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Jill Valentine RE: Umbrella Chronicles cosplay IV by Rejiclad
Kodachi Kuno Fanart by Ryusoko
Miss Fortune Arcade by Didi-Esmeralda
Jinx League of Legends cosplay by MissHatred by JessicaMissHatred
Jill Valentine RE3 Police Officer cosplay VI by Rejiclad
Carla Radames RE6 cosplay IV by Rejiclad
Killer Frost - Assault on Arkham - DC Comics by FioreSofen
Daughter of Midgar - Aeris by jmascia
Meria by Venlian
Oh my Thane by myks0

Mature Content

Sailor Mintta Narikiri - 15000 Pageviews by TenezisHD
Liv Tyler by ZomBieTOmmm
Angelina Jolie by fannyadela1
Stargirl by Forty-Fathoms
Regina by krayisako
Morrigan Aensland by VictoriaRusso
Kit Reloaded by ExMile
Anubis colored by alexasrosa

Gallery Folders

Frozen Queen by Nefru-Merit
Rogue cosplay by FLovett
Talon Widowmaker Cosplay before and after by AlysonTabbitha
Classic Featured
Fields by KayleighJune
Reality by Supro3D
Bikini Pinup by Axel-Doi
mimacyyo ipad pag1 by atrellus31
Classic Featured II
6441e by acoustic--Screamo
WhereIsMyMask by KyriaHirschi
SEXZ TEN 2 by flowrezz
Red bikini by Issei06
Classic Featured III
Upclose by Lokibelle
Screwattack Magazine Issue 14 by HybridRain
Ultramarine_Girl by Axcido
Cold melancholy by Kasumireiko
Classic Featured IV
Haruka -OC- by Takeru-Art
Looks like Assassin's Creed by Aqua-Yagami
I Dunno WHat to Name This... by Aqua-Yagami
Cute Photography
The Mermaid - Dancing in the sea by vaxzone
Ceylon by grodpro
Helene - 4413 by grodpro
Tamara - 1570 by grodpro
Cute Digital
[CM] Sisilia by Foxilumi

Mature Content

Camille going to a party by Ainigma-Create
Commission - CrystalHeart by TenezisHD
Elsa waiting for the train by SASHlMlSAN
Cute Traditional
Alice-117 by wuruhi
Alice-23 by wuruhi
Autumn (color) by JohnRose-Illustrator

Mature Content

Sox by Ctrl-Alt-Dlt-Drawing
new kitty by lauren72
Sadness by Ranae490
Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum alternative design) by ThePuddins
Asami Lilith by KaahSantos
Non Nude Photography

Mature Content

Helene - 3689 by grodpro
Non Nude Digital
26 Farm Witch - Inktober2017 by iorX
Non Nude Traditional
Forest Elf by SquirrelHsieh
Semi Nude Photography

Mature Content

Nikki - 2217 by grodpro
Semi Nude Digital

Mature Content

Valentine's Day 2017 (3 of 3) by blinded-dinosaur
Semi Nude Traditional

Mature Content

Lovers by kleopetra007

Mature Content

Mermaid Chelsea ~ wonder by sirenabonita
Cute Pets
Aquila by ImperataLexinor
The Riddler - Who...Is...BATMAN? by DashingTonyDrake
Devious Folder
Devious Folder

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Welcome to EX-Lite the place for non nude artwork that's cute, sexy, or erotic. Any art matching that criteria is welcome and all skill levels are welcome, feel free to submit as much as you like.

1. Content Rating
No nudity, if you have nude artwork feel free to submit it to our sister group :iconerotica-x:.

1: Quality and content
Any creation that's cute, sexy, or erotic is welcome here. All skill levels are welcome, someone is always going to have a different or better art style, and the only way to improve is by having access to them.
Overall if it's cute, sexy, or erotic, and non nude it's welcome here..

3: Problems with other members.
If you have a problem with anyone have the bollocks to send them a note and not make it into a public display. People have enough stress in life and shouldn’t have to come in here and see in-fighting. Also if anyone in the group is harassed by another group member contact me and I’ll take care of it.

Welcome to

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Thong by smerinka

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Lazy sunshine Tinatin by smerinka
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