My old PC, after some minor repairs, is used by my parents now. 

I love my freelance illustrator work!
It's silly to say it given how it's unstable job but I love it. I make decent money for my country's standards and I don't have to wake up early or go out when it's cold and rainy. ^_^;;
The downside is the lack of real life social contact and occasional cramping hand but, it's worth it.
I hope I can keep it and maybe more.

:bulletred:The Ugly:bulletred:
Cause we can't have the good the bad and no ugly. Ahem.
I need to stop biting my nails. I got into that habit again this year. It's ugly. T_T

:bulletred:The 2014 wish list!:bulletred:
I missed making one last year so... fresh start!

- Finish FanFyria I (this is like in every wish list. T_T)
- Publish/Print FanFyria I, hold a copy of it and take a picture with it!
- Really stop biting my nails.
- Healthier food in my menu, healthier lifestyle.
- Have an amazing summer!
- Post more entertaining journals in the future. >>;
- Less tears, more smiles!

And if you read all this... here's a cookie! :cookie:
And a hug! :hug:
And best wishes for 2014! :D

:bulletred:Thank you for the support. Every comment, view, visit, glance, everything! Thank you!:bulletred:

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FanFyria is approaching finale!

Wed Nov 20, 2013, 1:56 AM
To those who didn't know, I've been doing a web comic for, what is it now, nearly 3 years? ^^;
Link is up there!

FanFyria went through many bumps on the road. Many unexpected hiatuses while I went through computer problems, break up, loss of a very dear person to me, general anxiety, depression and what not. But, against all odds I kept going with it. I can't count the times I felt so guilty for thinking I let down my readers for not updating regularly or how many times the-Jean-Genie kicked some confidence into me while correcting my word bubbles as best as he could.

It feels a little unreal and intimidating at the same time when you approach a long project's finale. I worry if I will deliver a good proper finale to those who stayed with me through the years and followed every update, I worry if I lost followers due to the lag in updating, I worry if my quality dropped over the years or not. I suppose everyone with such big project worries, especially when doing one for a first time. ^^;

This comic taught me so many things! It was grand experience, grand practice and test of endurance. Whatever happens next, I'm determined to finish it. So, dear reader if you could give my web comic a look, maybe leave me a comment there, I will really, really appreciate it. :thanks:

For those who want some backstory on this comic and why it is so personal... well...
Years ago when I was about first year in the university, I was approached to make a comic for a magazine. I tried to propose FanFyria as idea but the setting was disliked. The idea of muses and such was welcomed but they wanted changes. There was short discussion about copyrights but I declined. You see, back then I was hot headed and confident. I didn't want my setting changed and I wanted to make the comic work the way I visioned it. Was it a mistake or not, I can't tell but I don't regret my decision. I started the comic a few months later without any story board, concept art or anything and went with it mostly to prove I can draw a comic. It was silly but I enjoyed working on it until I was pulled into GMing a roleplay Ragnarok Online server. It drained so much of my time I had to cancel the comic. My dad got the stroke about a year later and everything went downhill from there. Sometimes you just don't know how life can shake you and then you realize either how strong or how weak you are.
It took me years. There was time when I reached my rock bottom, time when I was ready to give up drawing or accept defeat and then in 2010 after being emotionally fed up with certain things something in me snapped.
Enough was enough and I wanted to do something personally significant for myself. Something to remind me who I am, what I want, what I love doing. So, I picked the comic again, looked over the story, scrapped about 90% of it and re-wrote it. I sat down and began drawing. I was not confident, I was uncertain of the level of my drawing skills, my English, how to maintain such long project, you name it. But it was this point of now or never. I had to start it or I was never going to do it.
So here it is now, Fanfyria. Perhaps could have been better but I love it the way it is. It is a very personal work (almost literally!) which reminds me what I love doing, what I want to be doing in the future and what I aim to make a living with.

