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I’m opening art commissions! They managed to convince me that I’m good enough to earn some extra money. So here I am.

What you’ll get

  • Drawings are on paper, sketched in blue and lined with black fineliner.
  • You’ll receive a scan of the piece.
  • (optional) You can also get a scan of the sketch.
  • (optional) You can also get a video of the drawing process (+€8).
  • The original paper will be archived, but I’ll be happy to give it to you if we ever meet.
  • (optional) You can pay shipping costs to have the original sent to you.
  • You’ll have the rights to the piece. Just don’t give someone else credit for the original.

How we do this

  • Send me a message on DeviantArt (or Tumblr) with the request details.
  • I’ll let you know I’ve received it, and further information (price, time estimate, payment info).
  • Once you agree to the price I’ll start working.
  • I’ll send you a photo of the (almost) finished piece.
  • When payment is complete, I’ll scan it in and send you the digital files + the original piece.
  • If you choose not to have the original sent to you, don’t worry. I’ll hold on to it, and you can choose to have it sent to you later.


  • €8 for a basic piece, which includes:
    • One character
    • [optional] A simple background
    • [optional] Environment figures (think props, small pets)
  • €5 for a more serious background
  • €5 per extra character
  • €8 for footage of the piece being drawn

Prices may vary depending on complexity.

To check out what I can do, see

I have a reputation to uphold. If you want me to draw sexually explicit material you're out of luck: I charge an extra discouragement fee of €100 for that kind of stuff. Saucy is not always excluded, but it depends on the request.

Other notes:

  • I can make simple comics. Contact me with the details and we can talk prices.
  • I tend to inject humor into my drawings. It’s what I do.
  • I’m willing to try new things, and I’ll draw it even if I’m bad at it (you’ll get a warning in advance).
  • I don’t do colors or vectors (for now).
  • I don’t do animations or games/simulators.
  • “Exposure” is not a valid payment method.
  • “Art trade” is not a valid payment method.
  • Discouragement fee can increase if your request truly disgusts me.
  • Haggling over and/or complaining about the discouragement fee increases the discouragement fee.

Update: changed limits.
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