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Join the beta testing program to help test and improve future DeviantArt features! Beta testing is a cornerstone of DeviantArt’s history, and beta testers benefit the community by providing feedback and usage data. Through bug reports and insight shared during the testing stages, beta testers can help shape and improve site features. Any deviant can become a beta tester by adding this journal to their favourites. :+fav: New Beta Testers are added daily; once you favorite this journal, you'll gain access the following day. If you decide later that you want to opt-out, you can do so by removing this journal from your favorites and you'll be removed the following day. :sherlock: How It Works Beta testers are among the first to see new features introduced to DeviantArt. This early access is provided so deviants can test new features and provide feedback for the DeviantArt team through comments, bug reports, and user engagement metrics before it's released sitewide. When there’s an


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A Surreal Sky Above A Boat

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Vacation in Paradise

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Variations on the Broccoli Planet 05 28 2021

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Cybella, the Techno-Muse (E4)

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Dragon's Tears (149Mpixels)

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Star Wars: Luke Starkillers Revenge

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Lt. Jira Narwani

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The O'Driscoll Dictionary

List of words I've made up. Does not include the many words that spell check tells me aren't real, so if you see a word in my work that isn't on this list and you don't think it exists yet, tell me! It might just be that I've been using it so long I forgot it's not real. Click the word to see it used in its original work. I will add to the list as I go through old work to find the words I've made up before, and as I add new poems with new words I'll try to remember to add them here. :new: :bulletwhite: Endrenched (2015) - drenched to the point where it is saturating what it is drenching (so it is entrenched in their skin for example) NB: 8/

Poetry and Prose

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That's just a fancy name for lies.

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Emoticon - PWNED


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Battlestar Galactica

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Star Wars Sheet

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NEW! Fully Customize Your Profile

Even before Eclipse ushered in DeviantArt’s new look, Profile customization was one of the most popular requests from the DeviantArt community. Well, we heard you, and we’re excited to announce: it’s time to get personalized. Customization is here with more ways than ever to infuse your Profile with your personal flair. Now you can personalize your DeviantArt Profile to make it uniquely yours with our new customization options. Show off your art, tell your story, promote your hustle, or just do you. Profile Skins Choose a colorful Skin to make your Profile pop with personality. Once installed, viewers will experience your profile's palette the same, no matter which sitewide theme they use -- dark, light, or green. Custom Sections Now you can add up to six Custom Sections to your profile – on both the right and left sides – to craft the Profile you want your fans to experience. Select from a bevy of inspirational premade templates and then completely customize them to make them your

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Lotp the hunt 2/11


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White Content-Holder Boxes


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Terragen Misc Resources


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dAPRO Camera Bag: The Movie


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How to THINK when you draw CAT HEADS quick tip!


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Seniority: Recognizing Community Excellence

The Seniority program, a long-standing honor rewarding deviants for their contributions to the community, is being revamped. Read this team update to learn more about the program and what's to come! Twitter Facebook What is Seniority? Seniority has been a cornerstone of DeviantArt since its early years, given to deviants who have made their mark in one way or another—in many cases it was given to deviants who were recognizable contributors within their respective communities, in some cases it was given out of gratitude to former volunteers and staff members, and in a few cases it came tied with the Deviousness Award. Regardless of t

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Desktop 6-25-08


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