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Skittles Amigurumi - Free Pattern

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Free Amigurumi Pattern - "The Skittle"

The free pattern is available at my blog (exastris1701.wordpress.com)

Last week I was freakishly bored, munching on some Skittles, and fussing around with some purple yarn. An hour later the first amigurumi creation, dubbed "The Skittle", was born. Within 2 days I had 5 stackable Skittles and requests for 4 more.

These are super simple and quick to work up. Each is designed to stack one on top of the other too, which, I must admit is fun to do. I've gotten a stack of 5 full sized so far without supports. . . Hmm, yes, I suppose I do need a life . . .

But this is a nice enough diversion for now :)

Pattern excerpt:

Difficulty level: ** – Two stars – good for a beginner with just a bit of experience in making amigurumi.

Finished size: Approximately 2.25 inches from top to tush. But YMMV.

Head (x1)
Woked in a continuous spiral. Do not join rounds.
Magic circle 6 stitches
Round 1) Inc in each stitch (12)
Round 2) *sc, inc* repeat around (18)
Round 3) *2 sc, inc* repeat around (24)
Round 4) *3 sc, inc* repeat around (30)
Round 5-9) sc around (maintain 30)
Round 10) *3 sc, dec* repeat around
Round 11) *2 sc, dec* repeat around FO

I've posted the complete, free pattern on my blog. Hopefully it'll be of use to someone :D

Now go forth, make an amigurumi Skittle army! WORLD DOMINATION! :evillaugh:

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They look so adorable and I really wanted to make one, but the link doesn't work, noo! :( :( :'(
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they are adorable! 
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I clicked on the link and the pattern wasn't there oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Can you give me a link to where it is posted?
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[link] - You can find all the free amigurumi patterns to date linked there. Skittles are at the end of this list :)
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i agree with theyarnbunny they are bright colored versions of heartless from kingdome hearts... but i may be tempted to make a bunch of them in all the yarn i have and sit them either on my back seat or in the rear window or both just cus i can and come one looking in some one's car as we walk pass and seeing those would make me go 'aw there so cutie i want one '
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Oh man I'm not good at reading patterns but I really want to make these!! Is there a video or something to explain it!?
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Unfortunately there is no video or anything yet for this particular pattern. For that you can keep an eye on this blog: [link] - if ever a video is created it'd be posted there :)
There are general video tutorials you can check out though. These might be useful: [link] | [link] | [link] - these are general help videos I've found on YouTube
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OH wow!! thank you so much love!!!! I'll be sure to use these!!!!
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I'm going to make these!!
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Do you take commishes? I have a bunny o.c., and I'd like to have it look like one of these, really really light grey yarn, bunny ears (kinds like on Melvin the monster) and a little pink flower on her right ear :) how mush would it be? :w nothing over 30 dollars please XD and I have 10 points XP
ex-astris1701's avatar
That sounds like an interesting project ^^ Do you have a picture you can link me? It seems like I could do something like that for under 30 USD.
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Uhm... Hm.. I think if you look through my gallery and find the picture that says drawing update she is the bunny, not the red/black haired girl :)
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Can't seem to find it ^^;
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[link] she's the white bunny :3
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I'll see what I can do :)
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How much would it be? I'm not sure if you can make it yet or if I can pay.
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First I've got to see if I can find the right materials. If I have the right color yarn, then it would probably cost about $20 (give or take shipping).
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Thanks for the pattern of these little cuties :hug:
I already made my little army (version sour) and I had a lot of fun doing them ^-^
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