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Hopefully the image speaks for itself
Thanks for watching guys, love you all!
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Very good. This reminds me of that one house in Borderlands. 
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May I use this on a YouTube banner? I wont make money off of it but I just really love this piece of art!

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This is my favorite from your amazing gallery, nice work.
larmesderouille's avatar
wow the details <33

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this is like moment in time. full of suspense. it makes me wonder about what the hiding robot is about to do...
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Either that, or he's a retired soldier and that's his power armor that he keeps outside since nobody else can pilot it and he can't bring it indoors without scraping the hell out of the door frame... xD
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"Gotst ta watch them Al-ee-uns... theyz all sneaky like."

LOL! I agree with the poster below. You are Masterful. One of my all time fav illustrations on DA.
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What's that on the corner of his house? :?
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Amazing! all these details and the scenery so stunning.
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Gorgeous lighting, I love the scene~
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Absolutely amazing, I adore the lighting.
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Awesome looking piece of artwork, nice job!
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Oh the JEALOUSY!! That aside though, You are a master.
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grymt, så jäkla skön stämning i dina bilder! diggade animationen du hade av den här oxå, riktigt najs!
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simply awesome! i also really enjoyed the little movie you made as well. ° U °
wonderful atmosphere. <3
Eerie! You can feel the atmosphere!
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amazing image

lot to enjoy here
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Beautiful piece. I love this one! I feel like I could step into the image and be there.
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Born on the bayou.. Beautiful atmosphere .. :)
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