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Nintendo Rubik's Cube

By ex-m
Huh. Coulda sworn I already uploaded this...

Some old nerdy craftage, with close up shots of the vectors I made for the cubie faces. I actually put on some shiny clear coats after I snapped these pics.

Green - Triforce (Legend of Zelda)
Blue - Starfox logo
White - Kirby face! :P
Yellow - Pokeball (Pokemon)
Orange - Samus's logo (Metroid)
Red - Mario hat logo

EDIT: If you'd like to make a Nintendo Rubik's Cube of your own, I've uploaded a PSD of the 300 DPI template to use. You can grab it by using the Download File link on the right. It'll look small when printed out, but once you cut out each square, you'll see that they fit on a standard size Rubik's Cube just right.
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are they Rubik's brands or dayan zhanchi's or what?
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I know it's been a while, but i've got a question. I did, but everytime I solve it, some faces "change" the side they're looking at. How did you glue them?
What do you print this off on? Is there just normal sticker paper you can buy?
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I just printed them out on glossy photo paper, manually cut them, and used super glue to attach them to a blank cube.
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That, is AWESOME
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Me: eh just a custom rubiks cube, HOLY SHIT STAR FOX!!!!!
Where did you get the blank cube or did you just use a normal colored rubik cube?
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This one was a cheap Rubik's cube that I bought at a discount store - so cheap that the stickers started falling off really quickly. But if you're interested in making one of your own I recommend getting some blank cubes from Cube4You, a Chinese site which sells DIY kits in addition to all kinds of puzzles.
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The one i have has peeled stickers :/ Now with this i won't have that problem anymore!
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Heh. I saw this picture on a Chinese site, and I was like, "That's what Amanda made!"

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totally awesome!
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Thank you! =D
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Ohmigosh I would totally buy this! :D

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Thanks! Though no need to buy it when you could make one of your own... ;)
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I love Rubik's Cube and Nintendo. so this is pure win.
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you should sell some. i'd buy one.
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ever heard of a super cube?
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o.o....I want!!!!! This is so cool, did you make it?
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I did. Just a blank cube, glossy photo paper, an exacto knife, and some superglue. :P
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