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I’m opening art commissions! They managed to convince me that I’m good enough to earn some extra money. So here I am.

What you’ll get

  • Drawings are on paper, sketched in blue and lined with black fineliner.
  • You’ll receive a scan of the piece.
  • (optional) You can also get a scan of the sketch.
  • (optional) You can also get a video of the drawing process (+€8).
  • The original paper will be archived, but I’ll be happy to give it to you if we ever meet.
  • (optional) You can pay shipping costs to have the original sent to you.
  • You’ll have the rights to the piece. Just don’t give someone else credit for the original.

How we do this

  • Send me a message on DeviantArt (or Tumblr) with the request details.
  • I’ll let you know I’ve received it, and further information (price, time estimate, payment info).
  • Once you agree to the price I’ll start working.
  • I’ll send you a photo of the (almost) finished piece.
  • When payment is complete, I’ll scan it in and send you the digital files + the original piece.
  • If you choose not to have the original sent to you, don’t worry. I’ll hold on to it, and you can choose to have it sent to you later.


  • €8 for a basic piece, which includes:
    • One character
    • [optional] A simple background
    • [optional] Environment figures (think props, small pets)
  • €5 for a more serious background
  • €5 per extra character
  • €8 for footage of the piece being drawn

Prices may vary depending on complexity.

To check out what I can do, see

I have a reputation to uphold. If you want me to draw sexually explicit material you're out of luck: I charge an extra discouragement fee of €100 for that kind of stuff. Saucy is not always excluded, but it depends on the request.

Other notes:

  • I can make simple comics. Contact me with the details and we can talk prices.
  • I tend to inject humor into my drawings. It’s what I do.
  • I’m willing to try new things, and I’ll draw it even if I’m bad at it (you’ll get a warning in advance).
  • I don’t do colors or vectors (for now).
  • I don’t do animations or games/simulators.
  • “Exposure” is not a valid payment method.
  • “Art trade” is not a valid payment method.
  • Discouragement fee can increase if your request truly disgusts me.
  • Haggling over and/or complaining about the discouragement fee increases the discouragement fee.

Update: changed limits.
Long time no journal.

I've got some art I should scan and upload. Unfortunately I'm often either busy or lazy, and things like updating my DA tend to fall between the cracks. If scanning and uploading was as easy as with my dailies...

Speaking of dailies, that's still going strong. If you want to see more of my pony art, there's a couple hundred pony drawings over at I streamlined the process so much by now that I've managed to pass the 250 uninterrupted days mark. I never expected to reach that when I started the challenge. Unfortunately, submitting to DA is more involved (all those required fields) so I won't be posting dailies here (unless I can automate it somehow).

On the petting simulators, the Fluttershy Petting Simulator does still need voicework, but I didn't want to wait for that. I'm busy working on the next one already. It's going to be... *drumroll*

Pinkie Pie

Pinkiecheek by EwoudCPonies
(This screenshot is a bit outdated, but it'll do)

Here's a few details:
  • No sad-to-happy range like the others
  • You progress by trying out different things, which unlock new options
  • She can boop you back
  • She won't stick around if you're not fun (being mean will be anti-climactic)
I've worked on the coding quite a bit, and I'm busy animating/adding content. Knowing myself, I'll still slack off frequently. But hopefully my new style of planning and working will keep me on the ball more often. That, and the discipline I've earned from doing my dailies.

Anyways, that's it for now. Until next journal.
So I'm back from Scotland. Fun times were had.

Also, I just discovered this amazing thing:
Playing Simulator #1: Starlight Glimmer by ComfyDove

If you liked my simulator games, this'll be right up your alley!
I'm on the train heading home from work, I'm about to pack for BronyScot 2016!

This'll be my first time in Scotland. Here's to making new friends!
Galacon was, once again, amazing!
Met some cool new people, some old friends and generally had a grand ol' time!

Among the people I met were Konsumo, Aureshion and fellow interactive-pony-developer DracoBlair, who hosted a panel on his project PixelShy (for which I have now been sufficiently hyped).

There is some new art to upload (and some oldies as well, lazy me) and I've become more motivated to keep developing the Fluttershy Petting Simulator.

In the meantime, go check out my daily ponies. There's a new one every day and there are a few Galacon-related ones over there
Let's make this quick.

I'll be at Galacon 2016 this weekend.
Will bring tablet with a playable (work-in-progress) Fluttershy Petting Simulator.

See you there!
Haven't done an update in a while. So here we go.

First off, let's go several months back, to Hearth's Warming Con.
A lot of fun was had, both friendships and drawings were made. Drawings have already been uploaded to the gallery.
I would have more to say about this amazing weekend, but alas, it's been a while and I have a journal to write. Maybe I'll reminisce later.

