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The Law 2102

By eWKn
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A piece of artwork for the game Eclipse

Inspired by my friend Andree Wallin

Hope you guys like it
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new wallpaper right here!!
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This is from an actual game?
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so why its look familiar great job awesome
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Oh sh*t.. you got some serious talent in painting sci-fi stuff! I always looking forward for new source of inspiration as im just beginning to step in the digital art! Awesome!!!
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Ha yea i remember these style robotish characters from Andree Wallin awesome stuff
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OH shit i just got a boner....:D
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great piece.
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(no blinking eyes for some seconds :D)
this is more than awesome, I love it!
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Nice som vanligt obbin ^^
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ok those helpmets remind me from Transformers, Mass Effect, ummm the last one not so much

but great work man by the way how to you avoid procrastination??
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kewl piece of art! and can i say... MEGATRON! haha
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this is really awesome but its not really fair when you say only Inspired by Andree , as far as i can tell you totally riped off the alien head and chest area of the original work by andree , i am not sure about the rest, when i 1st saw the preview of the image i tought he made it, no harsh feelings m8
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That's badass!! Very nice! It's more organic, but yet, it still has that mechanical vibe to it.
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oh! perfect!! a great master!!!
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Looks even better when downloaded :D so much details
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This has been featured [link]
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this is so epic! must have taken ages to complete...

but actually the first thing i thought when i saw this was "andree wallin"... ^^; sorry!

fav! :D
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Hey, its Movie Megatron.
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The game looks very good, seriously good. I am impressed, and thats not something I say very often. Still, looking good is only half the story, does it play? Pretty pictures don't make a game (although they really are very pretty). How much interaction is working at the moment? What engine are you using?
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Awesome stuff. Although that gun in the middle is enormous for the hands holding it.
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"Hope you guys like it" Sorry sir, I don't like it.. I love it!
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