Please check and give me some support if you can.
And, thank you kindly for reading this! :thanks:


Commissions are still closed but, please check thiese friends out!
:iconpoki-art:  -…
:iconpumpernicky: -…

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Dear Secret Santa...

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 1, 2013, 3:04 AM
| InsaneSoft | Weekly Comic | MuseGate |

This is for :iconsecret-santas: and :iconsecret-santa2014: 
(Are they the same thing? X'D)

First off thank you! 
Whatever turns out I`m sure it will be wonderful and thank you for every minute spent on it. 

:bulletred:First Choice - Mihn:bulletred:
My first choice is Mihn. He is a nightingale who wished upon a star to become a human so he can play music. Instead of music though he ended up fighting a corrupt emperor in order to bring peace to his land. He is gentle soul and a dreamer but in order to restore the land he pulls a brave face and fights until the bitter end. 

The Bard again by Exarrdian  Onward by Exarrdian
Picture 3

:bulletred:Second Choice - Maruth:bulletred:
My second choice is Maruth. He is a former prince who was crowned at very young age after his parents were assassinated. Instead of becoming a puppet to political interests he made a pact with a dark force. Unfortunately it drove him insane and he brought nothing but ruins and destruction with his army of undead.
He is a very sarcastic and expressive character. A little shorter for his age. He doesn`t regret anything he did.

Solitude by Exarrdian It is inevitable by Exarrdian Our Story Ends by Exarrdian
Our Story by Exarrdian

:bulletred:Third Choice - Voice:bulletred:
Voice is a witch who resembles a forest nymph. She has a sharp tongue and devious wit. She often uses her innocent looks and charm to get away form trouble. She adores nature and the outdoors, you won`t see her stay in a city for too long. Just like her name suggest, she has a beautiful voice which she shares with only close ones.
Picture 1  (the right image, without the blind fold!) 
Picture 5

If you rather draw a couple, then...

:bulletblue:First Choice - Voice and Rand:bulletblue:
Voice's description is above. 
Rand is an incubus whose horns were cut through a chain of unfortunate events. His specialty is in ice magic but he keeps a disguise of a bard who uses a harp to perform. He is smug in front of others but gentle and loving  even if bashful around his beloved. They are a very romantic couple, the kind you`ll see in fairy tales.
Rand is (c) to DBomber

Lullaby by Exarrdian Almost a kiss by Exarrdian Ticklish Kiss by Exarrdian Grapes by Exarrdian

:bulletblue:Second Choice - Maruth and Marla:bulletblue:
Maruth`s description is above.
Marla is cheerful, childish, always out seeking adventure. She uses fire magic and her curious nature often gets her in trouble. Her spells tend to backfire.
Please keep in mind they are below 18 year old and their relationship is more dynamic and friend oriented than anything. Think - young love. :)
Marla is (c) to Fabiring

Our Story Ends by Exarrdian Our Story by Exarrdian Look up there by Exarrdian

A friend opened for commissions!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 29, 2013, 5:16 AM
| InsaneSoft | Weekly Comic | MuseGate |


Shameless friend promotion! :icon
(What the? The icon doesn't show?)

Please visit her work and prices here if you can! 

She is just starting and like every start, it is hard. She is trying to keep it away from the anime style and establish her own. If you look for paint-y, semi realistic character designs, portraits or anything really, give her a look! Her style can variate depending on what you need of course. ^^

As for myself, I will be opening for commissions somewhere in late September.

Aaaand what else to say here with my quite rare Journal Updates...? Have you ever felt like you reached a certain quality criteria of your work and anything below it makes you ashamed to post it? I've reached such a point! I have so many lazy sketches, not-so-polished work, nothing impressive that I feel like it's worthy for my DA page. Maybe I'm just afraid I will discourage watchers and decrease the general quality of my gallery. 
Any tips or thoughts on that?

Interview with your villains! And tumblr.(Update!)

