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Pony Petting Simulator: Applejack



Updated to v1.06! (minor update to v1.05)

Android version released:
Pony Petting Simulator: Applejack for Android

Play around with Applejack in this game. Pet her, scratch her ears, and try not to weird her out.
Can you get her to give you a hug?

I plan to make more of these pony petting games, and I'm going to redo the animation and personality/behavior code on each of them while improving the engine.

Any feedback, suggestions and whatnot are welcome. I read all of your comments, even though I don't always respond to them.

Yes! The v1.0 was featured on Equestria Daily!…

Dec 24th, 2014
Version 1.05/1.06 released! A few animation tweaks and a new animation for happy ear-scratching. Most of the changes are under-the-hood. The game pauses when it goes to the background and it won't switch to low quality mode as quickly much, along with other subtle changes.
Also released the AIR version.

Dec 7th, 2014
Yes! Version 1.0 is out. This is, at least for now, the finished version of my game. I may update to fix bugs, and I may add more content in the future. But for now I can rest. Phew!

Oct 15th, 2014
Updated! Some underlying systems have been rewritten to make animation and content creation easier.
I also added a thicker neck and her much-needed freckles.

October 1st, 2014
It took me a while to get back to it, but I've started working on this again. An evening here, an evening there. No guarantees on a release date, but if it takes long enough I might update this one with intermediate versions.

In its earlier stages, the game was featured on Equestria Daily:…
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How do i actually play it? All i see is a mini gif of Applejack being scratched by her ears but i can't click anything. I can't play it..?