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The Bard


Long ago in a distant land between two mountains there was a spoiled lord. He had everything he wanted from rare riches to exotic fruits. Every morning the lord would visit his huge garden and wait for a very special nightingale to come and sing to him. However eventually the lord got whole personal orchestra and the bird`s song was not needed anymore. The nightingale felt alone and sad and wished on a star to be a human so he could play these mysterious instruments that make such music that is better then his.

The wish came true.
Now as he was human he learned how to play and he was ready to visit his lord. However, then he noticed how poor are the people living in the lord`s domain. He got upset and instead of going to the lord he stayed with the people to cheer them with his songs.

Inspired by his songs the people rebelled against the lord and over throned him ~ The bard became a hero yet with all the fame and riches now won, he couldn`t help but dream of the days he used to fly. So he set off on adventure to find a star so he could wish himself to become nightingale again!

The End

Good way to start the new year~ with a new character :D!
And finally draw something after being away from my tablet for so long.. > >;

Paint tool SAI
Photoshop CS2
About 3 hours
Brush on the background used from : [link]

Mihn the bard belongs to me ^^ please don`t use without my permission.
Thanks for viewing.
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Много ми харесва дизайнът на bard-ът :)
Много красиво * А *
Exarrdian's avatar
Mersi mnogo! ^^
bloody-valentine-93's avatar
I love this picture! And the back story behind him :clap:
Exarrdian's avatar
Thank you! Glad you liked it. ^__^
Gruenlilie's avatar
so awesome, i love Bards~
Exarrdian's avatar
Counselor-Vidkun's avatar
d'awww the story to go with the character was so sweet. i loved it. =D and the bard is adorable. such a cute character design
Exarrdian's avatar
Thank you! I plan to develop the story ... as in make it more epic and long but it will be pretty much like that. :XD:
Counselor-Vidkun's avatar
I think it's very sweet like it is, and I dunno how you can make it better. but I'll bet you can do it!!! good luck with your story!!!
chibi-houyou's avatar
Страшно красива идея. Поздрави (::
Exarrdian's avatar
Mersi mnogo ^^; malko kasno otgovariam za, koeto sajaliavam haha x_x;;
ReallyAngry's avatar
Love those shiny and baggy pants btw!
Exarrdian's avatar
Baggy pants ftw~ :D
AnimatorWil's avatar
Really nice shadin'! Like how really nicely the hair is defined - shows off how gravity defying hair would really look like :3

'Play us a song O banjo man.'
Exarrdian's avatar
I thought the hair looks like someone used a hell lot of hair gel so it will look good! :D;;
xD Thanks for the comment! :hug:
AnimatorWil's avatar
Must be some awesome secretive 17th centuary all-natural product >3 seeing his design looks like he may be from then :3
Poki-art's avatar
ah, this coloring is so damn good!
Exarrdian's avatar
just-joey's avatar

*flail flail flail* Gah! Can't wait can't wait can't wait for adventure now! I love the story behind this guy and aww.....
and of course amazing design - love the colors and especially the feathers everywhere and music notes everywhere and......okay fine. So I especially love the jewels on his hat too. >>

really really so excited though. ^______^
Exarrdian's avatar
Thats pretty much all I had for that guy :"D;;;; Remember that "Long time ago" song? I still have no idea what they sang about (Robin Hood I`m guessing but then who knows the more I listen to it the more I doubt it) but it inspired that fella! ^__^! The colours were kinda hard to place cause I had no idea what to use.. but I`m more than happy with the result XD; I thought he`ll be trouble maker kinda guy but he turns out to be heroic and self confident bard haha

Glad ya liked him! He likes you all as well.. you are his audience after all >> <<;
Fabiring's avatar
Totally my bardess new partner! xD jkjk! Siiis so glad to have ya back in the art business! Loving his design and his hair. <3
Exarrdian's avatar
I don`t know if he`ll like a partner but he might like a rival xD;; who plays the best~ :mwahaha:
Thanks for the comment sis! :hug: Ah I draw and draw now but its mostly secret stuff :")
TheFireIsMineXx's avatar
Why're you so great at character designs? xD <3. This is quite noice. I love the over all action of the pose.
Exarrdian's avatar
Thanks Len! Haha that guy was kinda hard to colour because of all the little details ^^; but then again bards are supposed to be colourful right? XD;;
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