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 9, 2013, 7:26 AM
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| InsaneSoft | Weekly Comic | MuseGate |


So I finally registered a tumblr account. :laughing:
You can find some sketchy works and the like at
I plan to use it as a mean to motivate myself into practicing pics more than try and finish everything I ever start.
Go easy on me, I'm still new to this thing. ^^;

But this isn't the reason I post this journal! The reason is...

:bulletred:What do villains do in their free time?:bulletred:
That is a very valid question! just-joey reminded me of it with her latest comic! Really, what do they do? Do they solve crossword puzzles? Do they play chess or sit on throne looking menacing all thay?


I want to interview your OC villains! Please one villain only and no existing characters. I don't care what Sephiroth does in his spare time.
Woohoo! Three so far! :D

Number of deaths: 5
Number of marriages(!?): 1


1. Hey there! Will you introduce yourself and your goal? Pictures are welcomed!

2. Great, so... what do you do in your free time? Seriously! I want answer for this one!

3. How are the mornings for you?

4. What is your breakfast like?

5. The kind of weather do you like?

6. What calms your nerves when the master plan went wrong?

7. Guilty pleasure! Oh, don't be shy now... what is this secret thing you enjoy but would never admit it? More importantly will I live after I find it out?

8. The Happy End you know you won't achieve? Ouch, I probably pressed a button here!

9. The Bad End you know you may reach but refuse to believe it? Yes, I'm still alive!

10. What was the last straw - The trigger that led to your current state and villain title?

11. Ever looked back and regretted things?

12. What will happen -after- you win? You know, go to the end, got what you wanted... then what?

13. Unlucky number! A wild doe eye, sparkly teeth Mary Sue/Gary Stu appears! Quick, what will you do!?

14. Am I still alive after asking all this? Wait, I think, that is a question for myself...

Thank you for reading!
And yes, feel free to answer those in a reply and I will add them to the journal! :D

Goal Reached! But check these friends out!

Journal Entry: Sun May 5, 2013, 10:28 AM
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| InsaneSoft | Weekly Comic | MuseGate |


It was a high speed drawing month and my hand is more or less a jelly right now, excuse the lousy typing!
I have one work to complete and a couple of small graphics and I`m done! I`m taking a good long summer break and hopefully new machine to work with next week. ^_^!

I want to thank all who commissioned me or recommended me to friends and helped me out this way. Thank you guys!


I have two buddies who I want to recommend if any of you dear watchers are still interested in commissioning any artwork.
:iconpumpernicky: is having financial difficulties. Check her style and commission info here -->…

:iconcaeciss: is very good at drawing dragons. I admire her patience and devotion but she is really shy about opening for commissions. If you have any mighty beasts that you want drawn, give her a note. ^^


I can`t believe it`s nearly summer! I`m really set on working out and keeping myself more healthy this year. I want to be going out more and enjoying every day with less worry and less stress for tomorrow. No biting nails either! That`s such a bad habit and so hard to get rid of, ugh! >_<;
My high spirits are slowly returning however. *knocks on wood!* Maybe I`ll finally get back to posting journals like I used to. About...things other than bad things or commissions. T_T;
Remember when I used to do that? Yeah, I don`t remember it either anymore. T__T;


Anyone else excited about Eurovision this year? It`s just in about two weeks!
If you don`t know what this is, google it. Gosh!

Computer woes now with internet woes!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 15, 2013, 10:32 AM
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| InsaneSoft | Weekly Comic | MuseGate |


Because that is what could make things better! So a cable of some kind got damaged two days ago, leaving me with a very unstable internet. >_>; Supposedly fixed today but my speed is... lower than it should be. I`ll be calling the tech support on monday. *groans!* I`m playing life on hard mode! *throws hands up*
Buuut on the bright side, going through commissions, little by little. Those who hadn`t send me details will be dropped off the list. I don`t work on weekends and those who asked for illustrations, those take me at least two days to complete so keep it in mind.

