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"Why would anyone run away from such an enthusiastic hugging maniac?" :dummy:


Howl's Moving Castle, written by Diana Wynne Jones. Awesome novel with mysteries poured with a little magic in a world where seven-league-boots and spells are ordinary parts of everyday life. ^^

Hihello dear Visitor or dear Friend here!
This is a beginnerish brony. x3

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A Friend in SufferingThere is nothing that is so depressing
As watching a friend who is in suffering
They are too proud to ask you for help
And too depressed to tell you why
There is nothing that you can help with
And nothing that you could say or do
As you watch a friend who is suffering
They are destroying themselves slowly
Killing all the beauty and goodness inside
Their mind is tormented with a quiet pain
You can even see the hurt that is in their eyes
As you watch a friend who is suffering
There is a dilemma for a watching friend
Do you just stand there and patiently wait
Or will you offer to lend a helping hand
Do they need you or want for you to help
Or do they just need you to sit and watch
As they go grind through their suffering
A moment occurs when your eyes meet
And your friends' eyes begins to cry
You begin to realize it was no friend at all
And now you know that it was you hurting
And you are asking your self what to do
Knowing now it is you who is suffering
And that friend who was watching w
<- sadly so right );

Suffering Stamp VII by Phillus Suffering Stamp IV by Phillus Suffering Stamp by Phillus
Quiet stamp by Phillus Care Stamp by SparkLum
School. by TehSweetheart I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte:thumb177911289:
Depression Stamp by SparkLum:thumb112715649: TWLOHA Stamp - Animated by cpetten
:thumb108802803: I was Framed by Midnight-Specks:thumb161072113:
Insomnia Isn't Funny by onnawufei:thumb156540237: I hate myself -stamp- by charry-photos
Copious Amounts of FAIL by StamPorMole:thumb211740557: Horror Stamp by Phillus
:thumb184070352: Clean Wrists by MarcKupa


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Favourite Movies
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, Prince of Persia, The sorcerers apprentice, Percy Jackson
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Avril Lavigne, T.A.T.U., Owl City, Aly&AJ, Train, Lifehouse, Coldplay, One Republic
Favourite Books
Diana Wynne Jones: Howl's Moving Castle <3
Favourite Writers
Edgar Allan Poe, Cornelia Funke, Cecilia Randall, Philip Pullman, Diana Wynne Jones
Favourite Games
Spore, Horsez, HP, Sims, DanceDanceDance, Angry birds xD
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Tablet PC
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, digital drawing tablet, aaand MARKERS! AND PROGRESSOS <3
Other Interests
DRAWING ALL TIME (and editing with Gimp) <3, and playing my synthetizer X3, creative stuff
*HUN* Kedves mindenki, akinek még tartozok rajzzal, díjjal! Élek még, csak közeledik a vizsgaid&#337;szak, és nagyon el voltam foglalva az egyetemi beadandókkal :nuu: Szóval szeretnék bocsánatot kérni mindenkit&#337;l, a hétvégén már lesz id&#337;m befejezni mindenki rajzát, és az új deves oldalamra fel is fogom tölteni &#337;ket, s amint feltöltöttem, linkelem mindenkinek a saját nyereményét! ^^ Még egyszer bocsi és igyekezni fogok!! ***************************************************** *ENG* Explanation for the Hungarian text above: There was a drawing competition in which I offered some drawings as prizes, and due to university ass
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Hi there! Firstly, here's a small kind of important entry: http://ewy-chan.deviantart.com/#/art/Signs-of-Life-364126995?_sid=5ee13027 Secondly, I'm planning to create a new devpage for my further art - it's going to be there: http://evie-art.deviantart.com/ Don't worry, I won't move, I just want to improve and I have way too much depressive-and so on pictures here, but there are very nice comments ;u; same for journal entries! :huggle: I just want to create a page where only my art goes (which means no rants, yay!), here, on this account I'll try my best to reply, react and comment. ^^ You can check the new page, I'll be called Evie there
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Signs of Life

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Hi there! University is getting harder and harder and I need to study and pass all the exams this semester (and every other semester). But I'll try to login every now and then ^^ I'm so sorry for disappearing!! :nuu: Please comment if you want, how are you? :huggle:
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Hello again, just sending you some love on your dA page. If you're ever on here again, do stop by and say hello c: I miss you and I hope you're well!
Hey there, not sure if you remember me but do let me know if you're ever online. I hope everything is going well for you (:
Hi everyone, I'm sorry I disappeared for so long! D_:
University started and I had basically no time to do anything. T_____T

This is my new-ish account, and I created a newer one, you can follow this link to me! I hope I can return to dA soon! I still have one more year at uni, but after that, I'm going to pursue an artistic career! ^^

*poooke*  I haven't heard from you in an insanely long time.  I hope you're doing alright.
Happy birthday! :D
Oh heyyy youuuuuu! Miss Busy Bum D: I hope you come back soon. I really miss hearing from you and there's so much you need to update me on ahhaha (; Hope you're doing well and I'll talk to you later (:
I miss yooooooooooou ; O ;