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I play the guitar at a local church whenever I can. I don't do much with art anymore, but I plan to soon.

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Favourite Movies
Alien, Aliens
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Becoming the Archetype, Holy Blood
Favourite Books
The Holy Bible
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy series, Okami, Mana Khemia
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Other Interests
Recording music, private and corporate worship, video game design
You have cursed me in your heart; Still I bless. I've felt the pain of abuse; Still I pray for you. Lord Jesus, Bless her way. Pour out Your love on her. The only ill thing I ask for her Is a tortured conscience. You prepare a table for me; I feast on Your goodness While enmity stares me in the face. You pour out Your affection on me. Come, Holy Spirit! Heal my heart. Fill me to overflow.
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With unbridled bitterness You pour out your contempt, Like a dam breaking Over unsuspecting victims-- Nothing to offer but accusations, Mean-spirited criticism. Whose side are you on? Quit lying to yourself. I know of one Called the Accuser of the brethren. Whose side are you on When your only tactic is his? So many lies! Enmity enforced By Christian-sounding beliefs, Despising the established testimony From ages before, Unending spite, held tightly, All in the name of Jesus, But He said to love one another, So whose side are you on?
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The scene was so surreal As I stood amidst the crowd, Watching another face his final verdict. The doors were opened, And he was pulled away Into eternal darkness. He lived a life of goodness toward all, Except the One Who shed His blood. He insisted on refusing holiness, Not caring if the Holy of Holies would receive him. Watching this scene unfold before me, There was a small comfort in thinking I was only a part of that awaiting crowd-- Until He called my name, To come stand before Him. Lord Jesus, Even though my heart has longed for You, I have plainly revealed to You That I despised Your mercy. I have dishonored the bl
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Hey, pssst.

It's two days early currently, and you won't see this until way later anyway.  Durrhurr, I wonder why?

BUT!!!  Happy Birthday. :D
Yup; that dang' thing called "time".  Such a troublesome thing.
Happy Birthday, Dork! Have a nice time! At Work.

Bah, you probably won't see this for a while, so this is a pretty pointless and stupid post. XD
Belated thanks, grilllll!!!!!!
You are welcome, cheeseball!!!