Also, who else is upset about MSN/Live Messenger closing? I can`t be only one, right? TT


Clearly what I needed right now, right?
I`ve had this baby for nearly four years and now it started to buzz on me. I thought it`s about time I reinstall Windows, and yes I`m using XP still! Unfortunately it ...didn`t install as I planned. Long story short, I`m backing up my important files and doing a reformat.

But what about the commissions!?
It will take me about two days maybe three if all goes well to set everything back up and working on my old baby, so bare with me! I`ll get to work on wednesday, full speed ahead. ^_^;

New goal!
I want to thank all who commissioned me, all who recommended me to others, it really helped my family. I have a good sum of money for emergency but now with that done and my PC getting old, I intend to start saving for a new one and create a new and more practical work space for myself. My goal in the next months is 600$ so... if you can recommend me to someone who might be interested in commissioning me, I`ll be very thankful.

Life and other things!
My father is alright, things seems to be going back to normal with my family. *knocks on wood again!*
There are elections in my country in May, hopefully that will go smoothly too.
Hmm, what else... I have terrible sleep pattern of either 4 hours or 10 hours and it`s been very exhausting. TT;

Hugs hugs and lots of love to you all! I try to read all comments around but sometimes I forget to reply or get distracted for which I`m again, so sorry! I juggle way too many things at once and my head is on constant overdrive.

Minor Update!!! Open for commissions yet again!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 8:36 AM
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| InsaneSoft | Weekly Comic | MuseGate |

Minor Update!

I`m so sorry for dropping from the planet for the last few days. My father fought off pneumonia recently and his antibiotics caused more side effects than good He was rushed to the ER on sunday after we couldn`t get him stablilized over the last few days.
The last four days have been hellish, with very little sleep and very little energy to do anything. As of now, my dad`s life is out of danger and he should be with us in a day or two for which I`m very, very thankful.

As you can guess I wasn`t able to work on any of the commissions in the list but I`m resuming work tomorrow, full speed! I just really need today off before my brain overheats.

Thank you for your understanding.


Gosh, life is not giving me a breather. After a long stressful start of March, my dad is back home after spending few days in hospital and now comes the financial struggle with paying for all the new meds he needs to take. On top of all, my country is rather unstable lately. Protests are everywhere. I`m hopeful for a change yet a little scared of what could that change be. Maybe better or actually worse or maybe nothing at all? Time will tell.

Meanwhile best I stop biting my nails and try to help my family out. So... without further ado!


Payment method: Paypal only.

Note: A lot of the examples are at least a year or two old. If you like, look at my gallery and pick a coloring style when you compose your request.

:bulletblue:1 Character full body, digitally colored + simple background - 25$
+ 10$ for every extra character
+ 10$ if the background is complicated.
No more than 3 characters in one picture!
Examples:… ,… ,…

:bulletblue:1 Character waist and up, digitally colored + simple background - 15$
+ 5$ for every extra character
+ 10$ if the background is complicated.
No more than 3 characters in one picture!
Examples: Same as above just not full body.

:bulletblue:Illustration, scene, complicated painting, digitally colored - 45-60$ maybe more.
Price depends on how complicated the scene is and how many characters you want drawn there.
Examples:… ,… ,…,…

I`m interested in working on long term projects as long as I`m paid eventually. Contact me if you have such in mind.

I have the right to use commissioned work in portfolio unless you state otherwise. The artwork you`ll receive is yours and yours only. It won`t be used for printing or commercial purpose on my behalf.

You can upload the commission to your DA gallery, I don`t mind it at all!
I don`t always upload commissions simply because I don`t want my gallery here full of them, I prefer to have personal works on my DA, that`s really all! ^_^;

:bulletred:Will not draw:
-Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai/Anything +18/Bondage/Suggestive themes/R rated material.
-Overly high tech backgrounds and cityscapes, just not good at them.
-I keep the right to decline a commission if I find myself unable to complete it.

If you are interested, send me a note!
The commission info can also be found under my journal along with the open slots and how I`m progressing with your commission. ^^

Thank you for your interest!