Secondly, the Fluttershy Petting Simulator has a VA!
Even though I haven't really responded to the people who had suggested VA's in the comments, I appreciate your help.
I have to continue working on the petting sim. I have hardly touched it in the last few months. In part due to laziness ("Meh, I just got home from work, I'll work on it next weekend"), and in part due to an increasingly busy social life (weekends fill up quickly now). And on top of that other things I have to take care of because I'm supposed to be a responsible adult and such.
But I should get back to it. The silly thing is that I really enjoy working on it when I do get around to it, but there's always that resistance beforehand. Bleh.

Also, one thing I have been doing in the meantime is draw ponies. I have this "draw everyday" challenge I gave myself, and so far it's pretty much only been ponies.
In fact, I already filled one sketchbook with ponies, and I started a Tumblr blog where I post these. (updated daily)
I use a "scanner app" to make a photo and do a quick touch-up. When I'm in a hurry, I can go from "let's draw" to uploading to Tumblr in like 15 minutes.
I don't think I'll be uploading these to DeviantArt. I prefer to keep the content in one place, and I don't like having to upload it to multiple places. I will still upload "bigger" pieces here whenever I make them.

And finally, a question for the audience... Where do you "hang out" with pony fans online? I personally hang out in chat groups of my local brony community (and I frequently meet up with some), but I wonder how it is with other people. Mostly online? Offline? Local or global? Public, or private? In games, chat, forums, social media...? Let me know in the comments.
As I'm trying to work towards a public-beta-version release of the Fluttershy Petting Simulator, I'd like to start adding voices for Fluttershy.

Several people had already offered to do the voice, and I thought I had made a list of candidates.
Unfortunately, I thought wrong. And now I forgot most of the people who would've been on that list.

Anyways, for anyone interested in doing Fluttershy's voice, I ask for a few lines of dialog as an audition.
The lines are as such:

Situation: Fluttershy has just met the player, and she's nervous. The player, however, is doing nothing and Fluttershy tries to break the awkward silence
Line: Oh, if you want to do nothing, that's okay too.

Situation: the player has made Fluttershy mad, and she uses an Iron Will-style response, about to bring the pain
Line: When somepony tries to make you mad, show them you are just as bad!

Situation: See the end of
"Line": *gasp*... *laugh*

Send me a note if you want to join in (if you have voicework, leave a link or ask for my e-mail to send it to). If you wish to get paid, you can mention your price.
Also, it's absolutely fine to improvise if you want to.
The last few days have been very productive for my Fluttershy Petting Simulator.

Take a look here for a WIP preview:

I think I'm about ready to start looking for a voice actress for Fluttershy.
Or, rather, tracking down all the people who offered to do voices and making a selection...

Also, Happy New Years!
First off, I managed to recover the progress lost in the sync issue. So that's a big plus.

Anyways, I'm streaming development of the petting game right now.

Any who wants can watch and join in the chat.
(I'll be streaming tomorrow as well, and hopefully more days this week.)

Streaming today as well! Yay!
Yeah, so I use the Adobe Creative Cloud for storage. It seemed like a good idea. I could stay logged in on both my desktop and laptop, and whenever I worked on the petting game on one of them the other would update. Kind of like Dropbox.

However, there was a glitch that ended up deleting a good bit of progress. You know that moment when a program crashes, you lose several hours of work and you don't feel like working on it anymore?

Yeah, that, but then imagine not saving for several days in a row. Except you did save and it still happened.

Still, just a setback. After the dust settles on this I think I'll try to catch up.
In the meantime, I've filed a complaint with Adobe. I might be wrong, but I think paying for a product entitles you to something that doesn't glitch out and overwrites new files with old files.

I've managed to recover the lost progress! Hurray!
In only a few days, I'll be heading to Nantes to attend BronyDays. My last brony-related con this year.

In the meantime, I've been meaning to upload some more art, but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

Work on the Fluttershy petting simulator is coming along. I'm slowly but surely working towards an early release. I did recently have a sort of breakthrough in terms of the AI/gameplay, but it's a bit much to go into in this journal.
So I've submitted most of the artwork from Summer Wrap Up (there may be one or two more later), and now here's the journal.

I have a lot to say and I'd love to write it all down and go on all sorts of tangents about not only Summer Wrap Up, but other cons as well (PonySouth, Galacon, Czequestria...) and how each of them feels unique and amazing, and at the same time familiar and fun.
But alas, I don't have the time to keep typing.
And I'm the kinda guy who writes these journals carefully, rewriting portions and all that until both content and form are just right... It'll take forever.

What I will say is that Summer Wrap Up was small but very fun and friendly. Met new friends, and some cool artists, and I hope to be able to come back next year. Also I think they filmed me singing for a few seconds. Good times.

In the meantime, I have done very little with the Fluttershy Petting Simulator in the last few months, but I'm starting to pick it up again.
Just today I finished an overview of the animation work I have:
Img 20150922 212305 by EwoudCPonies
Roughly, each post-it piece is an animation.
The middle lane is almost finished (the ones still there are for a later stage in production), and I'm now working on the left side.

As you can see, there's a lot of work left to do.
I can now set goals for myself and track progress, instead of just having a big pile that says "tons of stuff to do".
So tomorrow I'll be getting on a plane heading to Madrid, for this weekend is Summer Wrap Up, another pone con!

Fun will be had. Hopefully, I'll have some more stuff to upload when I'm back.

Just wow.

Czequestria was amazing.
Met a good number of awesome people, got to see Prague, made some new drawings and got a bit of sleep deprivation.
It was so worth it.

When I got home, I wanted to immediately upload my drawings.
But alas, my washing machine got issues and I had to get back to work the next day. Responsibilities, responsibilities...

I'll be uploading my new drawings soon. Plus a few commissions.

Also, to anyone who got a drawing of mine at a con, it's perfectly fine to upload it to your own DA. Just credit me, and send me a note c:
So, just had my first day back to work after Galacon.

Galacon was awesome! The con went very smoothly, the guests were great and there was plenty to do.
And while the drinks were somewhat expensive (as one can expect from a con), the food was remarkably good for very convenient prices.
Bought some cool stuff, met new friends and generally had a great time. Also let a few people play both the Applejack petting game and the Fluttershy WIP petting game for some useful IRL feedback.

After the commission I requested at PonySouth, I aimed to get more different artists' interpretations of my Creepy Chrysalis character. This con was an excellent opportunity, and I have several creepy Chrysalises to upload.
On top of that, I've done some drawings myself. I drew a few OCs for different people, and a few other works, and I had a blast doing so.
I have also added to GrayTheZebra's Wall of Chrysalis.

I'll be uploading some stuff shortly, so stay tuned.

Next up: Czequestria!
So unfortunately, I haven't been doing much work on the next petting game lately.
However, I can confirm that I'll be visiting PonySouth in Toulouse (France) next weekend, Galacon in Ludwigsburg (Germany) and Czequestria in Prague (Czech Republic).

I'll be carrying around a pony plush in my messenger bag at each of these cons, and they will be wearing a mask:
EGpCRXE by EwoudCPonies

If you see me, feel free to say hi.
I'll also be carrying a tablet with me, with a basic demo of the Fluttershy Petting Game.
Oh, just a quick heads up, I'm going to Galacon this year. Fun will be had.
I'm looking into possibly going to Czequestria and Bronydays as well.

So if anyone wants to meet me, and test out my petting game progress (I'm bringing a tablet with the latest version) I'll be there.
So I've been busy on the next game. And I'll just announce it right now: it's going to be Fluttershy!

Here's an image of the work in progress:
Fsgame by EwoudCPonies

I've done most of the technical behavior-ey stuff.
But there is a ton of animation to do. Fluttershy is a good bit more complex than Applejack to animate, especially with the hair and the eyes. That, and I had foolishly decided to plan more animations for this one.

It will still take a while to finish this game. I still have a job, a social life and other hobbies, but I try to do at least a little bit each week.

If you have any ideas for Fluttershy behavior, whether you have something vague or specific, whether it will fit into the game or not, I'd like to hear it.
If you have any ideas for one of the other mane six, I'd like to hear those too.
And I now have a hundred watchers.
More than I ever had on my non-pony account, but then again, I never uploaded a petting game there.

So, yeah, a bit of information about my DeviantArt, and what can be expected.

Many of you started watching because of the Applejack Petting Simulator. I'm working on the next one now, and I plan to make more after that as I get better.
But it's going to take time. I try to work on it when I can, but I'm just one guy juggling a job, a social life and several hobbies.

In the meantime, I'll be uploading pony art. Lineart with the sketch still visible because I'm a lazy bastard. And I avoid coloring because I have no confidence in my coloring skills.
This is what I made this DeviantArt account for originally, and I'll continue using it primarily for that.
If you don't want to get all those silly linearts in your message center, leave a comment. If enough people are interested, I could set up a Tumblr blog or something specifically for Petting Simulator updates so you can follow that instead.

As for regular art, you'll be seeing more of Creepy Chrysalis around here. I've started doing questions from people in my local brony community, in a Tumblr-like fashion, and I'll be uploading the answers here.
To ask a question yourself, simply leave a comment on a Creepy Chrysalis drawing and I'll check it out.

Thanks for the kind words and for sticking around. I appreciate it.